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Opinion on audiobooks? You all consider it cheating?

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Stella Maris was great as an audiobook.

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Using ears is cheating and lazy. Read by processing the words with your eyes moving across the page and flipping it with your hand. Put in the work.

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I planned on using them in order to learn French but I just couldn't do it

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Anyone who dismisses audiobooks is a brainlet who needs to read a sentence over and over before properly processing it. You're getting the exact same input as from a book with zero embellishment. It's not a superior or inferior medium.

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It's entirely situational. Some books work better in audio format. Some don't at all.

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They take too long. It takes about three times as long to listen to the audiobook as it does to read the book.

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I don't consider it cheating. I consider it a completely different medium. Reading is just that different to an audio book. Incredibly handy if you're learning a language though.

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Exactly the reason why I can't do it. I'd rather listen to music instead. It's such a drag. Just reading is much more pleasant.

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You don't read faster than 3x speed.

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It depends on the pace of the narration. I've never finished a full audiobook, but many news sites have read-aloud recordings of the articles. I've timed how long it takes me to read an article in my head and found it to be a third of the length of the recording.

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Depends both on book and reader. The andy serkis audiobooks are the superior way to experience tolkien

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They take away the trance state the human brain goes to when reading. Also the beauty of how words are laid out on a page, sentence structure etc. is lost

not trying to be pretentious they just take away what I enjoy about reading

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I have pirated nearly 300gbs of audiobooks. I listen to them while I work

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Grade schooler detected.

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I've been out of school for almost 3 rears now, but the school paradigm is hard to shake. Work feels like class; supervisors feel like professors; I feel conditioned to look for directions, rules, and rubrics and anticipate exams. So you're not entirely wrong, anon. That mindset is still a big part of me.

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Cheating? Idgaf about that. You don't get the same neurological benefits from listening as you do from reading; but you can still take in a lot of meaningful content from listening. So reading is better than listening, but listening isn't worthless.

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It's not cheating, but it's not reading.

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I never reread books and have considered audiobooks to refresh my memory, but haven't done it yet.

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>Listening to an audiobook
Listening to an audiobook.
>Reading a book
Reading a book.
It's that simple.

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Damn, Homer btfo.

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If you aren't already hosting them with Audiobookshelf, you should check it out. One of the best developed open source programs I've used.

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I've never tried audiobooks but it seems like it would be a pain to go back and relisten to a previous section, and pretty much impossible to look up something specific quickly. I'm too used to the ease of navigation afforded by my e-reader. Plus, you apparently have to pay for listening time? What kind of kikery is that?

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>Opinion on audiobooks?
They're awesome. Currently listening to picrel.

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try listening to a dialogue by plato and youll be able to follow.

try listening to the iliad and youll be struggling to understand whats going on.

pros and cons of just trying to understand and get through a book. as far as experience goes though, reading is far superior.