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How come he isn’t more known or discussed here?

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/lit/ doesn't read.

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Has anyone read his piece on Don Quixote? I own his Tragic Sense of Life which I have not read, following tradition.

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It is truly insane because he influenced a lot of hispanic lit. But to answer your question /lit/ doesn't try to go further when reading and as a result you get the standard platitudes spouted on a daily basis. His treatise on love of God is also cool. His novels are fine but he shines in his more metaphysical works.

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Probably his quote about fascism.

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post it

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I recall a story where a guy falls in love w/ schoolteacher and khs by overeating. The most saddest thing I've read. On the par with Pessoa's disquiet or Williams's Stoner. Never tried his other books BC I genuinely dislike sad things.

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I have The Tragic Sense of Life, which I haven’t read because I dropped it when dealing with an issue of mortality close to me and it made me too conscious, but I did skip ahead and read the DQ essay which I thought was really good. I need to get back to TTSOL soon

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"Fascism is cured by reading, and racism is cured by travelling."

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i regret asking for this

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Oh no no no..

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tbf, travelling in his time was something for the rich. and if you travelled, you went to italy or germany or capitals of some of the colonies. if you had some real taste for the exotic, you went to the orient.

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Kind of a basic sentiment but i don't really see what's wrong with the quote.
Seems like he's just saying it's harder to be an ultra-nationalist, to believe your own nation has a right to supremacy over others when you've seen first hand the complexity of other cultures.

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The most terrifying thing is that most western libs genuinely think this to be true. They unironically think about the world in this vulgar and simplistic a fashion.

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Unless of course the shitholes you go to are full of black supremacists.