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Sci Fi Edition.

>Recommended reading charts (Look here before asking for vague recs)

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I've got nothing to read. I wanted to read some japanese literature like Genji, Senbonzakura and Goemon, but I can't seem to find it in english.

Other than that I just want to read some good "male fantasy" journey of the hero type of book. Just give me all the cliches. Old mentor that dies, romantic interest, will they won't they, travelling somewhere else for 500 pages, a past hidden from the main character, bad guy that loses, "this is the farthest I've been from farmtown smallplace" and so forth.

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Read reverend insanity

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I already did you fucking bugman. It doesn't fucking end because your communist government takes offense on the fact that you have a dog ferret named Mao.

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You're not a faggot for liking hardcovers, you are faggot for capitulating to the soulless modern day covers >>23246223 It is true, this needs to stop.
You could have easily obtained pic related, both first editions, but for some reason you chose folio society. Absolutely disgusting.

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>dog ferret mao
What? Anyway, most people think that the birthing temples was a step too far that finally made ccp take action.

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Revelations of Zang

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There's literally a ferret with dog tail that calls itself "Grandpa Mao", Mao Li Qiu and is the steed of Giant Sun. And the character in the name is the same in Mao Tse-Tung.

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Read Beyond Apollo

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Read Marrow and The Well of Stars; the entire Xeelee Sequence; the Radix Tetrad; do a 360 and you'll create mustard gas.

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Anyone here read Blindsight?


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>Writes a series that pretends to be sci-fi but it's actually just a cover for how women are destructive to society

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Certain books are just meant to be read in hardcover.

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>The Land of Broken Roads

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I finished my full re-read of Wheel of Time. Now I'm left with an empty feeling.
Now I have to find something new to read. An unpleasant process.

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No thanks

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Yes. But I don't remember much about it. What about it? Bruh, I just googled it, and saw it was categorized as "hard science fiction". That's a load of crap.

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got into an argument with the guy at the bookstore because I kept saying the store had no books
guy starts having a go at me and blaming the economy
but he has a store with no books. what a novel idea

I would have bought a fantasy book if this retard actually had any

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Read Bakker.

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I only read books written by old white men.

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am i too stupid for liu cixin? i don't get some of the shit in these books
like, at first it's established that it takes four years for earth's radiowaves to reach trisolaris. then how the fuck is evans communicating directly with lord and how is luo ji negotiating with the trisolarans instantly? i know they're using the sophons, but wouldn't the sophons still need to relay the info back home? or are they like a chatbot AI just making decisions on behalf of the trisolarans? i really don't get how we went from messages taking years to IMing

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i can't decide who i have more contempt for in the media world, wheel of time fags or one piece fags
imagine wasting days of your life rereading some trash that wasn't worth reading to begin with

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They use quantum entanglement to communicate instantly (which is bullshit)

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>aliens only slightly more advanced than humans
>nvm they're actually incredibly advanced, but somehow they can't travel super fast in their ships, conveniently the one thing that would ruin the story

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I'm offended that you would compare Wheel of Time to One Piece.

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i've read the first book of wheel of time around the same time i tried one piece (i forget how many chapters, but long enough)
i have no hesitation in saying that wheel of time is actually worse
at least one piece is unpretentious and knows it's shounenslop, wheel of time is written by a guy who has higher pretensions than he's capable of
those starting chapters of the first book have to be some of the most boring introductory chapters i've read in ANYTHING
>inb4 it's old
thomas covenant was written in 1977 and it has one of the best introductory chapters of all time

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There are a lot of contrivances in the story

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i guess it's fine
it is a fun ride, if nothing else
although i must say the 1st book was a lot better than the 2nd, i'm not sure how the 3rd will be but i'm starting now

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I just think the trisolarans must be really fucking stupid for being so advanced. Why attack a planet of near similar advancement when they could just find another planet without an advanced species on it? You'd think a smart race would take the path of least resistance.

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Those WoT beginning chapters are incredibly comfy. I would take book 1 Wheel of Time over the entirety of One Piece any day. They're not even comparable. And book 1 isn't even the peak of the series. It only gets better from there. Hell, you don't even meet the other Aes Sedai in the first book. The second book introduces them all.

Ya know, I actually gave One Piece the anime a chance. Someone said I should watch it about 50-some episodes, because that's when you get to the Arlong episodes. And that's supposed to be the big hook for audiences. Well I watched the Arlong stuff, and a bit farther, before deciding it was trash.

I really don't see how you can put One Piece above WoT. I guess when you get down to the essence of it, you prefer LOUD AND ZAAAAA~NY characters.

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i would've have said a few years ago that if a series doesn't get good in the first novel, i'm not going to read it
now i'll go further and say that if a story doesn't capture my attention at chapter one i'm not interested in continuing
there's more things to read, play, watch than i have time for, and i'm not about to waste them on something i might not care for at any point
> before deciding it was trash
just like wheel of time
>I really don't see how you can put One Piece above WoT.
i already said why, because it's honest and unpretentious, it's literally a children's cartoon
wheel of time is a fantasy slop for young teens that sees itself as deep and philosophical but is neither
everything about it is bad, from the plot, to the worldbuilding, to the fucking shitty character names that are worse than what you'd get from a generator
no i don't think i will

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What is the best English translation of the Mabinogion?

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I found a comparison a while ago

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Strange, it lacks Guest, the one with the most editions.
I like the archaic langauge of Jones but I am inclined towards the new one by Davies evne though I'm also afraid it might be corrupted with the woke virus, being new and all.

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If pic related are my favorites, what would you recommend to me? I also like Witold Gombrowicz, Alfred Doblin and Robert Musil.

I did not enjoy book of the new sun that much, only finished the first book in the series.

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Not exactly....
I'm sure it wouldve been creepier not knowing what happens, but I thought its more tense than scary. It deals more directly with the fear of death, like the physical sensations of knowing your time is coming.
The core concept of a powerful psychic's emotional death throes combining with smallpox to birth a curse is an absolute cracker of a premise. The actual execution...eh, I dunno. I'll read the sequels, I'll say that much.
As for Ryuji it was very interesting how at the end his criminal history was thrown into question, painting him as a pathetic, misunderstood loner. I was not expecting rape.

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To the guy who recommended this: what the hell was the demon? I didn't understand what it was. Some crab? Cthulhu?

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One of my twitter followings just tweeted about this writer

Does your X username start with the letter d by any chance?

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>For fucks sake, Parasite Eve was full of footnotes from the authors research.
That's more because Hideaki Sena is an actual honest to god doctor.

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Thank you to anyone who picked up Improvidence, I've hit my "sold enough to not kill myself" goal. Consider taking a look if you're interested!

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No. I don't have an X account.

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Fair point. I haven't read that many Japanese authors but I seem to remember reading somewhere that it is not uncommon for them to add footnotes about the reference material they researched for the book. Maybe I pulled that out of my ass though.

>The actual execution...eh, I dunno.
Sure, I did like the execution in Parasite Eve better. I do enjoy the lone scientist against some great horror theme so any other book suggestions along those lines would be much appreciated.

