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books on getting rizz? PUA books excluded.

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>anon then pulled out his dick on webcam
>anon then sent $2000 so the resulting video would not be shared with his contacts
>it was anyway

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unrelated to the topic. You should be ashamed

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Are you an /r9k/ turbo-sperg, or just a normalfag that wants to have more one night stands?

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the former

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There came a day when I realized that if a woman has slept with other people I can't have feelings for her. I don't even feel attracted anymore. I don't believe it's wrong or unreasonable to feel repulsed so I don't want to force myself to like women I think are sluts. I don't understand how people actually still get in relationships these days, she fucked like 67 people before meeting you lmao it's fucking pathological to not feel disgusted

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The past is past.

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If they’re nice to you but a cunt to others, they’re generally a cunt and shouldn’t be rewarded. Such behavior has been the bane of modern society.

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sad cuck

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>he didn't get to take his high school sweetheart's virginity

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modern women have to be cunts because they have browns and psychos hitting on them all the time

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just read Wuthering Heights

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How would a long book by an autistic shut-in foid help me get rizz?

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The fact that you typed that means there is no book that can help you.

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Max Webers essays

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Where? In your head?

Let’s face it, if women never had autonomy this incel thing would be nonexistent

You can seethe all you want

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Read good literature, it'll give an insight to how other people feel and react
The first step to be charismatic is empathy and social skills
To do this you need to understand people and empathize with them

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You GF was in a porno gangbang and the only difference is that it wasn't recorded.

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This reaction just proves you're a bitter loser who got no virgin pussy and now just seethes on and on about it. I have fucked multiple woman, I did like it, they can never be unfucked and their bodycount increases, this is self evident. Normal men don't care much for it (although you'd be retarded to marry a woman who has sex outside of an emotional relationship) as it's simply a consequence of sex.

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like… all of them?

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a man should feel like he possesses his woman. mind, body, and soul. why even tolerate being with someone who has a whole lobe dedicated to past D? I don't mean that sexual experience in and of itself is a dealbreaker, but she WILL compare you and you VILL be found wanting in some respect. I'll never understand retards like you

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>but she WILL compare you and you VILL be found wanting
Spoken like a guy who can't make his girl climax.

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muh sexual prowess

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>a man should feel like he possesses his woman. mind, body, and soul.
this fixation on the parts of her only others get to see or "have" is a neurosis of the modern bugman. men throughout history have married widows, eloped with other people's wives, and those were aristocratic, heroic males of high value. why does paris want helen, if she was already deflowered? why does menelaos take her back instead of cutting her head off and finding a virgin? when king david has his subject sent to his death in battle so he can take his wife bathsheba for himself, why is he full of desire and not "repulsion" at her having already been somebody else's, that you say you would feel? the answer is: because he was a man, and you are a trembling neurotic. in fact i'm convinced there's something feminine about it, a man is chiefly interested in what's in front of him in the moment, it's the woman that's always thinking about the implications and "what am i to him? what is he to me?" and so on. the possessiveness you try to sell as your masculinity is in fact evidence of a feminized character. "what if she compares me, in her head, to the last one???" the fuck do you care about her head for? it's a girlish kind of anxiety.

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>t. lets his girl have guy "friends"

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there's always somebody who can make her climax harder. the chances of you being that guy are astronomically low.

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>why does paris want helen, if she was already deflowered? why does menelaos take her back instead of cutting her head off and finding a virgin?
Because it was a power move, retard. and Helen was a one-in-a-million beauty by all accounts. People aren't replaceable.

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That’s absolutely not true and a total misunderstanding of people and especially women.

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Interesting post

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Literally unrefutable

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Charisma and Disenchantment specifically

It ultimately. Your pleasure should the primary concern

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There's a difference in my opinion between marrying a widow or even a divorcee of past times and marrying a modern woman. A divorcee has an ex husband. A modern woman has guys who used to have hookups with her. The baggage is not the same. An ex husband is different in kind and far more acceptable than ex hookup partners

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Man what are you talking about
The guys you mentioned were fighting for a rapted womam. She was rapted/raped. It wasnt her choice
Also David knew what he was doing, he was a homewreckler. Yeah you can argue thaat he has a masculine attitude by fighting for the woman he wants but he only did that because the girl had only been married for a week, so had been deflowered but just a bit. Also shes his 8th wife, as if he cared about sexual purity, he could have as many virgins as he wanted, it was just one more power move for him
In contrast, modern women choose to waste their prime with Chad
Should we all be like the cuck Abraham who told every ruler his wife was his sister so they would fuck her and leave him alone (whats even worse is that the second time he does that it wasnt even necessary, he didnt know, but still)

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>deflowered just a bit
I know what you look like.

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This image was made by a seething brown btw

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>books on getting rizz?
intelligence attracts, trust me bro... just keep reading guenon

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Lmao, have some women made you bust that much harder than others? For the most part, sex is sex. There are some egregious performers and maybe some superstars, but most are in the middle and content with others around them

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Dangerously based chart, thanks for sharing

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What is ‘dangerously based’ about a chart that lists the same books you’d find googling ‘top 10 books of all time’?

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OP here
This is an AI generated image incase you guys didn't notice

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>books for rizz
use AI nerd

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>go to Gemini/any image based AI model
>upload the same pic with the prompt ‘what to say next’
>get the same response
>people have created businesses out of a this

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>giving that disaster of an image 7