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This guy was a semi big deal on right wing Twitter a few years back, wrote a few doorstop "difficult, experimental" scifi novels that people pretended to like (most of the glowing reviews amounted to "wow, this is the longest book I've ever seen, this guy must be a genius!"

Then, he shot up a tattoo parlor in Denver. This was a big story for about 12 hours.

Then, 99% of his online presence was baleeted and nobody mentioned him ever again.

Does anyone know what the deal was with this guy?

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He had convinced himself that he was Nietzsche's overman and then some completely mundane dispute with former friends set him off and he snapped.

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The glowies are trying really hard to shut down this place with their shooter's threads today.
We must be getting onto something...

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I'm not a fed and I'm not into conspiracies much, BUT

if anyone was a fed who snapped it was things guy. Both that he managed to insinuate himself into the kinds of spaces feds like to insinuate themselves and also because this story just completely vanished all of a sudden, despite being a great hook for media to bash their online enemies with.

Also has anyone ever read the books? There were really people online who would not shut up about how amazing they were. This was also weird, as they were 800 pages long and sounded like the most pretentious far right tweaker bullshit. Feds? Did he buy reviews with a trust fund? I would think left wing muckrakers would be all over this, but they all got bored of it at the exact same time.

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I wouldn't look into this if I were you.

all fields

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>I wouldn't look into this if I were you.
I won't because I'm too lazy. But why did everyone decide all at once that they didn't want to look into it?

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can't speak for everyone else but my life is too cozy for that shit and there's been a lot of good movies on tv lately

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Yeah me too. Why don't we all just take a break from this and just watch a cool show on Netflix?

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One step ahead of you bro

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Neurotic asf

Syphillis tier

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>killed by female cop

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Anyone with a shred of intelligence knows women are trouble

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I’m not so much intrigued by the writings of a murderous, extremist tattoo artist with delusions of grandeur. It seems like there might be a conspiracy behind this but I’m taking the blue pill for now as I have too many other books to read written by more civilised people who actually tried to live decent lives.