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Are there any books which justify killing and hunting predatory animals? I fucking hate carnivore predators, they are the Jews of the animal kingdom who have no qualms about eating herbivores but then moan and groan when a better species like humans does the same to them.

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Sort of

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>then moan and groan when a better species like humans does the same to them.
Do you talk to animals often?

Also anyone who doesn't respect carnivores is a sóy cuck. The only true camaraderie and brotherhood in animal kingdom is prevalent in pack carnivores who will risk their lives to save their kin. Meanwhile herb*vores oftentimes fuck over their brethren just so they can escape safely themselves. Herbies are niggers and that's an universal truth.

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Leopards are based
Vervets are thieving little shitters

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Death in the Long Grass (really anything by Capstick)
The Man-Eaters of Tsavo by Col. John H. Patterson

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What kind of weird Jew are you?

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>t. can't into ecology or wildlife/herd management

Don't bother. You are part of the terrain now, that entails reducing suffering by attenuating boom-bust cycles of coomer animals doing the Tragedy of the Commons fast loose and hard on each other, viz. HUNTING TAGS.

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It's ironic that you call humans the superior species when you post a subhuman who requires a stick to walk due to his massive weight. Obese freaks like this are the ones who should get killed and fed to lions.

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Cope, the Anglo-Saxon man is the apex predator

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it's always cringe when ''men'' (read effeminate NPCs) hunt with a rifle. Americans truly turned hunting into a disney entertainment, a facsimile of the real hunting. That's because americans have the female spirit.