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>most influential person in all of European history
>none of his ideas, whether they be in the subject of ontology, epistemology, ethics, aesthetics or even politics survived into the 21th century European society

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The entirety of philosophy from Aristotle to Foucault is the attempt to refute Plato, and they have all ended in failure.

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Seems like material reality disagrees for not a single idea of his has survived and been put into practice today.

Plato’s greatest contribution was to birth Christianity and even this child is long dead.

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Not necessarily. Frege and The Cambridge Platonists revived some of his ideas

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Christianity as an entity is an extremely bastardized, generalized/ dumbed down version of Platonism. Likewise, most ethics we can think of are Platonic and Christian in origin. Pretty much every argument against democracy by right wingers and neofascists are Platonist in origin as well. Those are three big things. Just because Putin or Orban or somebody don’t quote the Statesman doesn’t mean their ideas don’t have common origins in Plato.

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>21st century European society

You may be onto something, Muslims only read the Quran. Are there any white people left in Europe these days?