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Anyone have an NYRB Book Club Subscription? Opinions? I’m considering starting a membership.

A lot of the shit they put out is absolutely golden.

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I haven't, but what examples of great books have you seen put forward by them? I'm very curious

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I really enjoy their classics collection.
Some of my favorites include:
The Chrysalids - John Wyndham (so good)
Stoner - John Williams
The Pure and Impure - Collette
Proper Doctoring - David Mendel

Just solid good stuff through and through, worth checking out!


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Ahhh, thank you, anon. Lots of these titles are unknown to me. Sounds like a positive endorsement. I might take the plunge sometime in the future and see

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I have books that were published by them but I’ve never gotten them directly from the publisher because their prices are ridiculous. They’ll set up these collections which are like six books and charge over $100 for them, that’s more than $16 per book and as someone who rarely pays even half that I find it to be absurd.

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I just wait for their sales and buy them.
Usually weekend before July 4th and weekend before Thanksgiving.
Without the 40 percent discount, their books are too expensive