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>fermale urban fantasy: this is you, you're plain jane but also your dad is a [insert cool magical creature here] and your mother is a [insert other cool magical creature] and you're irresistible to every magical creature, who aren't just superhot but also all want to bang the everloving shit out of you and all you have to do is pick one, you're the center of five prophecies
>male urban fantasy: you're a stupid dweeb normal who's fat and out of shape, the creature women laugh at your powerlevel and the men have penises the size of your arm, you're a no one and you'll be grateful for the specks of power thrown your way
Why is this?

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You forgot the female urban fantasy where they just get fucked and fucked up repeatedly by huge brutish monsters (who are hot in a weird borderline furry way).

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The male urban fantasy sounds awesome!

>> No.23248630

Decent horror-fantasy, that isn't Between Two Fires?

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>lone scientist against some great horror theme
The Philosopher's Stone by Colin Wilson. I'm sure it won't be what you expect, it reads like nonfiction for most of it, but it is right on theme.

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The Barrow by Mark Smylie is decent, kind of Indiana Jonesy, although you need to be able to put up with a bit of degeneracy.

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I swear that based solely on how these men write their protagonists and their romance, I'm 100% sure that they're not the real fathers of the children of which they boast in their profiles.

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This is the point of the Dark Forest hypothesis elaborated in the second book.

>> No.23248688

The fitness to sire children has nothing to do with the kind of weirdness you're alluding to. It's one of the features of our biology.

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Congrats on selling a number of copies equal to your age!

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I'm saying they're cucks, anon.

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Doesn't look like my kind of thing, honestly. Thanks for the rec though.

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I know I'm a faggot for this, but I look down on my friends because all they read is fantasy and science fiction, and they'll discuss it for hours at a time. One of them is starting his 3rd or possibly 4th re-read of Wheel of Time. I don't know how you can read as much as they do while ignoring any other subgenre of fiction as successfully as they've done.

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> In The Strength to Dream (1962), Colin Wilson had criticized the works of H.P. Lovecraft, the American writer of weird tales, which led to Lovecraft's publisher August Derleth daring Wilson to write one better. This novel, The Philosopher's Stone (1969), was the result, a fascinating blend of science fiction, horror, and philosophy, told within the framework of Lovecraft's mythos.

Holy shit. Sounds interesting. Thanks, I will check it out.

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Goddamnit, now I want to read some urban fantasy. Anything halfway decent come out in the last five years?

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what the fuck
the third book in the three-body trilogy just goes back to the beginning? this is absolute bullshit
i'm just gonna read a synopsis, i can't bother with this shit

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>I know I'm a faggot for this

> I look down on my friends because all they read is fantasy and science fiction ... I don't know how you can read as much as they do while ignoring any other subgenre of fiction...
It's what they like. Why would they read shit they don't enjoy?

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It does so only for a bit.

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>i don't know how people can just read what they enjoy reading

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i just read the synopsis and i'm glad i didn't read it
i'm really disappointed that this series went from being somewhat grounded to being fantasy tier

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>all they read is fantasy and science fiction
>rereading WoT over and over and over
Your friend doesn't read if he only reads the same thing over and over; that said, your friend would make a perfect fit amongst all the retarded normalfags here.

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if you think reading wot 4 times is the average normalfag you're a fucking lunatic
normalfags don't read for comfort in general
i guess maybe teenage women do, but that's really it

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Have you never reread a book you enjoyed? What's the real difference in rereading a series you enjoyed?

There is no reason to spend time on things I don't like. I'm not going to force myself through a shit book just so I can brag about it on some anonymous forum. I don't have enough time to read everything that interests me, why waste it on things that don't?

Even once is more than any normie is going to do.

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You enjoy being here?

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It's okay if you only want to read one series and only want to read that one series over and over indefinitely throughout your life. Just don't post about it here and expect to be applauded for being a diamond dozen normalfag who exists well within the mean of average intelligence.

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i agree with you and think that other anon is a cunt, but, still, i think he raises a good point
there is definitely that type of person whose intellectual (and even emotional) horizons are incredibly stunted and narrow
i'm talking about a 45 yo man who is still obsessed about whatever the hell it was he liked as a child, as exemplified by the rightwing manchildren today whose entire worldview is defined by star wars and what happens in star wars related media
of course, i don't agree with the other douchebag anon completely since i think having a particular thing you love and reread/rewatch is endearing and can even be useful to judge things as you analyze it at different stages of your life
there's a lot better things to love and obsess over than wheel of time, though

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Re-reading books (especially those soap operas) is a waste of time. You can read something better instead. I just like revisiting some of the more intriguing chapters of books I like.
Also: liking a single series doesn't make you a fan of entire genre.

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Bad Dreams & Broken Hearts

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/SFFG/ Recommendations:

Read Reverend Insanity, Lord of The Mysteries, Neuromancer, Hyperion, The Prince of Nothing

Also read The Wandering Inn, Between Two Fires, Mother of Learning, Cradle, I Shall Seal the Heavens, A Song of Ice and Fire, The Poppy War.

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/SFFG/ Recommendations: LITRPG Edition

Read Azarinth Healer, Primal Hunter, He Who Fights with Monsters, Dungeon Crawler Carl

Also read System Universe, Dissonance, Defiance of the Fall, Iron Prince

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I finished The Terror recently, and while its not strictly fantasy, its got me in the mood for more victorian/nautical stuff.
Any recommendations, anons? Thanks.

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I love the new cover for the re-release of Harlan Ellison short stories "Greatest Hits", I've been thinking lately how there's not been one great or decent science fiction or fantasy cover I think the last good one I thought was pretty cool was Whelan's A Memory of Light cover but I'm pretty biased due to bein a Whelan fan but maybe this could be a return to form and we might get the cool covers again like they had in the Golden Age of sci-fi.

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>One of my twitter followings
shut the fuck up, faggot

>> No.23249090

I feel like you need to be at least a little intellectually curious to read as much as they do. A lot of my favorite books, films, etc. are ones that I would've never been introduced to if I were merely consuming my "comfort food" for years at a time. You need to shed your shell and undergo a little bit of discomfort and uncertainty every now and then. I've read stuff that they've recommended and enjoyed it, but it's not like it's all I'm going to read for the rest of my life.

But I've realized the root of this feeling now, so it doesn't matter.

They read other stuff, but I think it's just Brandon Sanderson, Frank Herbert, Dan Simmons, and Tolkien. It could definitely be a lot worse.

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The Silmarillion is the peak of fantasy. It's not even remotely close.

>> No.23249153

It looks pretty cool. Ill probably read it at some point. Glad you're not killing yourself.

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at this point i respect pretty much everyone over tolkienfags
the entire fanbase has been taken over by redditors, sfws, and pagan larpers

>> No.23249210

for books I have nothing but you could look into the games Fallen London and Sunless Sea

>> No.23249215

Aren't there any tradcaths still into Tolkien?

>> No.23249303

>pedophile not killing himself
Perchance reconsider.

>> No.23249396

>at this point i respect pretty much everyone over tolkienfags
Theres nothing wrong with Tolkien. I cant help its been taken over by a bunch of losers. Newsflash, there everywhere taking over everything of value.

>> No.23249502

what's some fantasy standalone or series that has a super badass male protag? like the sort of the thing that'd make a 14 yo boy cream his pants
i know conan and elric, need some other candidates

>> No.23249519

Kane by Karl Edward Wagner

>> No.23249631

I actually really like Sunless Sea, on point.

