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What was the deal with the 2 blue motherfuckers we never learn anything about? Also, why are they blue. Every other wizard's colors appear to indicate their specific assigned task.

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They went off to the East and fucked off.

We really don't learn much about the far east of Middle-Earth, Tolkien doesn't really tell us much about it. Only that it's where the Easterlings are from and they seem to be fantasy Persians.

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Blue Man Group

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Their other colors are their hair

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in the myths that Tolkien studied, there's always these one-off references to random shit that never comes up again. These bards who carried on the oral history until it was written down were basically standup comics who found that the best way to get the audience going was to pepper in some super local references. Like you'll find sections of western european myth going "and that's how that rock (that I noticed on the road in) got cracked in half!" And then it got written down and now it's history.
In this context, the blue wizards are the classic "guy from unrelated story who's popular so we're going to give him a brief mention" that comes up a lot. Most of the time that guy is Jesus.

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I seem to recall Tolkien describing the blue wizards as having "sea-blue" robes. Knowing him, comparing them to the ocean is deliberate and has some significant meaning. Couldn't tell you what tho, there's still quite a lot of different connotations sea-blue could carry.