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Is the Fourth Political Theory actually a serious work of political theory, or is it just a notch above e-celeb shit?

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what has he achieved academically or professionally that makes his opinions important to you?

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he's based

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He's blowing up in popularity

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It's crap but worth a read.

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so nothing.

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He's so totally irrelevant that globalhomo sent out strike forces to kill his family to keep him quiet. Good to be on the side of the "good guys"

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>Now it is time to build the State for Muslims
there's already like 20 of those

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those are satrapies

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This is what a well adjusted person posts.

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cry more nazi

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Amazing that somehow people still don’t get this

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Dude where's my car

>talks shit
>gets hit
>y-you c-can't make fun of mee...

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Did your trad waifu get blown up huh? :(

If you want to read philosophers that are in any way relevant to the way Russia acts, then I suggest Carl Schmitt or Ivan Ilyin. Dugin has always been irrelevant.

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He's a talented philosopher but his important works are untranslated I think. Only fourth political theory has an English translation and it's not where he lays out his philosophy.

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>supposedly irrelevant
>gets blown up by the liberal West for the irrelevant things he said
keep your story straight fag

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Even though I find it unbecoming, it's fair game here. Leve the "just be a decent human being!" arguments to libtards and leftists.

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>Even though I find it unbecoming
Then you should find Dugin unbecoming. Guy is a warmonger who has called for the eradication of Ukraine. When it hits a little closer to home he seems more concerned about violence

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Why are atheists obsessed with political theory to begin with?

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You don’t. He’s just as pozzed as Black Lives Matter. Look into one of his influences (((Franz Boas))) to find out why.

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You don't.

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Is this the guy who told Putin to start the war, resulting in Ukrainian whores being aplenty in the West?
Thankyou Dugin

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>t. well adjusted people

All I'm saying is that it's faggy to find joy in people losing their children. You are gonezo at that point and there is no way to deny that. You do not need to be pro any side in the slav genocide to say these things lol.

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>Where do I start with Dugin
You don't lmao dumb bitch

Read Sheldon Wolin

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I'm glad I don't know you.

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His entire existence is just Russian cope. The amount of mental gymnastics he does to try to make Russia sound relevant is insane

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I'm glad there is some fresh meat to rent for cheap. Fuck some Ukrainian pussy and take it easy anon, it's not as if they'll ever return anyway.

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>t. a faggot bitching and moaning

Feel free to keep crying. It wasn't Dugin that got blown up though "fag".

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Russian women get blown up, Ukrainian women blow something else. Which way slavoid "men"?

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The Fourth Political Theory is just an extreme case of realpolitik and eclecticism. It's designed to enable normtard faggots to defend themselves against the corrosiveness of liberalism and postmodernity without actually requiring them to attain the exception qualities of premodern people. It's basically a really elaborate justification for the statement "just be yourself :)" in contrast to the liberal appeal of being a shapeless nothing with money and consumer goods. I don't think there's much promise for our people in this theory. IMO it's tailor-made for "Putinism" in the sense that it is the only philosophical background that would allow the current Russian ruling class to be something more than liberals LARPing as traditionalists. But I don't think that they'll take this doctrine on board anyway, so I expect it will eventually disappear from history. Unfortunately it seems we're heading in the direction of liberalism or juntaism.

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It's diffifult to get any ideology to stick after the shock-treatment that was communism. The commies wanted to create the ultimate post-cultural bugman. IIRC Lenin even thought that the commies would eventually all start speaking English.

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I am more curious to see what will happen in Russia after the Russian boomers are played out as a force. Will this post-sovietist bullshit stick? Will it be reformed into something better? Will Russia become more liberal, or less so? I must say, after observing Russia from afar, I think I buy into the idea that class determines politics a bit more. Wealthier middle class Russian professionals seem to support liberalism even when liberalism has utterly destroyed their country and is trying to do it again as we speak.
I don't really think that the current status quo will hold for long, though. After Putin's gone, this "illiberal democracy thing" must give way to something else, either liberalism or authoritarianism. If it gives way to liberalism, we just might end up living in a doomed timeline.

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I think unless there is a military coup a liberal shift is almost inevitable. Putin's incompetence has discredited authoritarianism in the eyes of the more intelligent Russians, who see themselves as Europeans anyway.

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Bro Putin isn't even authoritarian lol, he's running Russia more democratically than most Western countries. I don't think the military are politicised either so I do not expect them to make any moves. If there's any political change coming in Russia, it will be from the bureaucrats or the siloviki.

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This isn‘t even a bingo board

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>dude we’re gonna replace Jews with Muslims..
how exciting, where’s the option where all Abrahamic niggers get thrown in a fire?

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Uhmm can I second this heckin cool statement? Sent a friend request btb
Pps: are tou black? Not racist just wanna know if ya pack sum heat yaknow

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You know it’s the end of history when the great new political theory is just the playbook of the West but the other side

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Nice joke.

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Just classic resentment

You’re free to move to China

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I've liked to scroll through the comment sections of Dugin articles translated into Chinese because "playbook of the West but on the other side" is something I've seen mentioned. Or it's that Dugin speaks in the language of multi-polarity now and they like that, but in essence Dugin has created a theoretical framework for Russia to act as a Eurasian hegemon, which isn't so Raven. Russia has also taken a radical military approach to its problems which creates mo problems.

You could make the argument the whole conflict is essentially an internal argument within the West anyways. (Communism was also a Western idea and a fusion of German philosophy, French revolutionary politics and English political economy.) Putin meanwhile admired George W. Bush, looked up to him, saw him as acting like how a world leader should act, tried to emulate him, and maybe learned the wrong lessons.