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Ligotti was in chronic severe pain and Camus had infinite pussy on tap. Let's stop pretending your outlook on life is purely a philosophical quandry.

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>"time for your prozac tommy!"
>"You have to take your pills first"
>"Hrmmph. Fine but afterwards I want true detective season 1!"
>*takes the meds*
>"open your mouth and let me check"
>hides the prozac under his tongue. "AHHHHH"
>"good boy, what a good boy you are"

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>face le absurd
tired of hearing this reddit philosophy. tired of how they invented the meaningless word "existentialism" so they can put the name of dostoevsky next to a worthless author like camus under the same category. I really loathe this reddit ass idea that as if "meaning" is not a necessary component for a human being's mental well being and lack of it in modern times is an enormous problem but you can continue to be if you just face le absurd and ignore it. I am just exhausted by 1 IQ shit like this shoved down my throat.

but I guess that's the price you pay for being on reddit. even though I thought I was on 4chan.

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>chronic severe pain
>infinite pussy

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I've never met an absurdist in my life, it's unironically an absurd claim to make. They always live in a state of contradiction talking about good and bad, love, making the world a "better" place and lots of things that don't fit into their world view at all. To be fair I doubt any of them have even read Camus but it annoys me to know end when they talk about how life is meaningless to sound smart but then go on to talk about how they live their life based on objective meanings that sound like they come straight from religions they claim to not believe in or just steal from other philosophies that contradict absurdism. Me getting mad at them makes them feel like their worldview is validated somehow, we know nothing about the universe but somehow they know that it's meaningless without having to answer the question how they know that

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Basically. I cringe at how woke I thought I was when I swore that the universe was meaningless and le absurd. Then I realized I really know nothing and that meaning is an intrinsic part of human experience. The fact that the redditors find this laughable but also hold views of "true love" and "create your own meaning" is beyond me

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True absurdism has never been tried