>> No.23249697

Dark forest hypothesis is also retarded

>> No.23249732

Solomon Kane

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>One of them is starting his 3rd or possibly 4th re-read of Wheel of Time.
Disgust is normal

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You're putting reading, and even more wildly, reading fiction into a box. It comes off like you think reading is only an intellectual exercise that makes you better than others. It can and should be used to expose yourself to new ideas, but to imply that there isn't any other purposes is a little cunty.

Don't let this board turn you into a precocious autist.

I've reread part of WoT pretty much every year for the last 15

>> No.23250293

The WoT hate is simply ADD neckbeards who cant fathom committing the necessary time to reading it once, let alone multiple times.

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Here's my last few months.

Currently reading:
>Witch King by Martha Wells
I'm most of the way through this one, so far recommend it.
>The Actions of Gods (Spark City Cycle, Book 4) by Robert J Power
Been following this series since the first book came out in 2015. Some post apocalyptic fantasy tropes, but now with eugenics!
>The Sword of Kaigen by M L Wang
I don't know if I'll finish this one. I got to what I thought would be the end and then realized there was almost half the book left. If anyone thinks it's worth it please let me know.
>Inda (Inda, Book 1) by Sherwood Smith
I'm rereading this in between the others, still holds up. Highly recommend.

Things I've read recently:
>Gods of the Wyrdwood (The Forsaken Trilogy, Book 1) by RJ Barker
Come have a fun time with not depressing at all forest Vikings with a tribal caste system.
>The Tainted Cup (Shadow of the Leviathan, Book 1) by Robert Jackson Bennett
Future Sci-Fi Sherlock Holmes. Instead of tech we get people merging with other organisms for super powers.
>The Book That Wouldn't Burn (The Library, Book 1) by Mark Lawrence
Probably my favorite book that I've read in a while. It's Prince of Thorns but less edge.
>Jack of Thieves (The Master Thief, Book 1) by Ben Hale
This book left my memory as soon as I finished it.
>Fire and Song (Warformed: Stormweaver, Book 2) by Bryce O'Connor
I like Stormweaver, it's progression sci-fi junk food. The interpersonal stuff can get a little heavy handed sometimes, but the prog aspect is really fun.
>Elantris by Brandon Sanderson
P good, it's very basic but solid fantasy.

Still my favorite series by a long shot, but hard to say how much of that comes from growing up with it. I do think it's overly criticized by the weird reddit fantasy generation though.

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The argument is laid out well in the book. Why do you disappear?

>> No.23250336


>> No.23250392

>reading current year books
Oh nice. The only one of those I may eventually get around to that I haven't already read is The Tainted Cup. I've only read Elantris around when it was released. I'm surprised that Sanderson was able to make such a career starting with that.

Wells is mostly miss for me, including that. Kaigen is extremely popular on Reddit, as is the author in general. Lawrence has been all misses for me. I looked at Warformed and it was too junk by far for me.

>> No.23250414

>Veins of Gold
>Then he's planning us a war
>Forging Mah'alleinir
>The last flicker flicker
>That man still stands
>Someone finally came back for him
Imagine never getting to experience this stuff. I feels sorry for them.

>> No.23250442

he should have ended with lady patience or kettricken,
fuck molly

>> No.23250462


>> No.23250484

>I'm surprised that Sanderson was able to make such a career starting with that.
It's crazy, the writing feels so old, but it only came out two years before The Name of the Wind. I can't really point to anything that I glaringly disliked, but it felt very lukewarm all the way through.

>Lawrence has been all misses for me
I've only read Prince of Thorns and Red Sister, and that was years ago. Did you give The Book That Wouldn't Burn a shot? The themes are pretty surface level, but I really enjoyed the setting and the way the plot wrapped up.

Kettricken wanted Fitz ass bad.

>> No.23250511

>I looked at Warformed and it was too junk by far for me
It's as if the authors watched five shounen anime then wrote a book about it. One of the authors, Bryce, is a reddit mod of the progression fantasy board and will literally all caps "yell" at you if you don't support faggots.

>> No.23250535

Bryce is an autist. The way he communicates on the internet is like a 13 year old from 2005. It's nuts.

>> No.23250558

I hadn't realized Iron Prince's sequel was out. On a scale to 6-10 how pozzed is it?

>> No.23250565
File: 287 KB, 531x429, Aye-Fair-Enough-meme-9.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Got me there
Though I don't hate it though

>> No.23250581

You can give it a shot. I liked it more than the first book. It's another tournament arc, except Rei isn't as much of a little bitch boi.

>> No.23250583

Then it's good that I didn't imply there isn't any other purpose

>> No.23250601

>I look down on my friends because all they read is fantasy and science fiction
No you're right, just that any other reason is lesser than. It's the same vibe as someone saying you should only go to university for STEM.

>> No.23250640

>all they read is fantasy and science fiction...
>consuming... "comfort food" for years at a time
>You need [variety] now and then
It's not about these genres or reading them being "less than", it's about reading one thing to the exclusion of all else for years of your life. I'd feel the same way if someone only read detective novels, Russian literature, or historical nonfiction. Food analogy of your choice goes here.

>> No.23250663

It is basically a printed opportunity cost. That's why I enjoy listening to it while walking / running.

>It's the same vibe as someone saying you should only go to university for STEM
Saying someone should expand their intellectual pursuits to encompass a wide variety of subjects is the precise opposite of going to university to study STEM, though. It's the "same vibe" as a liberal arts education. It's like you notched the arrow, drew, and bent over backwards before firing, how do you even miss the mark by that much?

>> No.23250714

I don't mean to imply you think Fantasy/Sci-Fi is trash.
>I feel like you need to be at least a little intellectually curious to read as much as they do
>You need to shed your shell and undergo a little bit of discomfort and uncertainty every now and then
>You need [variety] now and then
Unironically, why? There's still an implication here of exposing yourself to new books because you *need* to expand your horizons. This is what I mean by saying it sounds like you don't value other reasons as highly. Reading for enjoyment, reading for meditation, reading for escape. There are uncountable reasons for reading books not just for intellectual stimuli. And even ignoring that, if you're revisiting something with new life experiences and thoughts it can be a totally new experience.

>how do you even miss the mark by that much?
How is reading only for the express purpose of intellectual growth and going to school to only make money not a similar vibe? They're both assuming that there needs to be a net good result for the process to be valuable.

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File: 769 KB, 1300x867, WNG FINALSELECTION (3).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

lmao this anon doesn't even know how to use a bow

>> No.23250759

The universe is abundant in resources. If it was ever a threat that a civilization could take the resources away from another sufficiently such that the only rational response for it is to risk its own existence to destroy any and all possible current and future civilizations, that civilization is already in massive trouble, is already likely in declice, and isn't going to last.

Imagine you're a civilization just starting to explore the galaxy and you come across a smaller civilization less advanced than you. It'd be like a developed nation coming across an untouched tribe living on an island. They aren't a threat and are likely just gonna be an interesting curiosity to study. You'd probably have probes to do surveillance and watch them and see how they evolve instead of just wiping them out over the possibility that one day they'd be as powerful or more powerful than you and take all the resources in the galaxy.

