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That's kinda gay.

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Indians are very gay, yes.

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Gilgamesh comes from Mesopotamia not india you illiterate monkey get the fuck off my board

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Same thing.

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Well, one is the very cradle of western civilization while the other is India
Inbred mouthbreathing retard

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india is the cradle of western civilization
and eastern civilization

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Frick off guenon nobody likes you

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>For I would, O father Zeus, and Athene, and Apollo, that no man of the Trojans might escape death, of all that there are, neither any of the Argives, but that we twain might escape destruction, that alone we might loose the sacred diadem of Troy.
Iliad 16.97-100

>The rest bethought them of supper and of sweet sleep, to take their fill thereof; but Achilles wept, ever remembering his dear comrade, neither might sleep, that mastereth all, lay hold of him, but he turned him ever to this side or to that, yearning for the man-hood and valorous might of Patroclus, thinking on all he had wrought with him and all the woes he had borne, passing though wars of men and the grievous waves. Thinking thereon he would shed big tears, lying now upon his side, now upon his back, and now upon his face; and then again he would rise upon his feet and roam distraught along the shore of the sea.
Iliad 24.4-12