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Why does this keep happening?

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Me like pictures. Picture good. Word bad.

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It's easier to forgive the cringe (or any negative aspects) when it's from another culture.

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Largely due to publishers and agents not taking dark fantasy submissions, leading to a lack of new entries in the genre

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Moorcock is not as good of a writer as you think

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I actually think Elric and Berserk are exactly on the same level. That is, complete garbage.

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manga is slop but it has pictures so it's more easily digestible slop
it's not that hard to understand

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>slop that's fully illustrated
Not hard to understand

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People read poorly written African literature because it's African literature.

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Do you think people who make these wojak comparison like these as tears roll down their cheeks as they seethe in anger?

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>Thinking Berserk is Dark Fantasy

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Sounds like a personal problem