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of nigger mind with nigger thought the nigger god brought niggerness into the light the light now
niggard lost its purity in place of it the Nigger the Nigger that is Nigger and none nigger shall be
but Nigger of mind and nigger of soul and nigger of niggerbody the nigger's body flush and full of
nigger heat and nigger history the niggerheart of each nigger forged in nigger fury a nigger to
force the life. of nigger mind the nigger morning came harsh like nigger breath niggerblack like a
nigger copulating with another nigger to make this Nigger even more nigger. mastication of what
the nigger made not. of thought no nigger knew but brought anew this nigger age old nigger
hatred into the nigger world that world that once knew no nigger now no longer new due to
niggers. nigger at god's left hand come from nigger gods now disproven by nigger scientists
white niggers white I but nigger underneath. a nigger known by its maker, also a nigger. so
from a nigger came a nigger to procreate niggerdom from nigger to nigger. a suit for a nigger a
seat for a nigger a salary for a nigger and a nigger book of poetry to be read niggardly in front of
a crowd of niggers, crowding where the niggers crumble this civilization now left to niggers. a
nigger of thought and mind a mind of niggers with niggereloquence and niggerarrogance and
nigger children fat and nig-lets not yet given the nigger 'ger' wherein the violence of the nigger
comes to completion. a harsh sound nigger to say on a tongue fit only for a nigger. with
niggersweetness the world comes now fun of capitalisticniggers and opportunisticniggers and
niggers that are neither being nor beast but only Nigger. of nigger mind and nigger thought with
the nigger, God brought niggerness into the light once niggers.