Imagine now you come across another civilization about as advanced as you. Would you risk going to war over it due to the hypothetical scenario in which they'll advance far enough to be a threat to your civilization, risking a bloodbath and the complete destruction of your civilization, or do you perhaps try and expand in another direction away from them and keep a watch on the other civilization and see how they react to you? Or even better yet, establish diplomacy with them and expand both of your spheres of influence, strengthening both of your civilizations?

A civilization that just makes enemies of everyone over a hypothetical scenario isn't going to last.

>> No.23250776

Any book by David Gemmell. Start with Legend, the whole Drenai series is excellent.

>> No.23250800

that's it! i'm going to read peter hamilton books and you can't stop me

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Is A Song of Ice and Fire just passing fad normslop or is it actually worth reading?

>> No.23250825

also, a collective of civilizations has way more power than an individual civilization. I'd imagine a galactic federation would probably subjugate a disobedient civilization that tries to kill everything it encounters pretty quickly.

>> No.23250859


>> No.23250875

It's a hit amongst your ilk.

>> No.23250917
File: 63 KB, 622x624, personality group.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Isn't ___slop common vernacular around these parts?

>> No.23250976

It also assumes that you /can/ hide. JWST can almost see atmospheres of earthlike planets, iirc. Why not spend those same resources in advancing your own civilization? If the other civilization is that much more powerful, they almost certainly can see you already.

>> No.23251011
File: 860 KB, 1200x1899, Planetside.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Planetside, Planetside #1 - Michael Mammay (2018)

Planetside is a military science fiction mystery novel with some noir elements and ethical considerations. As may be expected from most debut novels, Mammay, who has 25 years of military service, hasn't quite found his voice yet. What's written here is solid, though relatively generic. The content tends towards action rather than contemplation. One military SF novel seems to have been of significant influence, though to say which one would be a major spoiler. The ending may greatly upset those who didn't realize they were reading a MilSF novel and what that often means. Although there are more books in the series, this one tells a complete story and can definitely be read by itself.

Colonel Carl Butler served 37 years, 24 years outside of stasis, in SPACECOM, before being put out to pasture at STUCOM (student command) right before retirement. General Serata, a friend that he's served together with 3 times, has called him out of semi-retirement to investigate the disappearance of a lieutenant who is the son of one of their High Councilors. Butler is reluctant because his wife is already 13 years older than him and he'd be returning to the frontlines of a frontier planet. Speed is never mentioned, only distance, so it's unknown how far away any place is or how quickly they travel.

The characters in general are adequate. There are many names, though most are only passing through and mentioned once. None of the characters receive anything more than the slightest development. They all seem set in their ways, which may be because almost everyone is military. First person perspective is only used to moderate success. Usually first person is great or terrible for me without any middle ground, but this seems to be an exception.

The year is 3943, but it doesn't feel like that. What it feels like is more contemporary and specifically the Afghanistan War, or at least the idea of a Middle Eastern war. The narrow and focused scope of the narrative is both a strength and weakness, though for me it's more the latter. It's a strength in that it doesn't get bogged down in the details and is constantly making progress through the plot. Outside of what's immediately happening not much is known. The setting isn't developed, but it's known that humanity has colonized many worlds and has met a considerable amount of alien life. Only the frontier planet Butler is headed to has intelligent life though, and humanoid at that. However, humanity mostly sees them as a commercial development obstacle. Earth is never mentioned except once as a generic term, nor is Terra. Whether they even still know about their birth planet isn't known. The planets that are known are called by name and number, such as Elenia 4 and Ferra 3. I don't like that naming convention, but it doesn't really matter. This first book isn't anything special, but I'll be reading the rest of the series.

Rating: 3.5/5 (4)

>> No.23251017

Any good horror noir? Stuff like Laird Barron's work, or kinda Those Across the River. Less fun urban romp and more bleak and horror. Bonus points for taking place in its own world rather than earth.

>> No.23251024
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The Polish edition cover took a different approach. My first thought was Batou from Ghost in the Shell.

>> No.23251035


Free online choose your own adventure stories. I highly reccomend The Eternal as its a dark fantasy villain protagonist story. It is really really long and has lots of paths.

>> No.23251040

lots of sex gore and all sorts of cool stuff

>> No.23251039

Anyone got any suggestions for books where the main character is a priest/paladin/general agent of a specific god in a world where there's a whole pantheon of gods?
Been looking into it but I haven't really got much beyond deed of paks, chalion and all the assassin books that are blatantly copying the dark brotherhood from TES.

>> No.23251053

I should warn you before you start but this story gets pretty dark and it also has plenty of sex in it too. Just wanted more people to see it. Your character is pretty evil in most paths, and the Empire your character serves is pretty morally unambiguously evil.

>> No.23251054

The various tabletop games novels have stuff like this. Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, etc.

>> No.23251059

I tried child of a mad god by salvatore but he's just not got any interesting ideas, at least based off of the evidence of that book

>> No.23251070

one of the main themes of 40k, with arcs that focus specifically on this sort of thing.

>> No.23251081

brothers of the snake a good read for someone new to the 40k universe and wants a space marine book. You should read it.

>> No.23251090

abnett is great. will do

>> No.23251135

Appreciate it anon!

>> No.23251184

Over the years I've come to realize that I have a far narrower interest in Fantasy than Science Fiction. It's come to the point where I'm reading SF the vast majority of the time simply because I can't find enough suitable Fantasy.

>> No.23251240

I read much more scifi as I get older. The ideas linger in my head longer and generate new ones.

>> No.23251248
File: 75 KB, 796x852, e3ae6a112dc7e4e3dfa10437bcdaa50e.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just watched Dune 2, it was awesome but was it in the book that Jessica was the Baron's daughter? I remember in the sequels that Paul's sister became "possessed" by his personality because of a distant common ancestor, but I don't remember him being Paul's grandfather

Also was the Harkonnen arena scene in the book? I have no memory of that.

>> No.23251253

your """reviews""" are SHIT. Fuck off

>> No.23251263

I doubt it because wasn't Jessica supposed to bear a daughter who would marry Feyd-Rautha, ie. her uncle? I guess it happens today in Islamic cultures

>> No.23251277

Why does someone reviewing a book on a literature board cause you so much asshole consternation?

>> No.23251278

yes, he realizes it i the stiltent when he goes schizo and looks at his mom and notices certain genetic features that lead him to realize that they're harkonnen.

It's also set up earlier in the novel when mohaim visits caladan and talks about the bene gesserit breeding program and he experiences an attack against "rightness"

>> No.23251282

oh and also when mohaim has an internal monologue while studying Paul's features and notes that she notices features from the "maternal grandfather who should not be named"

>> No.23251294
File: 41 KB, 550x400, 1658918354511203.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>it's a commitment

>> No.23251339

I havent seen the movie, but if its the scene when Feyd-Rautha kills the slave/former atreides, then yes.
That's the only arena scene from the book that I recall.

>> No.23251379

man stellan skarsgaard was such a fantastic baron

>> No.23251587

I feel like the Dark Forest hypothesis is something that only a Chinaman could come up with. It’s also something I could see China using as justification to conquer the world of whatever. The Chinese are fascinating.

>> No.23251598

What if the aliens are like chinamen? The existence of one culture in the universe that would come up with something like the Dark Forest hypothesis means there could be others.

