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He was right about everything

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Tried to come up with a reason why kids would have dreams about killing parents and fucked it all up.

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>oh god... that's some good shit
>time to write about child sexuality

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But enough about Stephen King.

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His entire theory is predicated on the Western nuclear family. The idea that family is a mythic construct and not something that morphs to social change is fascist nonsense.

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... the first time!

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your entire post is predicated on the GUT construct. The idea of one THEORY that explains everything is a mythic mono-construct and not something that adapts to new observations and discoveries is western christian european nonsense.

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>His entire theory is predicated on the Western nuclear family.
Yes, he says as much himself too
>The idea that family is a mythic construct and not something that morphs to social change is fascist nonsense.
The radicality of Freud was that he did realize that the bourgeois nuclear family was historically contingent and the majority of his work was an effort to demonstrate not only how it occured but also its effects on people. Civilization and its Discontents was written as a critique of the nuclear family.

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Not even close. He scientifically discovered the truth of some low level esoteric knowledge, that's all. It's worse though, because he thinks it applies to normal people and not just the mentally ill/abnormal, unless I misunderstand him. The dynasty of pedophiles and abusers he spawned is extremely ironic (or not...), unless he didn't spawn it and was just part of it from the start (i.e., perhaps this low level knowledge was passed down to him from some secret organizations which his family could have been a part of).

Go and research the Freud family for yourself, they are spread across many different industries, many have been accused of being pedos, rapists, child abusers, etc.. I will limit myself to 1 or 2 of his descendants, for example, Edward Bernays, who was a "double nephew" to Freud (obviously we often see this intermarriage within wealthy and powerful families). If memory serves, it was in turn Bernays' (i.e., a literal CIA propaganda psychologist, who's job it was to study and influence masse psychology) nephew who was co-founder of netflix! what a coincidence! or rather, a cohen-cidence xD

I'm not sure which is worse for me: Jung or Fraud? probably the latter since his family are parasites and Jung at least helps (or could potentially help) people in search of higher truths, opening them up to the possibility that there are higher states of consciousness and occult laws which the ancient knew as a science.

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Freud himself didn't think he had all the answers, his whole thing is he wanted people to be more scientific about psychoanalysis even if it meant he would be proven wrong

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Jung was a mystic charlatan while Freud is still studied and taken seriously.

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Fascists are acutely aware that the family goes through social change and that's why they are hysteric about it.

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Literally, no.

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>Bro, like, okay, bro, there is literally zero sexuality until, one day, at age 18, it manifests fully formed. Also this age will change when our culture's laws decide to change.
Do people really think like this?

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Literally just Schopenhauer + Wagner for neurotic Jews.

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>this anon has never heard of pubescence

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Do you actually think that a bunch of imbeciles studying material in university is a sign of that material's high quality? BTW, psychology is a complete joke of a field, all the low IQs go there to feel like scientists because their grades were too low to study actual science. I agree that Jung was something of a mystical charlatan, but the label of charlatan extends to virtually all psychologists. The entire field is bunk, from the scientific point of view.

What do you mean by "goes through social changes"? Obviously that's true on some level, but you have to quantify it. And what do you mean by "fascist"? you sound like more of a political activist than an actual truth-seeker. Or maybe you're some /pol/ troll trying to make leftists look retarded.
That seems more like you. You mean "hysterical".

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what a shit strawman, you are clearly low IQ.

I'm pretty sure you're responding to a woman. Freud employed a form of hypnosis. Women tend to be more susceptible to this subtle influence, and there are obviously many examples of Freud taking advantage of their seemingly random obsession with him. Although men are also much easier to influence through hypnotic means these days, since we are being socially and biologically engineered to eliminate all differences. But the point is, women are easily lead into becoming obsessed with Freud. I've come across so many of them. They find him mysterious and authoritative, but he was actually low level in terms of knowledge of the "psyche" compared to real initiates.

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>the Jung-was-a-mystic meme
Jung was a psychotherapist for forty years. Mysticism doesn't cure mental illness.

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Freud was no psychologist. Psychoanalysis is a very different field.

