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>fucks hundreds of hot girls
>writes basic as shit prose with no substance
>is rich, successful and popular in his time
>LARPs as a fucking noir detective in real life
>dies young enough to not be revealed as a hack
>uhhhh the struggle itself is enough to fill a man's heart haha, keep rolling that boulder incel

I hate this fucking faggot like you wouldn't believe

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I've never understood people like OP who despise other men for scoring.

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go back to your hugbox, godcuck

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One of the most overrated "philosophers" of all time. Wrote nothing but insipid garbage, a product of the left wing media-academia mob that flourished after WW2 (like every modern french philosopher).

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chud, if he wrote about how everything is le demonic and other vapid trash, we know you'd be clapping like a seal

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Ok Zeus, keep crying.

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Demons aren't real, and yet Camus remains worthless.

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that's a demonic thing to say.
the lord sees worth in all men.

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Why don't you just do the same if you're so envious, sounds easy enough if he was as talentless as you say

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He's good for learning french

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>LARPs as a fucking noir detective in real life

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Yeah. WTF?

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>In photographs Camus often has a cigarette dangling from the corner of his mouth. It's a film noir image, which is no accident. Camus was devoted to Humphrey Bogart, especially his performance in The Big Sleep, and there were many approximations to Lauren Bacall in Camus's life. He was delighted when one of his many mistresses, Arthur Koestler's wife Mamaine, gave him a Burberry raincoat. He thought it made him even more like Bogart.

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so he is even more based than we thought

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That's not larping as a detective. That's posing for a photo, retard.

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>no substance
You’re a retard

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So the charge is that he was a man who put a bit of effort into personal style, and it actually worked on women, instead of being a slob in a sweat-stained shirt like OP

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try being an autist like me. his books fucking suck dick therefore I am not jealous. I do not get jealous of untalented bad artists.

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You are hardly literate.

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Amerispeak is my 5th language. I read Camus in the original French, retard.

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Just like millions of other people, retard. Do you want a trophy for being the valedictorian of your special ed class?

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Nobody ever talks about his book The Rebel which caused all the other French leftists to disown him

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I just finished L'étranger last night, that's my sixth French novel now
I'm going to have to re-read that last chapter but otherwise I really enjoyed it
I was engrossed the whole way through and I found it to be hilarious
Anyway, do you guys think I should read more Camus?
I downloaded a few of Houellebecq's novels and will try reading them but how do Camus' other novels compare difficulty wise? People seem to have this funny idea that L'étranger is easy because it doesn't use literary tenses but I think that's bullshit
As someone who believes in God and the afterlife I kind of struggle with his absurdist perspective

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I dunno, your existence is proof enough

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Poop language

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It was funny reading The Plague prior to Kungflu.
I would recommend pic related

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