>> No.23251655

Reading The Three Body Problem
Straight garbage. I know it's a translation, but there's absolutely nothing redeeming about the prose or substance of the writing

>> No.23251660

it really is, the characters are soulless viewports for fun pop-science concepts.
it's just a very buglike interpretation of the fermi paradox. nothing unique to the book, per-se. not that you're implying otherwise really.

>> No.23251691

I decided to give the First Law trilogy a try (currently in the middle of book 2) and it is actually decently enjoyable. The characters are fun, lively and well-written. The plot is okay-tier. I also don't have any idea how the plot will develop further. It seems like things are just happening without any real reason or end goal. Could just be me, though.

I am looking to start reading J.V. Jones' Sword of Shadows series after I finish up with the First Law. Has anyone here read it? If so, how was it?

>> No.23251709

In a Practical Guide to Evil, Hell is in an unending war over the mortal realm with Angels. They both empower a few select mortals with names that represent abstract concepts (e.g. Black Knight, White Knight, The Empress, The Heiress, The Shinning Prince) and they set them to fight each other for amusement and control over said mortal realm. These names result in different powers and can be changed or lost completely as the empowered individuals themselves change.
Also they made the world run on literary tropes for the lols, so shit like the hero escaping and surviving by falling off a cliff, or the villain being the most vulnerable and exposed when they are monologing act like laws of reality. These people empowered by the names are also aware of this and are basically sweaty metagamers trying to outwit and kill each other. It's a fun read.

>> No.23251748

The logarithmic effect of industrial production and scientific discovery is extremely scary if you assume there is a potential for hostility. Especially due to light being delayed making accurate information about another civilization impossible with theoretically perfect observation. I mean just think about the bipolar way our democracy's work. If we know there is someone there, and have the ability and confidence, eventually we would try conquering them. Both by saying they are a threat, and otherising there culture as villainous. Assuming the same is true of other civilization's is natural. It would be said though, this is effectively viewing the nature of interstellar conflict through the lens of human logic and emotion.

>> No.23251764

yet it seems that you underestimate the sheer vastness of the quantity of resources available in the universe. on Earth alone, we have 40,000 years worth of uranium to use for reactors even if we started using more. we (the US) produce hundreds of millions of barrels of oil a day yet have so much liquid oil that if we were to continue at our current rate we’d still have 100-200 years of non-stop liquid oil. this is just for the resources we use and extract from the Earth. imagine how many tons of iron you could mine from an asteroid, then realize that iron is one of the commoner elements in the universe. even in our solar system there’s so resources that even if our industry was increasing exponentially, up to the point we could harness said resources, it’d be a legendary civilization-defining achievement to be able to exhaust it in a mere 20-25 years.

>> No.23251765

Read Aspect-Emperor.

>> No.23251766

It's basically just "heroes are stupid and naïve, villains are smart and secretly good guys", is what it actually is. It's got all the depth of your average "postapocalyptic" YA series.

>> No.23251788

>now i'll go further and say that if a story doesn't capture my attention at chapter one i'm not interested in continuing
ok, cool. But Wheel of Time is good from the first chapter. You just don't appreciate the comfiness of the beginning chapters. You want immediate blood and steal from the start. Mature dark fantasy for mature readers such as yourself.

>i already said why, because it's honest and unpretentious, it's literally a children's cartoon
So basically you prefer the zaniness, like I said. "Wubba Lubba Dub-Dub!"

>wheel of time is a fantasy slop for young teens that sees itself as deep and philosophical but is neither
Is the book trying to be deep and philosophical, or are you just reading too much into it? Basing your world on unconventional mythologies, doesn't necessarily mean it's trying to be deep. It's just taking inspiration from sources that a lot of other fantasies don't. For some reason, you take that as trying to be "deep".

>> No.23251811

Did you read all the Penric books? It's set within the same world. Penric is an unconventional priest, and he goes around doing his god's bidding, while all the gods of the world manipulate events in their own ways. Most of the time Penric doesn't know what his god intends, until the deed is done. But it's always fun watching him go through the process of discovery.


There's 12 books now. Each one is self contained. Though, they are bites of Penric's life, so in a sense, there is an order to them all. But each book is a self contained story. So you don't have to read them all to get an overarching narrative. You can read them bit by bit.

>> No.23251816

Look, I'm sorry, but I can't take a dude whose name is basically Penisrick seriously. I just can't.

>> No.23251821

What are you Australian? Why are you pronouncing Pen like peen?

>> No.23251853
File: 428 KB, 1520x2048, 1681589560939032.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Purest kinography.

>> No.23251882


>> No.23251892

Also technology gets smaller over time. Plus population slows down the more advanced the civilization.

>> No.23252065

>Ya know, I actually gave One Piece the anime a chance. Someone said I should watch it about 50-some episodes
You were baited. The anime is shit and plagued with filler and poor pacing. Stick to the manga.

For reference: you did the equivalent of getting into WoT by watching the Amazon series first

>> No.23252070

Yeah I've read most, I just need to get back to them for the later ones. I think I stopped on the plague one
Rather than just being that it's actually super american lib brained. Like the evil faction are the bad but ultimately protectionist. All of the revolutionaries and heroes are secretly bad/misguided/puppets of schemers and the protagonist is a moderate reformer who "fixes" the genocide machine from the inside.

>> No.23252074
File: 17 KB, 738x415, images(2).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

100%. though a big part of it was due to makeup and costume design, he absolutely crushed it and played the part incredibly well. Shaddam, on the other hand...

>> No.23252105

apparently the original is much worse
not only did the book go through different iterations in chinese to be readable, but even the translator helped out cixin make it more readable in english

>> No.23252112

>Mature dark fantasy for mature readers such as yourself.
you couldn't be more wrong, i've outgrown stuff like that a long time ago
>So basically you prefer the zaniness, like I said.
that's not at all the case nor can you take that from what was stated
>Is the book trying to be deep and philosophical
it absolutely is and it's presented as such both by jordans and the fans
it might not be bakker tier redditor behavior but it's damn close

>> No.23252114

this movie blows
i thought part 1 was nice but i hated part 2, felt like they took dune and made it into a young adult story

>> No.23252150

Give me an example of WoT being pretentious.
To my knowledge, nothing Robert Jordan stated indicates it to be so.
And judging a piece of work by the interpretation of fans, is retarded.
Give me an example from either RJ's own mouth, or by the book's own words.

>> No.23252156

Pretentious tends to mean "I didn't understand it". You know, like art.

>> No.23252187

>wake up
>normalfags still arguing about WoT

>> No.23252282

Never read it, never will. Sounds bland as fuck, and anything with more than 5 sequels is just automatic dogshit.

>> No.23252303

I mean, if you use history as a basis for how interstellar relationships would go, I'd imagine every civilization would try to engage in peace before just bombing everyone. An interstellar civilization would probably have thousands of years of their own history of internal conflicts to learn that making enemies of everyone is exhaustive and it's better to try to be diplomatic. Otherwise, that civilization would probably have destroyed itself. WWI and II taught us that.

>> No.23252309

>it absolutely is and it's presented as such both by jordans and the fans
It's a fantasy world created so Jordan could explore moral questions he had as a result of the Vietnam war. The dude gunned down Viet Cong from a helicopter. Most of the themes are the literal opposite of pretentious.

>> No.23252345
File: 176 KB, 600x800, big boi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

He's literally me.