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Jung was a hardcore empiricist

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I wanna fuck my mom

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>Freud has such superhuman power that his mere writing can hypnotize people over a hundred years later
You must consider Freud practically a demigod

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Psychology did not properly exist before Freud. He was essentially the first psychologist, he fathered the field.

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You can just smell the reddit stench on this comment. Decent bait, 7/10

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My sense is that most people who excel in the hard sciences would struggle with things like psychology and philosophy. Hard science fags are good at dealing with the small picture. The opposite is true for psych and philosophy people. I mean have you ever spoken to some of these "high Iq math people" you speak of? They don't know jack shit about the bigger picture and it's laughable when they think they do.

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Yes, that's easily possible. I literally said in my post that Freud is low level when it comes to esoteric knowledge, nowhere near a "demigod" hahahaha. He sucks, it's funny/stupid seeing all the first year college students be in awe at and fawning over him.

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>My sense is that most people who excel in the hard sciences would struggle with things like psychology and philosophy.
Kek. Sorry, that's total cope. I have a fancy stem degree from a brand name school, i can promise you that half of the class were easily qualified to study philosophy or psychology. STEM students have to study this stuff for their arts electives, always laughing about how easy/stupid it is.
>I mean have you ever spoken to some of these "high Iq math people" you speak of?
What you say after this is not true. Some of them are like that for sure (i think it has less to do with IQ and more to do with personality). Many aren't at all, they are much broader-minded and probably better read than all of the idiots studying joke fields like psychology or philosophy that I've ever met. The idea that high IQ means you become a small-minded nerd who "can't see the bigger picture" is something a simpleton studying psychology would come up with. Totally ludicrous. I have plenty of high IQ math friends, another thing is you're probably pre-judging them.

You have to justify your field of study somehow and feel like you fill a special niche, but it's not true. Psychology is a giant scam. Philosophy today is a joke too, sociology is even worse. They aren't "seeing the bigger picture", they are a brainlet pseuds literally making bullshit up like "internalized racism" and "systemic White supremacy", total garbage, especially when it comes to the scientific method. Psychology and sociology are fraudulent fields for uncritical low IQs or midwit pseuds. Study neuroscience instead.

Actually, college and university, no matter the field of study, is basically a giant scam. I learned half of my classes by skipping, smoking weed, and watching youtube videos. What a massive fucking waste of 100,000$, I got scammed!

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fuck you nazi fashit. donald drumpf is putins cock holster and is going to jail for being a treasonous traitor to the republic, to protect our democracy.

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>t. never read Jung
Jung actually supported his work empirically. He realized scientism is not always the best way to extract truths about the functioning of the psyche and I appreciate that he would take observable phenomena such as synchronicity and attempt to explain it regardless of whether or not stemcels permit it to be possible. He also wasn't as rigid and dogmatic as Freud who refused to allow for the importance of unconscious emotions other than sexuality, a theory he had a truly defensive and neurotic attachment to (afaik)

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Did Freud ever apply the psychoanalytic method to himself?

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How did my mother dying suddenly and right in front of me at 6 affect me, psychoanalyze me /lit/

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Blow buckets to daughter porn, have no daughter.
Blow buckets to mommy porn, none of them look like my mother.
It's the wrongness and intimacy of it that is alluring, not some real desire to fuck my mother; have vague images of breastfeeding but this is probably a desire to be coddled and comforted that everyone has deep down.
>I'd definitely fuck my mature daughter if she drunkenly confessed to the same perversion
>speciation works by doing it in the (extended) family for many generations
>it's the only way evolution occurs

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In psychoanalysis, sexuality isn't the same as genitality. Sexuality is a psychic dynamic of seeking pleasure and avoiding displeasure. Anything you do and the way you operate in the world is dictated by your sexuality.
The only way of knowing is by doing therapy. Psychoanalysis doesn't tell how that affects you, because the impact that it had is deeply subjective and personal in your constitution. The symptoms won't be the same for other people even if they went through similar experiences as yours.

