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Don't people usually namedrop to appear smart? I can't imagine anyone namedropping Murakami, except as some sort of weird entry-level weeaboo-off.

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it would be deep if she were reading the metamorphosis

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I think it might be more fitting if she were reading Fahrenheit 451

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Welcome to 4chan, enjoy your stay.

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At least she's reading the best Murakami novel.

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glad to know this was written by someone with highschool reading experience

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This is the shit that passes for well written emotionally engaging stuff on /a/ and /jp/.
Like a has been flooded with threads for this shit.

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Sage and reported.

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>/a/ and /jp/.
You mean /a/ and /v/. /jp/ hates OEL shit.

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So after playing Rin's path, I cant help but be left with this feeling like it should have been literature or something. Should have been a novel, a work of contemporary prose, because that's what the depth felt like.

I know most of /a/ lives in the cultural ghetto of mainstream-anime, but I just can't shake the need to express this feeling. It was so meaningful, it touched me more than most literature has. And certainly more than any anime or manga. I'm a /lit/erate anon, and I spend most of my time churning through stuff like Steinbeck and Joyce these days - I became disillusioned with anime about a year ago, and only lurk /a/ occasionally now. Trying to make up lost time I suppose. But I remember, way back, waiting for KS.

And now I'm sitting here, astonished by the power of this medium I had all but written-off. And a little bit perplexed I suppose, challenged even. Rin's story was modern literature. It was also sight, sound, and time. It was this strange marriage of things which came together to relate a profoundly deep story about art, suffering, communication, loneliness, and the human condition. I don't want to make it more than it was, nor less, it was simply moving - to the core - and I don't believe I will ever be the same.

People who are putting this down just because it's an /a/ thing without having even played at least the first act are just closed minded infants.

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Isn't this game you know, set in a high school?

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Someone not trying to namedrop "deep" titles they just read the Wikipedia summary for at all times is impossible to understand for the average /lit/ poster.

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So what's your first language? Because it isn't English.

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>Rin's story was modern literature.

Yep plenty of startling and evocative stuff here.

The game isn't bad but lets not let hype get to our heads huh?

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Well, yea, there's a lot of this goofy comic relief early on - and you have to realize that unlike most novels this wasn't just written by one person prior to Act 2. After Act 2 sets in you get a lot more consistency, because each path was written by a single person. But the comic-relief through Kenji was really terrible in-general, and you can feel the MC's apathy towards it like it's some kind of commentary on how shitty it was. "Here's some crazy paranoid comic releif" - "Heh not really."

And Shizune's story wasn't deep at all, from what I've heard it was basically catering to the typical lowest-common-denominator you'd find on any anime community. Shizune's character was pretty one-dimensional. "Deaf tsundere" and that was about as far as it got.

But that said, no book is without defect. I wasn't implying some sort of comparison to Joyce or Steinbeck either, so don't get me wrong. It's a good book at worst, at best literature through a new medium.

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you don't even "get" why I mentioned the metamorphosis earlier in the thread do you..

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I hope this post doesn't actually compel anyone to play the game lol

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Why, you afraid anon? Afraid you might actually like it, or that it might actually change you? Afraid of your little bitch tears?

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I don't really like it when authors put artists and song names into their books. E.g. "Then she said I should listen to x by x. I did and it captured the moment perfectly and made me feel"

Seems lazy

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For some reason I hate that but I love when they title drop what a character is reading. It always feels like I just got a book recommendation and it makes me happy.

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>No book will ever affect you this strongly ;_;

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Pretty much this

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what's the top right panel in "what i got"

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A Beautiful Mind

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It's probably better than the book you are working on

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Mor elike I hope no one falls for your pretentious praise that avoids any actual analysis by using the vaguest language possible. You could be describing pretty much any soap opera

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Rin is an allegory for the inability to directly express ourselves through the external world at our most fundamental being, and that as a result true connectedness is unattainable. The struggle for communication is a reflection of our struggle to realize ourselves. Though it is not done in a cynical sense at all, rather that from this struggle arise both suffering and beauty.

Emi - Rather than being the "White Knight on a charger", it is more important to be a fellow knight. Any act out of pity is in itself a pitiable act. People seek companionship - not a savior.

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Rin's favorite book.

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thats a good book

explain to me what this is about so i can decide if i want to read whatever dumb nipponese video game product this is from

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Katawa Shoujo

It's a visual novel made by a western group originally started on 4chan over 6 years ago called "4 Leaf Studios." It is an original English VN licensed in the creative commons.
>Implying the Japanese could ever write something this good.

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well, sell it to me, what's it about. i'm a busy man. why does it reference hemingway. does hemingway play a significant part in the story. why are good american boys imitating some nipponese popular media form.

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Either read it or don't, you could do some of your own research, as much as going to /a/ or /v/ and lurking a thread, not exactly time consuming for a 'busy man' such as yourself.

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10/10 snorted even though I saw it coming

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If you play the game then you'll get the joke.

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Its early and I'm tired, so I'll bite.

The novel isn't ever actually referenced. The joke is that Rin Tezuka, one of the characters, was born with a birth defect that resulted in her arms being stunted, useless nubs.[/quote]

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In a way, I like how it was just stories about cripple girls and how they're as human as the rest of us.

On the other hand, I'm left pining for more fetish sex.

No footjobs from Rin? Are you shitting me?

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