>> No.23252357

i want to tell you you're wrong but i'm really struggling to come up with a single series that doesn't shit the bed after 3-4 books

>> No.23252364

>That's why I enjoy listening to it while walking / running.
This is an underrated option. I actually like the Kate Reading/Micheal Kramer narration a lot and they do the entire series.

I read about the Dark Forest Hypothesis somewhere and that is what got me interested in reading the books. What's scary about the hypothesis, is that we have already fucked up if its true. Even before I became aware of this hypothesis, I always felt uneasy about the Golden Record we placed on Voyager that is basically a road map to Earth and describes humans. You don't know who the fuck my end up with that. We may need to try and chase that shit down. I don't necessary believe in the "Shoot first" argument, but I think it's only logical to be a little cautious when it comes to any kind of first contact scenario.

I hate to hear that the book is garbage though, since the whole premise sounded interesting to me.

I started this last night. He talks a little shit about Lovecraft in the preface and I cant help but already feel like he isn't going to be able to deliver.

>> No.23252371

>Conan is dogshit
>Dune is dogshit
>Tolkien is dogshit
>Robin Hobb is dogshit
>Belgariad is dogshit
>Earthsea is dogshit
>Riftwar is dogshit

>This is an underrated option
I'm a diehard fan, and honestly believe it's the best way to experience the series.

>> No.23252373

The Gap Cycle by Stephen Donaldson. It gets better with each entry. Great setting Donaldson should've continued in some way. It has the spoopiest aliens in sci-fi.

>> No.23252407

>Dune is dogshit
I thought the consensus was all the non-Frank books were shit?

>> No.23252438

Oh damn guess I forgot about that. So Empire Strikes back kind of ripped off Dune then?

Oh okay yes it's that scene.

>> No.23252448

Most of them outside of the original 6, yeah. I do think people liked Hunters of Dune and Sandworms or Dune though, but I haven't read them.

>> No.23252449
File: 56 KB, 250x360, TheSwordOfTheLictor.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I like this one, off the top of my head.

>> No.23252469

idk but the women in WoT are written like absolute shrills. completely kills any interest I may have had in the series.

>> No.23252479
File: 73 KB, 727x404, dumb graph.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

And you seem to underestimate the sheer vastness of deep time. If a civilization grew 1% every billion years until star formation stops(1-100 trillion years) it would increase 20 000-10^432 fold in that time. The selective pressures for expansionist genes/cultures/ideas are near inevitably going to lead to life or silicon niggers using every single resource available in their local universe. Every civ knows this to be almost a rule of law and where it doesn't apply are irrelevant to those civs. Someone's going to want that hydrogen at some point even though it's stupidly unlikely that someone would have use for it now. A casket only openable after 150 years filled with ton of gold is worth a shitload of money even today despite it being unlikely that the owner is going to even live that long. You don't hoard and expand for the immediate benefit but for the far future, since if you're going to sleep on it someone's going to want to claim it(if there's anyone else in the supercluster), or it gets wasted through fusion.
There's a load of problems with the dark forest making it completely unrealistic and retarded* but more from a practical standpoint. The motivations aren't that poorly founded and fearing other civilizations is more than warranted. I can't think of a reason to strive for peerhood instead of peaceful subjugation unless the most unlikeliest case of very similar technological capacity and cost of war(which isn't a stable configuration). A war/invasion only happens when technological gap is small enough that the lesser civilization has capacity of either fucking you over with some schemes or that they can succesfully escape, expand and fuck you up, and you're absolutely desperate. Also practicalities such as short enough distance etc etc.
*no stealth in space we've been observable for the past 4 billion years galaxy wide with near current tech, rarity of intelligent life, non trivial techonological gaps make war dumb compared to in system surveilance with firepower.
TL;DR all ayylmaos are greedy, and a danger to each other in a way completely different from our nations yet dark forest is dumb.

>> No.23252483

Bakker is the only one I can think of.

>> No.23252485

realm of the elderlings
it only semi shits itself 2/3rds of the way through

>> No.23252507

A civilization at the point where it's scouring the edge of the universe for hydrogen is a dying civilization. That's far far future worries. It'd be equivalent to us making decisions about how we act towards other nations based on the inevitable future that we are gonna run out of water to share here on earth once we grow too large.

>> No.23252510

Truth Shines.

>> No.23252516

How so? A young adult story about religious fanaticism?

>> No.23252520

>Wells is mostly miss for me, including that
So, I just finished Witch King last night. I think it could have been a bit longer, but if it was maybe I wouldn't have enjoyed it as much. It's a solid 6 or 6.5 out of 10 for me.

I have to sit on it to decide if I like then ending or not. It was short enough that it didn't overstay its welcome, and it was an interesting world. I didn't feel much tension because of Kaiisteron being an immortal demon. I also never really bought into the drama between Ramad and Kai, but I do think it was an interesting choice.

I think it could be a fun reread in a few months after knowing the full story.

>are written like absolute shrills
This is a really common complaint, I never quite understood why people single out only the women. I think this comes mainly from the girls, who are children and are seen from the PoV of other children. All the characters are almost caricatures of themselves at the start. I'm not disagreeing necessarily, but having problems with just the woman was always strange to me.

>> No.23252601

Depends completely on cost of doing so and not doing so. The cost of securing resources and overexpanding might be negliable due to overabundance of resources and automation and the cost of not doing so might mean it falls into potential adversarys hands. Seeming overabundance of resources might also save a collection of single origin civilizations from infighting. Humanity would already be way more future orientated if it didn't cost so damn much in the present.
But yeah. Anyone fearing ayylmaos being a problem in the next 10s of millions of years is propably wrong.

>> No.23252691
File: 18 KB, 500x74, rr-logo-gold-white-small-min.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have been going through garbage on RR and I found a novel called Tenebroum

It is actually pretty good and not garbage at all, I was pleasantly surprised desu.
Read it.

>> No.23252797

We are all Legends

>> No.23252799
File: 145 KB, 750x1000, Fright+Night.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What are some pulpy vampire books similar to this movie? Set in our world, human protagonist, vampires are thought to be a myth, no reinvention,...
I know Salem's lot, most famous short stories, and some Richard Laymon books that I haven't read yet.
Werewolves are fine too.

>> No.23252837

Maybe not precisely what you're asking for, but you might enjoy the Tales from the Dark Tower series by Joseph Vargo. It has vampires and is very gothic.
And I've read mixed reviews about Nightblood, but it has vampires and is extremely pulpy.
There's also Fevre Dream by GRRM.

>> No.23252838
File: 790 KB, 2560x1402, IMG_20240404_092233.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.23252848

Buy an ad, author.

>> No.23252881

I'd like to suggest a vampire novel I read years ago, but I can't remember the title or author.

>> No.23252926

i want AI to progress enough to recommend me good niche books i'm missing out on

>> No.23252985

Recommendation algorithms already exist. Netflix used to have a very good one for its dvd service but then they killed it because it wasn't helpful for them.

>> No.23252996

It's interesting concept but it's just the same shit repeated endlessly, people showing up and getting killed and then more people showing up to get killed etc, at least up to when I dropped it

>> No.23253094

That's probably not possible because there wouldn't be enough data to recommend you them. It's not magical. It mostly only works when there's a lot, not when it's little.

