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Explain it to me anon

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Only retards and americans think it is the greatest and you do not want to look too closely at this Venn diagram if you need to pretend that it has more than one set.

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baby's first novel

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It's second only to Infinite Jest

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If I met someone whose two favorite books were Infinite Jest and Moby Dick I’d probably shoot myself on the spot just to avoid talking to them

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Imagine getting filtered by cetology. Getting filtered by whales themselves is understandable since that's how they eat but basic zoology is a different story.

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No namby pamby metaphors or symbolism. It’s a straightforward story of a man with a grudge on an animal. People like that.

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It’s the greatest English novel

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I will not cast pearls before swine.

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It deals directly with Platonic metaphysics, the greatest thing to ever come out of philosophy, so of course it's based.