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Is there a book that deal with Millennials and Gen Z hyper-morality, anti-racism, anti-sexism, climate change obsession, LGBT obsession, etc.

What is the root cause of hyper-morality and the extreme guilt of the guiltless?

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Genealogy of Morals

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But how do you stop following the herd without damaging your brain? It's been researched that actions that we can't morally justify cause brain damage. And what's justified or not is determined by your parents and then society.

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Nietzsche is also extremely self-sabotaging and self-contradicting. There has to be another more clear minded thinker that deconstructs morality.

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you kinda sound like a retard but there are hundreds of critical theory books that cover those topics

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Isn't that the very cause? Critical theory destroys the will to power.

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Critical theory IS guilt. You think a woman that becomes a dyke is not doing to appropriate and release the guilt of her parents? The whole problem with the youth is the martyrdom of themselves and their ambition to teach their boomer parents. Critical theory is a typical Jewish inversion.