>> No.23253114

The last time I asked it, GPT-sama genuinely gave me better recommendations for fantasy novels than I've ever got from /sffg/

>> No.23253159

That's because you failed at properly using /sffg/.

>> No.23253186
File: 7 KB, 181x278, images[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

halfway through and liking it so far

>> No.23253196

Brief me about Dark Sun's Prism Pentad Series, please. I want something with Morrowind's vibe, is it worth reading in such a case?

>> No.23253202

How do I properly use this general? Don't say to just check the archive because im lazy desu

>> No.23253208

There's more than just the general.

>> No.23253220

the goodreads is useless
and there is absolutely no way im joining pisscord

>> No.23253239

>I want to be spoonfed but I hate what I'm being fed.

>> No.23253309

maybe ask something in the vain of what you are looking for?

>> No.23253331

>in the vain
Damn, you read books?

>> No.23253340

No whey fag

>> No.23253350

Last time I tried chatGPT, I asked for specific lists of niche obscure titles and it gave me the equiv of NYT bestseller trash. The exact same shit faggots in this thread would give you, despite "use the general properly" fag telling you otherwise.

>> No.23253438

>Everything bad

>> No.23253443
File: 438 KB, 1440x2280, 1698458763654572.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Play of Shadows (Court Of Shadows, Book 1) by Sebastien de Castell
>Damelas Shademantaigne picked a poor night to flee a judicial duel.
>He has precious little hope of escaping the wrath of the Vixen, the most feared duellist in the entire city, until he stumbles through the stage doors of the magnificent Operato Belleza and tricks his way into the company of actors. An archaic law provides a temporary respite from his troubles – until one night a ghostly voice in his head causes Damelas to fumble his lines, inadvertently blurting out a dreadful truth: the city’s most legendary hero may actually be a traitor and a brutal murderer.
>With only the help of his boisterous and lusty friend Bereto, a beautiful assassin whose target may well be Damelas himself, and a company of misfit actors who’d just as soon see him dead, this failed son of two Greatcoats must somehow find within himself the courage to dig up long-buried truths before a ruthless band of bravos known as the Iron Orchids come for his head.
>Oh, and there’s still that matter of the Vixen waiting to duel him...

This shit just dropped. I read The Greatcloaks series years ago. Don't remember much of it, but I think I enjoyed it. This one is in the same world, but not directly connected, I guess. Anyone read any of his other stuff or start on this?

>> No.23253448

his ya style series is fine but doesn't have anything to really make it stand out once you get beyond the (pretty good) conceptual hook

>> No.23253464

>The Greatcloaks
Fuck, I did the book meme.

Hmm, alright. I'm not too into YA so I'll pass on that one. But seems like he hasn't fallen off too hard, I'll give Play of Shadows a shot.

>> No.23253490

The general is better off without normalfags like you, as discussed above, who only ever come here to jerk off their one single favorite series; coincidentally the only series they have ever read.

>> No.23253501

>be luo ji
>literally save humanity by being a 1v1 pvp chad
>his successor
>literally an erp shitter that thinks they can pvp

>> No.23253530

>hasn't blocked or learned to ignore those posts
It's almost like your purpose is to destroy the general instead. Curious...

>> No.23253540

That's all you got from it? It was a very blatant metaphor for why liberal democracy will always fail, as is much of the second book that shows how terrible pluralism, tolerance, and all other Western ideals are. There's much else that is similar.

>> No.23253550

cool reddit phrase :)

>> No.23253556

What's more gross? incest or interspecies (bestiality) relationships?

>> No.23253565

how is that even a question? interspecies

>> No.23253583

All I got from the books are that guys always gotta be the ones to fix the girl's problems.

>> No.23253592

That's certainly a large part of it, yes.

>> No.23253595

Say what it was about

>> No.23253599

That depends on your values.

>> No.23253645

Plot was fairly generic.
>set in modern times
>vampires exist and people know about them
>they're not supernatural, but extremely monstrous
>may have actually been 2 books now that I think about it
>first book is about an especially old lady vampire making a come back and a vampire hunter guy has to team up with a lady cop to stop her (if I'm remembering correctly)

>> No.23253788

>What's more gross? incest or interspecies (bestiality) relationships?

>> No.23253821

The latter, of course.

>> No.23254031
File: 43 KB, 290x475, 830502.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anyone else feel this book is full of unnecessary padding? King goes way too in depth about every side character I swear.

>> No.23254036


Eternal: a dark fantasy choose your own adventure webnovel. Play the game today.

>> No.23254062
File: 82 KB, 500x700, Yuuji and Kazuki.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What is the most inspiring example of a relationship between a younger brother and an older sister?

>> No.23254074

>the alzabo chapter
That's some crazy stuff. Severian is made of fucking steel.

>> No.23254080

Would reccomending Worm fit in this general? It's a superhero web serial

>> No.23254091

he's a sperg

>> No.23254104

king is a shit writer with shit prose. he just writes his thoughts in long run on sentences and editors think it's fine because his "style" made them bank anyway.

>> No.23254129
File: 878 KB, 1360x768, stephenkingsexperv.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

His only stories that aren't full of padding are his short stories; which are vastly superior to his novels.
>pic related

>> No.23254148

Anon-samas is there a way to get paywalled chapters in Novelpia? I really really really want to read this novel https://novelpia.com/novel/225478

I know someone is already translating it but... 1 chapter per day sucks.

>> No.23254161

Mabayu's hand...

>> No.23254284
File: 298 KB, 432x648, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

why did he love rape so much

>> No.23254315

I was intrigued last time you mentioned it and checked it out. Was slightly put off by the author's severe allergy to commas, but I could get past that. Dropped it after one too many usages of "you're" instead of "your." It was something like "you're lessons were hard" or some shit. I thought to myself "if this writer can't even figure out how the word 'you're' works, than he is retarded and I will only lower my own intelligence by reading this.'

>> No.23254385

>i really need to read machine translated selfpub gookbabble about loli dragons
kys yourself

>> No.23254403

>make some tea
>prop open up a hardcover copy of my favorite fantasy book (dune) on the table
>put on headphones and a playlist of desert music
Yep. It's reading time.

>> No.23254450

I never listen to music while reading

>> No.23254455

Eh, you got anything else?

>> No.23254501

Severian does not rapes, though the death of doctor island here is, wizard knight i think there is,... uhhh what else

>> No.23254513

By the same author

>> No.23254596

The Jerusalem man is cool

>> No.23254598

MTL, I understand but getting upset just seeing a loli character is kinda concerning. Go to your local therapist.

>> No.23254604

I believe Black Sun Rising has this

>> No.23254779

I started reading spellsinger by the same author and dropped it when the fucking SPOILERS animals started speaking, so like midway through the first book.

>> No.23254859

>WHAT IS THIS ANIME ASS ROMANCE PLOT(Iron prince by Bryce O Connor)Question (self.ProgressionFantasy)

>> No.23254902
File: 104 KB, 600x800, 3858406.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.23254911

wtf, donaldson wrote a sci-fi series? i only know him for thomas covenant, which was great, i legit think he's one of the most underrated writers of all time
thanks i wanna read this now

>> No.23254914

they put the focus of the movie on his romantic relationship above all else
there's even really cringy scenes like shani and another girl laughing at him and gossiping like they're school girls
i truly despised it

>> No.23254938

>and yet anon didn't ever bother to look what else he's written

>> No.23254953

well, i knew he had a bunch of other thomas covenant books, but that's about it
i actually tried reading the series that comes after the initial trilogy but i didn't really like the vibes, i'm content with where the original left off and didn't need more

>> No.23254954

excellent post

>> No.23254968

rec me something that is Dragon Age Origins vibes that isn't YA

>> No.23254979


>> No.23254995

Why the hell is there a "Warhammer 40k LGBT" recommendations chart in the mega

>> No.23255013
File: 317 KB, 974x1500, The_Maps_of_Middle-earth.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

New book coming next week collecting Tolkien's maps.

