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What are some implicitly right wing books? So much of the fiction nowadays are filled with liberal ideas and themes. What are some novels that are right wing? Pic related is and so are most James Bond books.

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>posts anything Jack London for this

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What is wrong with Jack London?

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Jack London was an atheistic socialist. He was also a eugenicist, but this hardly makes him a right-winger as eugenics was a popular mode of progress for other leftists of his day. Orwell mistook London's championing of masculinity and strength for fascism, when those themes reflect London's belief in a strong, progressive proletariat.

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>Still trapped in the Left-Right pseudobinary

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> manly? Must be a fascist
Do leftists really

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>But Jack London was no ordinary Leftist, for he was acutely racially conscious (see, for example, “The Yellow Peril“) and had such a marked Nietzschean/Social Darwinist ethical sensibility that Ragnar Redbeard’s infamous Might is Right or The Survival of the Fittest was widely, though mistakenly, attributed to him. Thus London is also a favorite writer of New Rightists and White Nationalists, particularly West Coast White Nationalists and those who hope for the re-emergence of a racially conscious Left.

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sounds like a proto national socialist

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Anything that extols the virtues of physical fitness and rugged individualism is inherently conservative.

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Who cares man you have your own life to live, are you going to give every moment of your inner life to a psyop?

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Many people have let politics destroy their peace of mind and eventually their lives. Very sad

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OP, you mind-controlled drone, just read what you want! Fuck politics.

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How the hell is physical health and fitness a far-right thing?

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Everything is political these days. Everything. And as such, everything must be politically categorized. Painting? Left-wing. Doing business? Right-wing. Weed? Left-wing. Working out? Right-wing.

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It implies a hierarchy - some are stronger, faster, in better shape than others which goes against the modern Left's Harrison Bergeron ideal of absolute equality.
It also heavily focuses on discipline and self-improvement, both of which are anathema to the Left.
It is individualist vs. collectivist
There are many other reasons like the lionization of weakness, reliance on authority, oppression olympics, etc. The gist is You are bad, We are good. Requires some torturous mental gymnastics but that is the state of the Left.

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Commie states valued physical health & sports science a lot though.

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Commie states and modern Left have little in common. Commie states weren't keen on faggots and troons

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Ezra Pound
C.S. Lewis
Rudyard Kipling
Thomas Mann
Ernst Junger
Yukio Mashima
Knut Hamson

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>racially conscious
First of all, that's a stupid phrase. Second of all, so many of London's works feature foreigners and minorities as main characters that it's hard to believe London would have supported any policy which targets them. He also was a massive weeb.

Straight-up silly take.

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Nowadays they absolutely do.

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Modern left are not old school communists. The majority of modern leftist in the west are about race and gender liberation politics. It’s all about feminine penis and black bodied birthing person now.

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No, don't be confused. There is a difference between simple manliness and masculinity. Masculinity refers to an ideology which promotes misogyny and violent action.

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>Thomas Mann
Absolutely not. The rest I think are essentially true, but Mann was very liberal.