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Steve Donoghue talks about that here lol

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The whole chronology is fucked up

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>christcucks when they realize the days of the week are still named after pagan gods

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We are not the ones trying to rename days and months. It's atherists that have been trying and failing since the French Revolution,

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no you're satisfied renaming and christianizing holidays. nice of you to stop there, but bullshit all the same

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If you care about if somebody uses BC or BCE you are a pedantic retard who deserves to die. Everybody knows what it means, you just want to pick a fight because you're a crybaby faggot. That goes for both ways.

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I'm like so above this culture war!

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Seems like a normal, non-autistic response to a joke

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nooooo please don't erase my precious desert rabbi, he's too meek to defend himself and needs me to shitpost for him constantly

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>tradlarping on 4chan, the asshole of the internet

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It shoud be AJ and BJ
After Jews
And Blow Jobs

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in English, maybe