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why do so many philosophers ignore Darwinian morality? is it because it showed how useless nature science has become?

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>Darwinian morality
the fuck is that? Darwin was literally a christcuck who thought evolution was made by god and didn't see evolution as being against god etc

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darwinian in the same way neo-platonism is platonic. As in it takes the basic mechanics/assumptions of darwinian selection (the fittest eat the least fit, the world is a competition, and/or perhaps evolution creates progress, though thats an outdated idea) and project it onto human life and metaphysics

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Because of the is/ought gap. It’s fallacious to point at natural selection/darwinian competition and say “this is how the natural world is, so that’s how human society ought to be!”.

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Clearly you haven't read much ontological or metaphysical naturalism.

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Atheists don't have any morality. Atheist want sex and drugs and virtue signaling and when they are told all they want is just debased orgies without moral judgement, they respond that their bonobo dad and their fish grandad had orgies too and nothing bad happened so it's OK to continue this way.

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But you still see stuff like this reflected in the hellenistic philosophies like the stoics, right?