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I want to give a big fuck you to all the people who say shit like "oh you want to get good at writing? Just read lol". This is like saying you should be able to pave a road because you drive a car every day. Writing and reading require completely different skills and require you to build different mental muscles.

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I'd like to give a big "I love you" to everyone on this board who posts pepes

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Guess what you need to study to pave roads? Roads. Now get to reading

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Horseshit. If you want to have a strong style, know how to deal with dialogue, characterization, plotting, and description, the only help is reading well and having experience of how other esteemed writers deal with those things. What you're complaining about sounds a lot like demanding to learn how to do science without having to study math, learn to use tools, or develop the patience for careful observation. "THOSE ARE DIFFERENT THINGS!" The best authors were well read and mimicked and pilfered what they could from observation and imitation of other authors they looked up to.

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Nigger, faggot, retard, baka frogposter-kun, those two sentences are not remotely equivalent, the more equivalent would be "just because you see your dad driving, doesn't mean that you immediately learn to drive without even trying". So faggot-kun, first gain knowledge by reading and then write.

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>Guess what you need to study to pave roads?
Surveying land, mixing concrete and driving a steamroller amongst other things. Walking or driving down roads paved by the best civil engineers on the planet can teach you a thing or two about them but won't prepare you for the arduous process of creating one yourself.