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People who pretend to have strong opinions about punctuation are pseuds.

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Thoughts on what? Why would I have thoughts on a semicolon? I genuinely don't understand what this question is about. If it was about something nonstandard like an oxford comma then I'd understand but the semicolon alone serves a purpose and is extremely common, it isn't controversial.

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People who believe punctuation, form and syntax don't have a strong effect on a text and its impact are midwits.

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Okay, here's my thought on the semicolon: "why not?"
Say you have a sentence that already has 2 or 3 clauses and you have to close it, but you want to link it with the next idea still; the semicolon will do that for you. It's clear that the information after has a direct relationship with what comes before it.
Next you will ask me to explain periods and commas. I hope your ESL homework is coming along nicely.

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A very classy piece of punctuation; much cooler than a comma.

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You needed the Oxford there, pseud. I'll let you figure out why.

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I just thought about it, and I realized something that's sort of unspoken about semicolons: anytime you encounter a semicolon, whatever became before it is instinctively chunked away as temporary auxiliary information to be used as context for whatever comes after it. It stops being the main point. Stuff before the semicolon almost becomes invisible once you're reading the second segment, since it signals that there's a greater point coming next that contextualizes everything. So it lets you sculpt how a clause is interpreted.
A period causes whatever came before it to be immediately taken as a complete thought and analyzed critically. The semicolon says "stop, don't stop reading yet, there's still more to consider" and the critical part of the reader's brain is paused until the thought is complete, and by that time, it's become secondary information.

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Wrong reply, anon
Oh, you needed a faggy Oxford comma to understand this sentence, you illiterate bitch?

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>Wrong reply, anon
No, I meant to respond to you specifically.

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So I don't know why you felt the need to explain semicolon to me

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Semicolon, the old trustable.

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I dont understand the difference between "--", ";", and "()". I still use all three often though.

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I saw what you did.

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Essential. Dependable. Trustworthy. Elegant. Simple. Barbarian repellent.

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Got the UN question wrong. To be fair, the rules for writing initialisms vary quite a lot and I wasn't thinking of it as a specific example; I was just thinking of the general rules for punctuation.
Also messed up on the "Semicolons and colons should always be placed outside the closing quotation marks." as I had no idea what they meant by that.

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Commas shouldn't connect two independent clauses. That's what the semicolon is for--two independent clauses of a single expression. Not really a thought though, but the rule of them.

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>punctuation pseud messes up an Oxford and responds with a splice

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>Also messed up on the "Semicolons and colons should always be placed outside the closing quotation marks." as I had no idea what they meant by that.
Just curious, what did you think it meant?

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I am addicted to using parentheses and em-dashes in my writing, but I've never found occasion to use a semi-colon.

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>but I've never found occasion to use a semi-colon.
Maybe it has something to do with your overuse of parentheses and em-dashes.

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I suppose (here I am using a sort of curt, sly sarcasm in an almost self-flagellating way) you're right. However--and without any intention of insulting you or otherwise discarding the point of your post--I just don't particularly like them, I think.

>verification; not required.

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That's acceptable; you are, after all, a faggot.

>verification not required

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Aaaaaand you used the semicolon wrong. Shocker.

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>t. esl

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And the em-dash as well.

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>You used the semi-colon wrong; shocking.

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I'm >>22879367 and I thought you were >>22879361 trying to reply to me, my bad.

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>t. illiterate

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I don't know what the fuck a semicolon is and every time I see it, I spit at whatever I am reading.

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I took it literally; as in, semicolons and colons ought never to appear within quotation marks, which might perceivably be advocated for by some style guides, but is nonetheless false. I can still hardly think of an example wherein I would use them immediately following a quotation.

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I don't even know what letters are; their are some chimpanzees on my computer right now and there pounding away, hurting they're little hands, and there posting on my computer without my permission.

I'm using techs twos peach on my phone. I don't even know what's Göring on.

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I never ever use it.

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>messes up an Oxford
Keep cucking for Oxford, punctuation existed before them

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I have been out of school long enough to not give a shit.
As long as what is being expressed can be clearly understood the the writing is effective.

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EZ. And I am an ESL who learned through reading. It's bizarre to me that people who supposedly read so much can have so much trouble with punctuation. You get the intuition for it just naturally from reading. If you don't have perfect punctuation after reading ~5 books, I have to question your intelligence.

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some people really are just stupid as fuck, it's hard to comprehend, but it's true.

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It's a great symbol to use; however it's a shame people don't use it to its full potential.

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Well, posting on 4chan is a quick shorthand for that. Because you posted this.

You stupid faggot.

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Name 5 books with a justifiable use of a semicolon in any language.

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Tranny punctuation

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>I-I knew what I was doing

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read Flaubert

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It filtered millions; dare I say, trillions.

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The behind the ear tattoo usually said to me "I fucked 10 guys freshman year, and I'm shooting for twice that by the time I change my major in 4 months."

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It's a pause that's longer than a comma. I get it.

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It's a blessing.
>Though it is sufficiently clear, that God, in his secret counsel, freely chooses whom he will, and rejects others, his gratuitous election is but half displayed till we come to particular individuals, to whom God not only offers salvation, but assigns it in such a manner, that the certainty of the effect is liable to no suspense or doubt. These are included in that one seed mentioned by Paul; for though the adoption was deposited in the hand of Abraham, yet many of his posterity being cut off as putrid members, in order to maintain the efficacy and stability of election, it is necessary to ascend to the head, in whom their heavenly Father has bound his elect to each other, and united them to himself by an indissoluble bond. Thus the adoption of the family of Abraham displayed the favour of God, which he denied to others; but in the members of Christ there is a conspicuous exhibition of the superior efficacy of grace; because, being united to their head, they never fail of salvation. Paul, therefore, justly reasons from the passage of Malachi which I have just quoted, that where God, introducing the covenant of eternal life, invites any people to himself, there is a peculiar kind of election as to part of them, so that he does not efficaciously choose all with indiscriminate grace.

