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I don't get it

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Germans are a waste of time. You have to go back to antiquity if you want to do real philosophy.

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Good. He was a Nazi. You should ignore him.

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back to /his/tranny with you

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man thought plato and aristotle didnt touch enough grass and the entire modern world is the consequence of subseqent philosophers not learning the proper lesson from them (to touch grass)

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>anon when finding out that influencal writers might have been terrible people
guess i can learn nothing from Foucault becuase he was a pedo... sigh

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all of the history of metaphysics asks questions about beings, things that exist and how they exist, but not what existence means
humans are the only one capable of understanding this question, and that comes from our ecological being -> no real subject object split, that means embodied enacted cognition
why are humans shit tho? because they are prone to inauthenticity, falling, running with the collective, the social norms
what is authenticity then? the core and key of phenomenology, its you understanding yourself as the ecological fallen inauthentic being and how that changes your perception of the world
how is the perception changed? we see the world as tools, the tree looses its being and becomes a log to build a cabin, the river becomes a way to power the hydroplant etc.
short version - assimilation and accommodation of information, a kid doesnt see the world as quantifiable, you teach him math and suddenly he starts counting everything he sees
this explains all the reddit atheists who are extremely secure in their blindness of the world

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Honestly I can see how this philosophy would predispose one to fascism.
Sounds like a good excuse to tear off all the hypocrisies of civilization, humanism, enlightenment and refinement in order to pursue raw authenticity.

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