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The error into which the West is falling is to believe too much in its own lies. "Man is good by nature!" From the heritage of so many great thinkers, only Rousseau, the great hypocrite who won the lost battle of the Enlightenment, has been chosen, without paying attention to the wise relativism of Voltaire or the dark warnings of the Marquis de Sade. All thinking that governs Western democracies today starts from the ideal that man comes to life pure and innocent, and that it is only external conditioning that turns him into a future murderer. Scientists and researchers are getting closer and closer to demonstrating precisely the opposite. Violence, sexual aggressiveness, the killer instinct, like many other things, are part of our gene pool. Society was created not because man is naturally good, but because of the opposite... Society is the only way to control the criminal. For both, criminal and victim, are the same: us.

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