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The original ending was retarded

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I was retarded alright

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>Main character is an even bigger psychopath than in the film
>Only thinks about sex and violence 24/7
>Enjoys torturing small animals
>Rapes two ten year old girls
>Murders his cellmate in prison
>Somehow ''grows out'' of being evil incarnate and decides to get a job

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>that cover
who are those people lmfao

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muh endings

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It works much better as a story with the original ending
Otherwise it's a novella about nothing
Kubrick himself said as much
His American editor and Kubrick disagreed

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>hey I know, I'll write a chapter that the entire story did not build toward at all where the main character shrugs his shoulders and says guess im a good guy now LOL

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Boys will be boys lol

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he saw a babby in a pram tho
surely that's enough to end his proclivities

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>novella about nothing
They did the Ludovico Method on me Jerry!
Get out of here, on YOU? Why would they waste time doing that?
I'm DANGEROUS Jerry, they want to llllock me up!

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A Velvet Orange

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That book cover is retarded. Boomers are retarded.

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Velvet is socially acceptable. Just not for people who look like that.

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Pretty much everyone agrees kubricks version is better

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Whoever agrees with Kubrick, is just afraid to admit that they were little violent shits as kids, like a lot of kids are, and when they grew up they got less extreme.

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A job for two who are now of job age, little alex: jewcrainian soldat

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Boys will be boys lol

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He was literally imprisoned, tortured, then beaten a couple of times and then driven to suicide thoughever.

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The murderer/rapist?
Probably should have just hung him.

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A bit of banter innit

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the original ending was just fine. kubrik bastardized the redeeming final chapter for reasons unknown. burgess was not happy about it because he got tons of complaints about the nihilistic and morally-bankrupt ending of the movie. color me surprised.

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He did get raped at the end though, so at least there was some justice there (assuming he didn't enjoy it).

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>kubrik bastardized the redeeming final chapter for reasons unknown.
He didn't 'bastardize' it. He adapted a different edition without the lame 21st chapter

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I never killed or raped anyone, neither did any of my friends
Where did you grow up, Somalia?

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>Where did you grow up? Somalia?

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The 21st chapter was lame and unrealistic
The alternate ending was bleak and had no closure; but this is a dystopian movie after all