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>get overwhelmed by a muse
>Spend hours typing and typing and typing
>Take a small break to walk my dog
>Come back
>Suddenly I think everything I thought up was cringe
>Delete it
>Do it all over again next week

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If you deleted all the cringe, why did you still post this thread?

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She be like that. Thankfully my muse is an anime girl but she doesn't have a single bit of attention span more than my own, so it is always a fight for who gets bored first.

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This is why I still hand write all of my drafts on paper notebooks: I’m too critical of my own writing, and I often hit upon a good combination of words or sentences in a single page filled with shit. It’s reassuring being able to look back at a bank of nigh-unintelligible notes and being able to find a few useful phrases.
Gaddis is noted to have lost many of his amateur notebooks leading up to his sitting down to write The Recognitions. He would lose them in Europe or South America, but he could always remember the few phrases or key words he needed to move on.

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>He would lose them in Europe or South America
Yeah I found one and it's super cringe