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I just spent the past 3 hours writing 4,000 words of Harry Potter smut, ama

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Alright, going to bed now, but just in case anyone asks for a sample and the thread dies before I get back

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Aren't most of the cast teenagers, you sick fuck?

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Yes, in my smut Harry just finished his fourth year at Hogwarts and he has sex with his mother (this is an alternate universe where his mother is alive but his father is still dead.)

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Does Dobby take it up the ass?

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Why does it take you 3 hours to write 4,000 words? So slow

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Quality over quantity

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>”I wish we could bring him back from the fucking dead just to sit him down and make him watch you fuck his wife’s brains out. Show him how a real man fucks.”
You have an odd definition of “quality,” anon

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I asked at myself why you were writing, and then the answer came to my mind: I think you don't know how to write and that your medicines are too expensive for you.

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I wondered who you are writing for, and then the answer came to me: I think you can't write and your medicine is too expensive for you.

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>who you are writing for
I write the smut for me to jack off to later. I like to read erotica but there's very little of it that fulfills my exact preferences so sometimes I have to take matters into my own hands.

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Who's fucking who? What are the pairings you're working with?

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This one was Harry fucking his mother. I got carried away and it got pretty deranged. I've already jacked off to it twice. Another sample.

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Harry Potter smut thread? What are your favorite? I really like Dragon Lily (RIP) and Love Vow.

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Same she is pretty cute

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Is this shit erotica?

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>Don't worry, I'll take good care of her. Faggot.

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Do you ever stop mid crank to fix typos?

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Yes, I'm not a barbarian.