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In song of solomon 1:5,6 the Shulamite's skin color is described. Depending on the translation, a different tone is suggested, ranging from swarthy, to dark, to straight up black.

The reference to the Tents of Kedar might also suggest two different tones
>Like the people of Kedar, descendants of Ishmael, meaning a color similar to arabs
>Literally like the Tents of the people of Kedar, usually made out of skinned black goats

If it is supposed to describe a negress, then how is she an Israelite? Weren't Israelites relatively white-skinned, like modern Syrians? Then how could she be an Israelite if it isn't out of converts?

In short, was the Shulamite a negress, an arab, or just tanned?

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It's about what's in the heart that matters, and the heart of all Jews is black and twisted. It doesn't matter if externally they're blonde or blue eyed or whatever. They are still Jews and, thus, agents of darkness.
This post is /lit/ and there is absolutely nothing racist about it. It's meant to be poetic, so it does not warrant a ban on my part.