>> No.23255036

Why not try the Dragon Age novels? That's part of this month's theme.

>> No.23255083
File: 815 KB, 2424x846, warhammer.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Because only faggots read 40k novels in 2024.

>> No.23255095

god I love books with quick ben so much
don't care about best girl because a bestest best boy never existed.

>> No.23255096

these faggots will never stop trying to monetize every scrap of this man's output
they'd a 300p analysis of his stool sample if they could

>> No.23255130

Well he has a very dedicated fandom and scholarship. Just look at all the Wikipedia articles made for him. They're actually pretty good and extensive. I've never seen anything else like it besides The Bible.

>> No.23255141

It's shelf candy for redditors who watch Critical Role, not Tolkien fans.

>> No.23255152

I wouldn't know. I don't go on Reddit.

>> No.23255164

That's a shame. I was interested in the universe, saw a bunch of cool ideas.

>> No.23255200

There's still a solid twenty years of novels, short stories, and codex's to have fun with.

>> No.23255202

>saw a bunch of cool ideas.
like what

>> No.23255360
File: 398 KB, 1200x812, Imperialnavy1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Probably means all the "game-y" stuff like The Warp, Daemon Weapons/Engines, Imperial Knights, the different Space Marine chapters, the God Emperor and the Golden Throne, the Horus Heresy, etc.

May or may not be aware that all of these ideas were already done and blatantly taken from older books and comics.

>> No.23255562
File: 235 KB, 1500x1500, s-l1600 (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How come every HG Wells collection seems to include the same 6-12 novels?
Is the rest not as good?

>> No.23255590

What did you enjoy the most? The priest being faggot and dying way too early? The knight being an absolute cuk? Maybe the girl being oh so unique and benevolent jesus? The tired and old dynamic of "old man grumpy, young girl pure"?

>> No.23255642

are there any books where gods are objectively real and like, no one is actually afraid to die because afterlife is assured? it always seemed like an oversight in fiction with active gods when people were afraid to die.

>> No.23255674

He's a pretty consistent writer but all of his big titles are foundational genre defining works so they're not going to be left out.
Also mass market publishers aren't going to pick the more controversial titles like the Shape of Things to Come if they're just trying to sell a collection of the big names

>> No.23255699
File: 163 KB, 768x712, excert_thephilosophersstone.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>The Philosopher's Stone by Colin Wilson.
I can't say that I am impressed so far. I'm about 20% in. I read pic related last night and I am not sure if he is trolling or if he seriously thinks he is better than Lovecraft.

>> No.23255788

How about books where hell is objectively real but surprisingly few people are afraid to die?

>> No.23255839

I read BotNS last year, and I want to listen to the audiobook now. I notice there's four versions. Any opinions on which reader is better?

>> No.23255848

Blacks are based, when they start putting Punjabis on the covers is when I stop reading them

>> No.23255949

I find this concept kinda dumb. No one has trouble urinating with someone behind them because they're reminded of themselves. They have trouble because they're vulnerable facing the wall exposed with their penis out. I'm sure if you had a recording of yourself or other people on the wall you could easily urinate.

>> No.23255972

>boisterous and lusty friend Bereto, a beautiful assassin
Are these female characters?

>> No.23256005


>> No.23256073

Is this the thread for recommendations?
I would like a good site for r18 stories with plot 100+ chapters with sex scenes and action, I liked blood warlock edge kino but it's a bit much chinese and Darx NTR story on chyoa, but I need more.

>> No.23256085

colin wilson is a retard and a fraud

>> No.23256204
File: 41 KB, 500x813, kdick.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I know Valis is a classic but what about the other three novels?
I got the first two LoA books for cheap but this one is harder to find in my country so I'm wondering if I should just get Valis alone.

>> No.23256208


>> No.23256221

> Mystical vision should be as natural to men as taking a shit.
Yeah, I'm seeing that.

If your going to call out an author in the preface of your book, and that be the whole point of writing the story, you probably need to be able to back it up.

>> No.23256233

you need to keep in mind when reading him that colin is a brainlet that buys into all sorts of mystical hocus pocus
his entire career is built on writing those sorts of bullshit books about how antarctica used to be a technological wonderland and so on and so on
he is a gifted nonfiction writer and he is well-read, more or less, but he came out of that soulless generation of bongers who only value edginess and anything anti-western and anti-establishment

>> No.23256244


>> No.23256249

It's just hosted on that site, it's just a novel at the end of the day.

>> No.23256252
File: 183 KB, 857x1200, 3717389751.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Valis, Divine Invasion, and Transmigration of Timothy Archer are loosely considered a trilogy since they are all semi autobiographical and Dick was in the same headspace when writing them. Maze of Death is okay it's not his best story about subjective reality but it's a good introduction to his style and mentality.

>> No.23256256

Ok what books are daemon weapons from

>> No.23256419

>protagonist is a manipulative cunt, literal psycho, but looks like a charismatic cool guy on the outside
Books? Preferably fantasy, because I love magic

>> No.23256426

I love female main characters!

>> No.23256452

>What I am
>What I want to be

>> No.23256459

Andrew Tate's biography

>> No.23256463

What's the title? I'd love to read it, I love Andrew Tate

>> No.23256554

Me too! I love women. Why would I want to read about men?

>> No.23256562

I just looked at some reviews, apparently the assasin is a female and there may even be some romance between main character and female assasin.

>> No.23256575

Did you not have a father (or another strong male figure to look up to) in your family?

>> No.23256577

Yes, FE male, as in the element, iron. Iron males. FE male ASS ASS IN.

>> No.23256581

Kys coomer retard

>> No.23256583

Clearly not. Who'd be here if they did?

>> No.23256596

Yes and therefore I don't need one to self insert as a manly man in my fiction
Gimme da ladies :)

>> No.23256607

You guys jest but I was reading Regressor Instruction Manual and I liked the protagonist, too bad it is a webnovel and fails at everything else. I just want something similar.

>> No.23257068

Dodging Prison and Stealing Witches

>> No.23257096

Spartan gang x Io, Pausanias x "ghost" kid

>> No.23257157

Rape is, sometimes, a necessary plot device.

>> No.23257305

rape is sometimes necessary

>> No.23257356

if you are a weak man, yes.

>> No.23257365

Unironically read Bakker.

>> No.23257370

I've noticed a disturbing increase in adverbs present in book 4 of the wheel of time. you can really tell he was rushing.
the wheel of time is overwritten and underdeveloped, or rather, it is developed like a child would develop - except I have seen children write (eragon) and it is better than the wheel of time

>> No.23257382

That's abbandoned. And really bad.

>> No.23257410

Weak men wouldn't be able to overpower a woman

>> No.23257478