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Just started reading his essays including the English Mail Coach, and his prose writing is pretty damn good for a romantic writer. I'm aware that he's known for making a novel on opium addiction (which I haven't read) and influenced Poe, Baudelaire, Gogol, and even Borges.
However, he seems that he's rarely discussed here nor anywhere else.
What does /lit/ think of him?

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Thomas De Quincy is super underappreciated- one of the best cold prose writers in English IMO. People don't like him because he was a shitty parent, but the real problem is he was like 4'10.

You gotta read all of the Thomas's though

Thomas Nashe
Thomas Brown
Thomas De Quincey
A t least Sartor Resartus by Thomas Carlyle, I don't think The French Revolution is that well crafted, but Sartor is a masterpiece. Past and Present has some banger chapters too.

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>Thomas Browne
Religio Medici and Urne Burial is both on my reading list. And I was actually thinking of reading him next.
I've also heard of Carlyle through Emerson, but will plan to read his works also.
Nashe, I haven't heard of before. But my knowledge in Elizabethan literature is nil.
Thanks for the suggestions.

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>for a romantic writer
There were so many great romantic prose stylists and De Quincey is definitely one of the greatest. Be sure to also check out Hazlitt and Carlyle.

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“I have often thought, that if I were compelled to forgo England and to live in China, and among Chinese manners and modes of life and scenery, I should go mad.”

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>a novel on opium addiction
It was pretty good