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is there still money in writing novels? how are you fairing

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I don't write for money. I do it for the (you)s.

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no and no

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I can't feed my mother fuckin' family on (you)s idiot I NEED A JOB AND I NEED CONTROL

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look, the market is female... to make money writing you need to speak to the female psyche and write things they want to read and this is why most men fall short

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Money is in marketed philosophy. Journalism has been taken over by evil. My soul is bound to that hell put and I can't even say what it drives me to do for fear are getting committed. Live r Ed in favor of female careers. I wish I could cease.

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There is no GOD. Only Truth. Lit chicks were meant to counter balance philosopher males. They chose tall dudes with 13 inch personalities instead. They killed us all through lust. I know I'll die alone, but at least it'll be soon.

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If you write to make money you turn it into a lottery. Each project is like a lottery ticket, most of which won't be winners. You may begin to resent your work after repeated failures.
But if success means writing something good and not manufacturing a winning lottery ticket your outlook becomes much brighter.

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>I can't feed my mother fuckin' family on (you)s
nigger then you should of thought about that before you creampied mrs. pepe. you made your bed now sleep on it.