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I will never experience this...

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Murder? Hopefully not.

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Peak comfy

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This is the most successful example of genreslop that tricked people into thinking it's literature.

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no, you're a retard. It's a great novel & Tartt is a solid writer.

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Amazing how a book can make me nostalgic for something I've never experienced.

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Is it a future candidate for the western canon? No, but it’s a good novel with interesting characters, well-established atmosphere, and neat connections to classical works and ideas. Not every book has to be either genreslop or timeless Literature™. What genre would TSH even be? And don’t say Dark Academia because that’s not a genre of literature and this book preceded that aesthetic anyway.

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>What genre would TSH even be?
Young adult fiction.

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That’s a target audience, not a genre. YA itself has genres (YA dystopia, YA romance, YA mystery, etc.)

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hey that isn't by procopius

a girl on an app thought I was referring to this when I said I was reading the secret history.

It should be against the rules to reuse titles

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The book has been credited as popularizing the growth of the dark academia literary sub-genre

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>book sounds interesting
>look up the characters
>all male
>suddenly lose all interest
I don't know why this happens every tiem, I'm not even an incel

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>book sounds interesting
>look up the characters
>all male
>suddenly lose all interest
I don't know why this happens every tiem, I'm not even a feminist femcel

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No. The canon is already closed.

Also, what the fuck happened to this board? You idiots really think this, admittedly decent, book is worthy of the canon? LOL.

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They’re not all male

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I think you’re the first person I’ve ever seen mention this. I’ve wondered for a while if the title is a reference to Procopius. There are some similarities I would say, particularly between how Henry is portrayed relative to Justinian.

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>I'm not even a feminist femcel
Yea you're just a tranny