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Is he actually good?

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Idk I've never read him

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This fucking sent me kek

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Why are you easily entertained? Sign of a peasant mind

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I can only judge by the only book I've read from him, the Satanic Verses. I didnt like it, retarded pajeet language, written in a confuse way, too much mixing of unrelated scenes. Not to mention that all his takes on Islam are nothing even related to the history of the religion itself, he simply twisted the real life names to create characters of his own. All the controversy behind this book is because editors used it to trigger muslims for the sake of making the book more popular, which is highly unethical by itself, but it wasnt really a big idea as this is making him being persecuted for almost 40 years.

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put me in the screenshot guys!

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You'd feel pretty bad if a translator of your novel was killed because of it. I get the feeling Rushdie is an ultra narcissist wimperious asshole and wouldn't feel a thing about it. He tried to be edgy and stick it to muslims and got crushed.

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Black Swan and The Kite Runner had rave reviews.

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I read that "2 years, whatever months" thing. Sucked. Read Pratchett or whatever else if you want fantasy satires. The man is only known because he was edgy against mudslims.

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4chan is haram dumb browncel larper.

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i read about this guy often, he is often mentioned in the news etc. however i don't know a single person who can name at least one book he has written other than The Satanic Verses. why the fuck is he so popular if nobody is reading him?
Reminds me of Brecht, everybody knows who he is but the only thing anybody has read by him is The Life of Galilei or whatever it is called in english

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I read the first book of Midnight Children. I loved that bit about shit-stained clothes and examining a woman's 'rump' through a perforated sheet.
So vividly described, so engaging.

He's shit.

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Your access to the internet should be haram as well, retarded pajeet

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Skin in the Game