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When will the book teach me how to cast fireballs?

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Yes, but you have to do the exercises and put the work in.

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Why do people study this when divination and magic are forbidden?

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The homeowner‘s association just says that after 10:00 I can‘t do the spells which involve screaming

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My mom says I can do it after im done with my homework

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The book doesn't teach you the fireball spell right away. You see, we work up to that.

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You need to be a 5th level wizard or the spell will be incomprehensible.

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The whole thesis of the book is that only chads can do magic. The usual rebutal then comes about: "But I can't do magic". My friend, reread the thesis. Those who know, know; and those who don't know are faggots.

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You guys would be absolutely shocked the amount of people in high up places that do rituals, sacrifices, Freemason symbol jewelry, etc etc.

Makes you almost believe there’s something to it.

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It never will because that book is fake and gay, should throw it away and pick up euclid

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>Makes you almost believe there’s something to it.
No it doesn't. If a lot of people believing something made me believe it too I would be a christcuck or a mudslime.

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My mom said I'm not allowed :(

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>only chads can do magic
ok sooooo how do I be chad?

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does euclid teaches magic?

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>turn 30
>expect to get a neat first spell like magelight or fireball or summon loli
>imstead pretty much that exact day come to a terrible realization about society and relationships that makes it impossible to sincerely connect with people, especially women
Don't become a wizard bros, it's not worth it

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Cast a Chad transformation spell on yourself.

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Algebra is like magic for dumb people.

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wait till you hit 40. Remember the rabbi don't teach the Qabalah till that age for a reason.

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No, you're thinking of this book

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>Algebra is like magic
you have no idea how accurate this is

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Probably because they don't put stock in the ramblings of inbred jews

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Page 325, second paragraphic from the bottom, fourth sentence. Don't say it backwards.

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>The whole thesis of the book is that only chads can do magic.
You can't feel superior to others if everyone understands your special groups ideas

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you're have better luck covering tennis balls in alcohol and throwing them.

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Yea that’s for idiots. The smart people pretend to cast spells and do magic

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toggaf a re'uoy
That's stupid, nothing happene

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Page 76 my guy. You haven't even gotten half way.

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bout tree fiddy

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How and why did this niche South Park reference make it into the mainstream is beyond me

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Because they listened to rap metal when they were growing up. bunum bu-bunum bu-bunum. wow wow chica wow wow weeka weeka weeka.

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Just watch anime or read manga to do that.
Magic is all in the illusion.
Real Magicians are merely illusionists who trick you into disbelief.
That said, Magic is certainly real and becomes real when progress is made without sacrifice to the reality it embodies.

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>he doesn't know
>that that book
>is an infohazard
>an infotrap
>designed to
>the uninitiated aspirant's
>so that they

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