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How much does physical appearance of a writer affect their reception?

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No one would take a gigachad writer seriously. As much as no one would take a gorgeous woman writer seriously. Can you imagine her writing prize-winning literary fiction?

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or her?

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or her?
keep in mind that i'm posting literal models, and not just instathots.

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the idea is even more ridiculous when we talk about internet sluts. can you imagine her getting the Prix Goncourt?

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I could imagine her as a writer, she looks sophisticated.

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>she wrote a classic of X-country literature
no one will say that

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Being attractive helps with everything. But as the other anon already said, if you're too beautiful people wouldn't take your writing seriously. Writers should look smart, not handsome - like a normal dude you can a have an insightful conversation with.

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>2024 Nobel of Literature

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what's that weird birthmarks on her thigh?

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That must be why the publishers never call me back!

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The physical appearance of a write is the only thing that matters in a novelist. All else is secondary, most especially anything that he can say in words. The more beautiful a writer is the more distinctly he can write, the more edifying his characters for the moral upstanding of his readership, and the more ardent his prose. Everyone knows this. Most books of leading intellectuals of the day are ghost written by porn stars. We let ugly people be on television as a form of national scandalizing because ugliness is a sin that should be mocked in public.

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as long as they talk about sex, roasties will flock to them

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>lord byron

and a lot of others depending on your taste, but those ones are attractive by pretty much anybodys standards. Cope and seethe ugly handsome people have higher IQ's than uglies. You will never be a writer.

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shes ugly she just has a decent body, get some taste

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I just thought of one reason why things have been shit post- popular internet: you can easily google a person's appearance. So, say some vain bitch hears a song they like, then they google what the artist looks like, and their ugliness makes her like the song a little less.

It's probably a major contribution to the influx in vanity in general, really. Some liberal faggot reads a book and before they form their opinion on it, or probably even before they read the book, they'll look up the author, and can find out if they're black, political beliefs, etc without any effort required. Back in the day you pick up a book, if the author's last name is "Jones" or some shit you have no idea of their race, and chances are you aren't going to look them up in an encyclopedia before you even read it.

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I can imagine all of them stepping on me and sitting on my face.

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>literal models
This IS social media trash

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It's all that matters. An ugly man's thoughts or ideas will never be taken seriously.

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This is why I never read 48 Laws of Power. Seems like taking dietary advice from an obese doctor. As someone who writes and is in good shape, I just see it as sheer laziness and lack of discipline when I see writers who are skinny fat or obese messes. It isn't that hard at all to maintain a good physique if you don't eat garbage, and you do a bit of exercise now and again.

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Attractive people can just dress smart.