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>Ahhh look at all these brand names i'm going insane aaaaaaaaaaaa

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Did you ignore all the parts talking about death? I bet you did, didn't you? Coping bitch.

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>you will never be professor of Hitler studies

Feels bad.

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You do realise that Jack was not a Nazi?

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Midwit book. It was modestly prescient when it was released but nothing in it could be considered le hot take outside the 80s. If you think it's edgy you're a normie. Go to >>>/tv/ and post about the Netflix movie, lol.

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You can't cope with it, don't want to acknowledge death, do ya? Maybe 'Call of The Crocodile' is more your speed?

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>needs a cartoonish pomo book with wisecracking kids in order to understand death
YA and Netflix adaptations are your speed.

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Sounds like cope is your speed, son.

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Sounds like you're a virgin talking about sex, incel.

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The part about supermarkets being spiritual places which contain all vital symbols is probably the most memorable thing I've ever read in a book honestly.

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modestly prescient? there was a fucking train derailment airborne toxic event while a movie was being made. similacra on simulacra.

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>similacra on simulacra
Should have went with synchronicity, retard.

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that's not what I meant at all. they are connected. one precedes the other.... read Baudrillard RETARD.

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what's so good about it?

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All of this stuff is inane trash compared to the Wisdom of the Ancients.

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Capitalizing Random Words Is Not A Sign Of A Cargo Cult Retard At All

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>Cargo Cult
You think that austral simians attempting low magic for "gibs" is the same as esoteric knowledge properly understood? Profane philosophy can only offers partial truths at best. Real knowledge and understanding can only come from inner experience; something which even the acutely degraded, small-minded academic philosophy of modern times recognizes.

Are you a female? Not that it matters, I'm just curious. Anyway, you won't find any meaning in any profane philosophy, much less in a "career", but only through a loving family. Even religion is better than schlock like Beaudrillard or whatever other mundane garbage you have been posting. Actually that stuff is spiritually harmful, since it only presents partial truths (look at all the lemmings like OP, traumatized at some rudimentary fact of life). Feeling depressed? anxious? scornful? etc.

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Plato's Republic is an ancient book, yet it advocates the very opposite of finding meaning through family. Goes to show your rhetorical reliance on inner experience amounts exactly to capitalizing random words rather than any kind of content. If you care only about inner experience, you should refrain from public discussions as inner experiences are not communicable. Ie. Shut up. In reality you only pretend to care about it to make your lack of thought congruent with some kind of pathetic identity.

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BLA did a most excellent stream on this book recently! Very much worth checking out!

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I read it a few years ago and have no memory of that part whatsoever.

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>Using incel as insult

You lost mate.

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No ancient or esoteric writer says to find meaning through family, that's just my advice for the average normalfag in the present day. You're putting words in to my mouth to avoid actual discussion (i.e., the fact that profane philosophy is totally meaningless and useless - why can't you reply to this?). BTW, Plato's Republic isn't about finding meaning, nor is it particularly esoteric. Also, it seems that you're personally offended over my cordial replies (since you instantly resort to personal attacks, whereas I never have), which speaks to your immaturity, also another reason why I assumed you were female LOL. Please don't be upset, sweetie.