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Anyone on /lit/ read this?

Is it as powerful and life-changing as I've heard?

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No I found it banal. It's just different seduction archetypes, their tactics and weaknesses and then some historical anecdotes as examples of these archetypes in action. He's kind of putting a lot of words and stories on concepts you already know unless you're totally blind and ignorant to how seduction works. But it's not revelatory original or helpful if you understand basic human needs desires and emotions, which you should unless you're totally autistic. This book really is targeted towards those kinds of people.

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It's okay, his only good books are Strategy and the concise Laws of Human Nature

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Can't you just dress well, not be a retard, talk normally and express interest in women verbally like 99% of people instead of desperately seeking the next manipulation tactic lmao

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The only realistic book I've read so far about this matter is Mode One. Because the central teaching of Alan Roger is to NOT be manipulative and deceitful towards women, just tell what you want, make it clear and if they accept your iniciative then go ahead, if not dont waste your time, that is the gold principle for all lads out there, because no woman will ever like you if she doesnt want. Yeah I know, sounds hard but at the end of the day they are fucking human beings, so preferences cant be twisted by some charm technique or whatever garbage is taught in the "seduction market". Unless of course when you have a lot of money so it will attract a lot of sluts towards you, but this book warns you against them as well. That is my recommendation for you and any other anons who will come across this thread. Have a good day.

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Not really, its very ineffective in the modern world of social media and online dating.

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I haven't read it, but after reading the 48 Laws of Power I doubt that Greene is able to write anything of value.

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I read Mastery 5 years ago and I'm still unemployed

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I think he gets a lot of unfounded hate. I liked the 48 Laws; I don't use them because that isn't the type of person I want to be. Feels like most people who hate Greene or view him as a tryhard, it's because machiavellianism doesn't resonate with their souls intent. Which is a good thing, but no condemnation of the man's work.

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Read something by the good Robert Greene instead.

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In Mastery he says "to get really good at something you need a great mentor and practice a lot" for 200 pages in various ways. Retarded book.

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I've read it three times and I think it's an interesting read. I've also enjoyed Laws of Human Nature, 48 Laws of Power, and Mastery. I think it gets a lot of shit from readers like >>23305942 because they misunderstand the purpose of the book. It's an analysis of seduction, not a book about building relationships. It's not a pick up artist book either. It's an examination about actually seducing someone which means deliberately creating feelings of love through strategic effort.

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If true, that's kind of impressive to stretch that out to 200 pages, true mastery of his craft.

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>unless you're totally blind and ignorant to how seduction works.
so most people

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>on concepts you already know unless you're totally blind and ignorant to how seduction works
this is obviously useful to a lot of people

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Is that supposed to be a pussy

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It's supposed to arouse feelings of confusion in you - Suddenly you're asking yourself "Is this a pussy?" You might seek council from friends and colleagues. They might disagree. Suddenly you're swept up into a world of ambiguity. Suddenly you're driven mad with desire.

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OP did you make this thread explicitly because I said it was Robert Greene's worst book that no one talks about in the last Robert Greene thread?

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Why don't you consider Power or Mastery to be good books?

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Go away hole.

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>not be a retard
>talk normally
I don't know what this means.

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You didn't read it. You just sneered at the table of contents.
Gotta put the work faggot.

If you wanna talk about the mastery of the craft of stretching out minimal content into long chapters, read Das Kapital.
For 3 long chapters he says little more than 20 yards of linen = 1 coat = 2 pounds = 8 gold ounces, therefore 8 gold ounces = 2 pounds = 1 coat = 20 yards of linen.
He goes on like this for longer than the length of the Communist Manifesto which is a quick and breezy read. This topic is dragged out longer than most books of the Bible, and throughout those 3 chapters he makes comparisons between commodities and their being resurrected or transmogrified like in the book of revelation. He uses non literal metaphors like "this is how a commodity sees itself." He makes reference to they ancient greeks, all in service of saying 20 yards of linem = ... = 8 ounces of gold therefore the reverse is true.

I've never read something so empty in my life.