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>writing weird porn books is good because it's transgressive or something or whatever, even though no one reads them except for other academics who already know it's agitprop, and the few non-academics that read it think it's just some weirdo's sexual fantasies, also human sacrifice is le good because it's different from western thought or something or whatever, and transgression is good because it helps minorities or something or whatever, even though it makes everyone hate them even more

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Everything seemed so simple in 1930s Paris

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>low population birth across evrope
>tons of people enter the nations willing to work for less and willing to do anything just for safety
>reject them, kill them, send them away
why are euros like this?

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What are you talking about you incoherent nigger cattle

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>well if you didn't want your quaint danish town with its original medieval buildings from the hansa period to be bulldozed by faggot leftists and turned into a brutalist open air prison filled with niggers, you should have bred like rabbits like the niggers do while also keeping the GDP high instead of allowing your economy to develop toward a sustainable welfare state
>yes niggers commit 98% of violent crimes but that's your fault for not having three kids instead of two in the 80s due to financial responsibility and a desire to live a good life.
>you should have remembered that the distant financial overlords who control your entire society down to even its basic constituent feeling of life itself in your historic capital cities only care about GDP and net production, which they also redefine every 5 years in ways that benefit them and justify importing more niggers

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He was based for supporting human sacrifice.

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wasn't the point of his ideas on human sacrifice that it's only okay to be the person who's sacrificed, and every fag in his group wanted to be sacrificed and they couldn't find anyone to do the sacrificing?

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I thought it was the other way around. He was the only one willing to be sacrificed but no one wanted to kill him. Apparently they thought he meant sacrifice in a symbolic way or something but Bataille was serious.

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>also human sacrifice is le good because it's different from western thought or something or whatever
First understand what Bataille is actually writing about, then make a coherent shitpost out of it. The eye can outstare neither OP's faggotry or his philistine filth.