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If my book was to have erotic content, should it be in the beginning, the middle, or the end of the story?

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again a coomer on lit, this stuff belongs to reddit

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It should have none at all. What makes you think it would benefit your reader to know exactly how things went down? Allude to it but leave it at that. This world is coomerized enough and you are partly to blame

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It's relevant to the plot though, it's not just a sex scene.

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Has anyone else ever fantasized about being a small dog owned by a normal sized woman and then, you know..

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Kill yourself

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First of all: you should avoid erotic content unless absolutely necessary. It only cheapens and lessens a work otherwise. Second: erotic content has now become mainstream thanks to 50 Shades, probably, and for that reason see my "first of all" section. Third: if you must have it, have it precisely at the only point at which it becomes IMPERATIVE to your story and its deeper meaning. Anything less fails. Anything less is not /Lit/.

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I am not against erotic lit (basically all my porn consumption is in that form), but I do treat erotic lit and actual lit differently. The former is porn, the latter is where plot/themes matter.

Basically if you include erotic scenes in your work, your work should be erotic in nature.

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you porn perverts are disgusting spewing that shit everywhere just go kys everybody else will clap

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It's best in the middle, as seasoning. Sex isn't an ending and sex with no buildup is weak