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My favorite book

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i'd rather read cervantes by don quixote

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It's really good. I know there's been concerted efforts by /lit/izens over the years to group-read this, but it really comes down to discovering and appreciating it on your own. I first read it over a summer break back when I was 14: I remember the German lady that watched over me back then, looking over my shoulder and, seeing the Signet Starkie translation, remarking, "That's a funny story." I read it in english the first time because I didn't know enough spanish to read the original (I forget if Coleridge ever read the original). When I was able to read the original spanish in university, it was like reading Chaucer in the original middle english or reading the opening lines of homer in the original greek. It's a good book, but I'd urge people to come to it at their own pace.

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You did read it in the original language to comprehend the full grasp of Cervantes's wit and whatnot, right OP?

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I understand it's essentially a parody, can it be enjoyed with next to no knowledge of the context, or books that it is parodying?

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Do I have to learn Spanish or can I read English/Chinese/German/ translation?

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what don quixote is parodying is such common knowledge at this point you'll know it already