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Is this even a genre

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All medical books except for the ones of the Galenic tradition are purely fictional.

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good morning saars

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Relax dude it’s not that serious

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Robin Cook

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oh lovely sex vishnu mam

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Sauce? Who's the girl?

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>this breaks the /pol/ man's mind

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Not hot
Not hot

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If you thought she was Italian you wouldn't call her "brown"

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any other recommendations? anyone read noah gordon's The Physician?

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what's her ethnicity? unironically one of the sexiest women I've seen

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Too bad most Indians look goofy cartoonish looking. I got small fetish for brown girls because of the harem fantasy.

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didn't ask

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well i'm telling you anyway lol so deal with it

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indian. she's just 'ok'.

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Coffee can have both positive and negative effects depending on individual tolerance and consumption levels. In moderation, it can provide antioxidants and potentially reduce the risk of certain diseases like Parkinson's and Alzheimer's. However, excessive intake can lead to issues like increased heart rate, anxiety, and disrupted sleep patterns. It's essential to listen to your body and consume it in moderation.

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So it is possible for an Indian woman to be decent-looking? Interesting.

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Come to Brazil. Best country for brown bunda in the entire globe.

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>fuck our women, please!
why are brazilcucks like this? embarrassing display

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She has an incredibly erotic face. She must've been blessed by Kali.

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Indian women are either 4/10 and below or 8/10 and above with very few in between