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well its probably where some of my hatred for women stems from but yeah youre right

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Yes and no. His concept of repression is absolutely correct, but it doesn't really apply anymore, because we don't have the institutional discipline like we did during his time. Freudian psychoanalysis can no longer help with modern problems.

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You can't say Freud was 'right for his times', that implies are completely different understanding of his ideas which isn't true to his psychology. Either he was right for all time or wrong.

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>Either he was right for all time or wrong.
I disagree. No modeling of the human psyche is "right for all time." Everyone models their understanding of the human experience based on a combination of individual factors (genetics, physiology, etc.) and systemic pressures (one's environment, society, etc.). Ultimately, we devise models for the purpose of exercising our will to power, but they are just models in the end. Freudian psychoanalysis spawned out of a particular historical zeitgeist and was applicable to that world, but 21st century life is slowly not like that world anymore.

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Sure, I guess it could be. I'm sorry to hear that happend to you btw.
Freud was a product of his time. And psychianalysis didn't stop on Freud and needs to be thought and revisited with today's world in scene. Many authors did revisions and built up on the foundations Freud set (I think the most famous one would be Lacan).
It's so hard for me to write in english I'm limited to what I can say... I'll start studying it

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Freud was not right, he just was the first person to observe social dynamics in the nuclear family and made a whole theory of pseudo medical explanations of it. He made visible social issues and pathologies, but that's it, he didn't make a functional theory.

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4/10 bait. Use more insults.

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>"they are much broader-minded and probably better read"
Why lie anon ? We both know it, we both went to college and have seen how it is. It doesn't take a genius to figure out why too.
>The idea that high IQ ...
I don't know which is worst, that you confuses scientific knowledge and IQ, or that you attach actual importance to IQ
>they are a brainlet pseuds literally making bullshit up like "internalized racism" and "systemic White supremacy"
Are you sure you actually studied those arts electives you were talking about ?

Truthfully, we all know STEM has a tendency for social outcasts. When people can't conform to the outside world and adapt themselves, they cope by focusing on the "logical" aspects of their lives. There's countless examples of that in nature, whether it's autists being much more scientific than the norm, or how social adequacy amongst CompSci colleges has historically been mocked, it's almost undeniable that STEM is an outlet for people with low social adequacy.
Now as to why, I think it's because people, throughout their childhood, learn through experiences things which they later use to build a social construct of the world. We're talking about noticing social hierarchies, projecting oneself onto another, noticing what the other wants etc.
It would make sense for kids who have less of these experiences to have reduced social/societal (yes, to an extent, societal constructs are extensions of social ones) comprehension. Thus, to cope with this lack of understandment, they would progressively detach themselves from general constructs and instead focus on their own logic, which would push them into STEM.
Maybe that or I'm wrong, I wouldn't know.

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Psychologists and philosophers create big pictures but it's hard to say if those big pictures correspond to reality. I'm not commiting to a denial of all non-empirical knowledge but there is a huge replication crisis in psychology and when it comes to metaphysics philosophers are still all disagreeing 2500 years after Plato. It just seems that we suck at non empirical stuff.

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Like what exactly

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What happened?

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Freud is a jew who understood that after the atheist bourgeois revolutions, men and bourgeois women were sex and drug addicts just like him and since women who dont work but love to gossip about sex, he figured he could have a little cult around him, composed of whores and bourgeois desperate to hear how sex addiction is the nature of the human psyche framed into a self made and self aggrandizing myth disguised as science to surf on the atheist hype of positivism lol.
100 years later atheists still consider him their guru, since they are still lobotomized sex and drug addicts...

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the only thing he was right about is cocaine

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OP wants to fuck his mom

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Yes. He recounts many situations of himself in his writings.

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Someone on here said sexuality is art but I can't find the thread. Without woman you wouldn't have artforms such as anime. In fact there wouldn't be any good art to begin with. Woman are beautiful, meaning they come in many colors. Anime is peak art style and virtual reality art galleries is just the beginning of the future of art. Video games are also art. Elden Ring is a masterpiece in art direction. There is also philosophical undertones to art in video games.