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i thought i'd pick this up after seeing a thread about it. turns out it's the sixth book in the series. i don't doubt that i'd be able to pick up the thread of the story so far but, in the opinions of those that have already read it, is it worth reading the whole series or should one just pick out the best one and have done with it?

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is the real?

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yes, the real. what sold me on it was someone saying it's the kind of book frank gardner WISHES he could write and that person was absolutely correct. just from what i've read so far i do not think a book with the title "CRABS: THE HUMAN SACRIFICE" could be any better than this. the first thing that happens is that an eco-terrorist injects strychnine into a spermarket's supply of christmas turkeys. fun stuff. honeslty i've been grinning through most of what i've read but i don't know of this kind of fun can last six books.

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it's an 11 part series

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how did you pick it up? Did you pay $40 for it?