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>filters /lit/
heh, nothing personal

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>Wants to write a novel warning about the dangerous of charismatic messianic leaders.
>Proceeds to write a novel about how 2 messianic dictators save the human race from exterminating itself and how everyone in the galaxy records them as villains because there to low IQ to understand.

Has there ever been this wide of a gape between the authors intention and their actual output?

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case in point

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Its literally impossible to recount the plot of Dune and have Paul and Leto not become the heroes. Its why all the DuneTubers quote Herbert on the books meaning and not the actual book.

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maybe try reading the books, not skimming them

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leto has to kill himself to save humanity,explicitly because he was bad for them and if anyone else was able to take his role they would end the world.
the plot of "the only good dictator would make a future where he cannot exist" isnt exactly inspiring for those who wish to take the crown
also like the whole thing is about the cruelty and stagnation of politics with every other group being examples of this