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I'm looking for a book about what a man should aspire to be, how to get there, and most importantly how to identify good goals to work towards vs bad ones. We all have limited time on this Earth and I want to ensure I spend it (especially my youth while I'm still physically active) as best as possible.
I don't know if "self-help" books are really what I'm looking for because I'm already motivated, confident, and in a stable place. If anything, I'm TOO stable and my job is beginning to bore me. I have my entire life ahead of me to sit at a desk. I know that I can (usually) achieve what I put my efforts towards. The question is WHAT I should put my effort towards in the finite amount of time in which I am alive. Should I become a soldier for a few years? Should I go to college? Etc.


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It's like meditations on steroids. You will not be able to take in about 60% of the book, but that's okay because the 40% will do enough to set you on the right path.

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So you're looking for Bildungsroman

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Do you think that stoicism is a viable way of choosing goals?

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lol no

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I don't know. Will it help me choose a goal to work towards?

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Yes, that is one of the objectives of the Bildungsroman

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Okay. Do you have any specific titles you recommend? Where do I start looking?

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Have you read Siddhartha and The Old Man and the Sea?

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No. Honestly I don't read much, but I'd much rather trust my heart to a philosopher than a psychiatrist or psychologist or something, which is why I'm posting here.

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Is "Wilhelm Meister's Apprenticeship" a good start? Been thinking about reading it since last year.

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thats good thinking anon. consequently, a goal also does not have to be a material thing, it can also be about YOU. Building your character and principles is one of life's ultimate thesis and necessary goal that will keep you away from degeneracy and weakness.

prof. sugrue's lecture on Stoic Ideal is a good lecture on building one's character


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Atlas Shrugged or Fountainhead, both by Ayn Rand. Controversial books, but in my opinion, they shows the attitude you must have to achieve your goals

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Unironically and objectively speaking, Marcus Aurelius is not who you should aspire to be like. He was an opium addict and a cuck (his wife was cheating on him and he was okay with it for a while). He did end up killing the guy she cheated with but he let it happen for a while. Also given the way his son turned out to be, it's safe to assume that he was a terrible father as well.