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What did he mean by this?

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It's fascinating how so many virulent, rabid anti-"Marxists" have never read (and likely never will read) a word Marx wrote. The arrogance is astounding. I can't imagine being so outspokenly opposed to writings that I haven't actually read.

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But the caption in the OP is about the commonly held beliefs of modern neo-Marxists, the same people who sneer and turn up their nose at the native working class of their own countries and actively collaborate with international corporations to suppress their rights.

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This is a tendency that actual Marxists have also observed and written a great deal about. If you're actually interested, here's an analysis of the phenomenon you're referencing:

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>open link
>the people in the picture illustrating the article are from my own country
I know them all too well.

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The WSWS has published many critiques of Podemos from a Marxist perspective, if you're interested:

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Most of the views of "marxists" have nothing to do with those of Karl Marx. But it's not a new phenomenom, and it didn't start with academic post/neo-marxist inter-classist idpol shit (Which is still not marxist tho. Basically the problem with idpol, feminism and such is that women don't form a single class, they're divided into proletarian and bourgeois women, which in turn means that there is no such thing as women's interets). Much of it started with the marxism-leninism of stalinist Russia, which Marx would've considered a capitalist state. Marxism-leninism also has nothing to do with Lenin, it's Stalin's reading of Marx and Lenin which was completely warped to serve his bourgeois, counter-revolutionary project.

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have you read mein kampf?

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>which in turn means that there is no such thing as women's interets
Which of course is bullshit. Anything can have an interest but it is only really divided by ideology and not whatever the ideological groups pretend is the objective group distinction. When marxists speak of "proletarian" interests they actually are speaking of marxist interests. But, being dialectical materialists, and possibly narcissistical, they will never allow themselves to see this.

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This is intersectionalism, anon. What do commies, trannies, faggots, niggers, nigger fetishists, Islamists, Islamist apologists, postmodernists, global warming activists, hippie-wannabes, BDS'ers, no-border advocates, and feminists all have in common?
Most of them, not much, but intersectionalists love coopting others' causes. They're quite figurative cuckoo birds that trick others into raising their young.
I don't care how schizo it sounds. That's what's happening. Why else would you have LGBTWTF marching in support of people who'd throw them off rooftops? Why would feminists be led by someone advocating for a society that would have women stripped of their rights? Why are socialists not doing a single thing that's even remotely socialist? Because the neediest of the above groups hijacked others and entangled their purposes. You don't support BLM? You're a sexist, transphobic, zionist, colonialist, islamophobic, climate change denier. Their desire for power, fueled by their victimhood masochism led them to coalesce into a fetid, malignant mass of righteous indignation.
So it didn't have anything to do with Marxism, but Marxism has since joined the tranny camp.

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I'm sure you are a world class expert on every single position you ever talked against.

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This, but remove the word "anti-" and you have the same exact reality.

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Communism was about the elimination of coercive and oppressive structures, at least on paper; so transgender rights were actually included as a piece of that, albeit, unstated.

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This but for the Bible.