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I don't care for it.

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what if you just don’t use semi-colons and em dashes when writing

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Your deployment of that semicolon is incorrect; it doesn't even match your own defined use of it. My use of it in the preceding sentence was correct.

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9/11. The UN one (I always write it correctly out of convenience but thought that the correct way was U.N.) and capitalizing the Middle Ages.

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I did know tho

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It was correct ESLnigger.
Here's a tip: as a rule, the semicolon can basically go anywhere a period can go (though it's typically only used when a sentence has more than 1 clause).

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Tell yourself whatever you want

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>the semicolon can basically go anywhere a period can go
That is incorrect;

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>doesn't elaborate
No, that's how a semicolon works you fucking sperg.

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Also you used the semicolon incorrectly there.

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the correct answer is sometimes it feels natural to use the semi-colon and other times it doesn't
any other answer is simply indicative of some kind of autism.

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It's pretty easy if you're observant to identify the rules which cause it to feel intuitive or not.

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>pseud outs himself as such by taking a general comment personally
>writes banal opinion waxing pretentious about the importance of punctuation
>[makes punctuation error]
>gets laughed at
>responds with a comma splice
>gets laughed at again
>lol, sure
Lol, thanks for the laughs you absolute retard.

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Oxford commas aren't only optional, they're unnecessary. You don't need more than context

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Cool story, bro. Mind your splices.

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>le splices bad

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When you're pseuding out about punctuation you should probably check your shit.

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that's the point. I used your rule (putting a semicolon wherever a period could go), thus demonstrating that your rule is incorrect.

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If you get this as a tattoo you're a fag. We're all suicidal, you're not special.

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You see, I treat my sentences like they're human BODIES, nigga. Why use a semicolon when I can just use a full blown colon, nigga? Human bodies can't function with just HALF a colon. That's PREPOSTEROUS. I put a whole ass colon on ALL THEM BITCHES. EVERY SENTENCE. FUCK YOU, GOD.

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>obsessed with colons
>produces shit
Checks out.

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He didn't even say they were optional. What he said was far dumber.

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not generally a fan, used sparingly.

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Excellent cursory indicator of level of literacy.

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Personal I only really use them when making list that take on the form of a bunch of sentence fragments or to break up run-on sentences when I don't feel like doing a proper line edit.

I guess they could be used at the end of sentences within a string of sentences in dialog. I have seen them used that way, but I don't. I just use periods for that.

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They're handy to use in papers that require a thesis statement and a subtopic sentence in the introduction. They help you to summarize your paper in a well-structure way that is likely to enhance your grade (either because the TA appreciates your clear layout or is less likely to get filtered if you're going for an A).

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If you love webster so much, why don't you merriam?

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You cheeky fucker.

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>it's actually 5s instead of 5's
whoever made this should be shot in the back of their fucking demented, retard head

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Moby Dick, mein nigger

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It's plural, not possessive. Why would it need an apostrophe?

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I like it. I find myself using it from time to time, and debating whether or not to take it out because it may come across as trying too hard, but often I find that its simply the best option.

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Because I said so :^)

I've also never seen any example of it having been used in such a way; everyone uses an apostrophe. That's how I learnt it, anyway.

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And they're all wrong. Just like how a lot of people can't figure out your/you're.

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that literally isn't a splice

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>comma splice

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Some comma splices look and feel fine to native english users in casual speech, while some are fugly and break up the flow of the sentence. Not all comma splices are created equally. Anon's comma splice was fine for an internet post. Ironically by calling out every comma splice as an error you're basically outing yourself as an ESL who can't tell the difference between formal and casual writing because it shows you can't naturally tell when a comma splice feels natural.

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Fancy comma. Use sporadically.

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>fancy comma
Categorically wrong

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What if I told you there's more than one person ITT mocking grammar pseuds?

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It's the most ENTP punctuation mark, which is why it filters so many.

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>lecturing someone else on semicolon usage
>fucks up the usage in his own post
This happens in every one of these threads lmao.

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That semicolon usage was correct though. Maybe you're mistaking the colon for a semicolon.

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very useful to organize kilometers long paragraphs in subordinate structures in an relatively ordered manner during my schizzo ramblings

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Useful for avoiding comma fatigue. Pretentious if overused.
I wish pic related were more widely used.

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I just read a sentence with four of these little niggas in it

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Semicolons are used much less commonly than the oxford comma

Especially if you consider correct usage

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I don't like parentheses very much, they take me out of the flow too much but it often doesn't feel like that's the point in the writing.

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>That semicolon usage was correct though.
wrong; so wrong

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Seeing people argue ITT about grammar has made me realize how many illiterate people are on /lit/. I guess it makes sense but damn.

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You used a semicolon where a comma should go.

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Tells the complier that's the end of a statement and to stop linking the commands together, and to go to the next statement.

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Is this bait?

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Probably a dash if anything.

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Semicolon is a simple tool; It is obscure because it is not taught.
Semicolon can connect two independent clauses, or be used as a power comma.
The starway cruiser will reach 3 station before leaving the solar system: Venus, 9am; Mars, noon; and Jupiter, 4pm. Please buckle your seat belts.

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>le punctuation mark is obscure
No it's not retard. It's literally taught in primary school.
>semicolon can be used as a power comma
Also you aren't supposed to capitalize the first letter after a semicolon.