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If this guy couldn't get an agent and had to self-publish, what hope do the rest of us have?

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He published parts of it in his blog, then a publisher approached him.

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Anyone can self-publish.
Apparently you can get a Hollywood movie deal when self-publishing.

This seems more hopeful to me, as trad publishing no longer holds the keys to success.

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Do people actually read blogs? How does that translate to 2024? Hard to put a sample chapter in a tiktok.

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Here is my idea: hire an artist to draw a few illustrations for scenes from your book, make a short, pretty animatic using the drawings and text from you book along with some fitting music and add a link to your website in the description. This would only work for a few genres like romance, sff, horror.

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also adding on: you can also send a copy to some booktok celebrity to review and hopefully gain a few readers from their audience. of course the audience will be vapid but it's just choosing between a subpar audience and no audience at all, your choice as which one you prefer

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have you tried writing anything good