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He is the closest thing we have to a prophet in modern times.

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Is it that time of the year when the undergrad philosophy kiddos are reading the neetzsch for their first time? You gonna go will to power on some beer and chicks later?

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the eternal neetchvember

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Curses on all prophets
Curses on the prophets
Curses on the prophets
Curses on all prophets
Enemies of mankind
Enemies of truth
Enemies of the good.

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Him, Jung and Joyce.

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Joyce is no prophet

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Any anons have tips for “remembering” Nietzsche better? I felt that after having read Human, All Too Human I cannot remember 80% of what he said throughout the book because each aphorism is completely disconnected from the others. I can get some loose gists of what he is saying but the very scattered presentation of his ideas arguably makes him harder to understand to me than some like Kant

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>Individualist thinker
He's just one of the many responsible for modern society.

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That would be Nikolai Velimirovich

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Nietzsche, Jung, Freud, Whitman, Krishnamurti

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I remembered Zarathrusa by after reading it rolling it up and shoving it up my ass. Hope that helps

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Train your moustache today

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meh, science these days absolutely dominates the understanding of consciousness. You can learn something from these guys, like that exact pattern of thought for analysis, which still has plenty error in it, but you have to throw in Alan Watts to see a compilation of the Eastern Philosophy. Still at best it will only show how science manifests in life, say via the archetypes (Jung). Neech is ok for a 16 year old, to go down a doomed path of a self dementing experience, that hopefully leads to a higher existence, but it's fuckin rough.

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fuckin lit busy with hegel and kant hahahahaha

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All just watered-down Wagner.

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You dont want to be a cult leader. You will never be fufilled.

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He's not modern times and also it would be a woman

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There are people who get actual visions today, but you fags don’t believe anything supernatural

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consider the following:
>frank sinatra
>claude monat

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>rips off de sade
>rips off the greeks
>rips off everything
lol he's not, he's a good compiler though

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I beg your pardon?

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No 16 year old reads let alone understands him, this meme is stupid. Maybe in a different time. Also it’s supposed to be rough - that’s the entire point, that’s what makes you. Some people can’t just go through life like a drone that never questions anything and just adheres to wisdom passed down, they need to get their themselves.

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Go eat a couple pies you fat queer

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It's not that complicated. Especially the works on morality. Have to be a smoothbrainer at 16, if you can't understand most of it lol.

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Yeah you sound about as superficial as a 16 year old.

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why do pseuds love him so?

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no, but you are just a smoothbrainer who thinks higly of fuckin neech hahahahahaha

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Read more

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Pic unrelated. You posted the wrong German mustache man

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I haven't done my homework on Nietzsche-but i always found weird how he lash out at christian slave morality while being in favour of slavery and trad society. Someone can clarify?

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He was Plato to his own Socrates; what existed no longer matters, what continues to exist, however, completely does.

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I like him but he stealed too much from Stirner
>The answer to the still-pendant Stirner/Nietzsche question given here in concise form is based on the discovery that Eduard Mushacke, the father of Nietzsche's fellow student Hermann Mushacke, was a personal friend of Max Stirner, the author of the "ill famed" (according to F. A. Lange) book The Ego and Its Own (1844). It consists in the assumption which naturally follows: that young Nietzsche, who had shown a keen interest in the proscribed criticisms of religion produced in the period before March 1848, was confronted with Stirner's 'The Ego' during a two-week stay in Mushacke's home in October 1865. Hence, I propose the thesis that it was this experience which drove Nietzsche into a grave psychological and intellectual life crisis, during which his future course as a philosopher was established. Positing this initial crisis is justified foremost by biographical evidence (including 'negative evidence' in the form of obliterated traces of Stirner in Nietzsche's works and literary remains), and by analysis and comparison of the reactions of other philosophers: treatment of the Stirner/Nietzsche question; reactions of other important philosophers to Stirner; etc.

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Christians despise the strong and describe all their virtues as sins, and their backwards-ass bullshit has made the species neurotic and depressed. Purer societies have no problem fucking weaklings in the ass.

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does anyone have any recommendations for similar writing styles? I read Zarathustra last year and its one of the funniest pieces of media ive consumed. i havent laughed that hard while reading a book since i was a kid.

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Hitlers predictions were far more prescient

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>atheist piece of shit
>pushed apotheosis
>didn't know jackshit about Theosis
>pseud /lit/-tier
get fucked nihilcucks

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Absurdity is Evil.
If you don't make sense to God/The Logos, you're fucken Evil.
It's that simple.
You can't justify your intent with your consequences. God can. He's the Ubermensch dipshits.

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yes, why not? what was yoir first time like?

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He prophesied the hegemonization of cuckoldry

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I disagree.

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I've decided to study Nietzsche
Where do I start? I have only read Plato
What are the good English editions?

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Start with the Cambridge UP edition of Untimely Meditations, which includes his essays on both Schopenhauer and the Use and Abuse of History

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BAP and Uberboyo are a must if you want to get into N.

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got to admire the game though...

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I do make beautiful sunsets for a boomer ;)

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On what grounds? Where's the ground? Did you put it there? From scratch?

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Kaufmann was among the first to translate Nietzsche to English and widely considered to be the most faithful
If you want to read everything start with The Birth of Tragedy, Human All Too Human and The Gay Science
If you just want to study his "main" ideology start with Beyond Good and Evil and then On the Genealogy of Morality
ignore this retard spammer

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True, it’s okay though, the Nietzsche phase is a fun one.

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Crichton is the only useful /lit/ prophet

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It's funny how one of the most radical thinkers in recent history came to be known as the "normie" philosopher

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Why do you fucking INCEL FACIST scumbags dick ride Nietzsche so hard?? He is literally the reason why Hitler exist with his dumb autistic obsession of the "Übermensch" that endly started world war 2 and got so much people killed. Nietzsche was just some crazy depressed asshole who got rejected and now his is the zoomer modern prophet? We're so doomed as a society.

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Don’t forget saint Max.

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that guy was a dick but a cool dick, idk why he treated his girl so horribly.

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>Kaufmann was among the first to translate Nietzsche
No he wasn't, there were english translations that were begun in the 1890s.

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No, all conventional wisdom started out as radical ideas

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mckenna, chomsky, uncle ted

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"Fuck that bitch. Only what I want matters."
-Max Stirner to himself at some point around the time he wasted all her money on the milk store. Probably

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Fuck my mistake, it was his sister that was a fascist whore who convinced Hitler to do what he did. Fucking simp ass wanna nietszche sister tight nazi pussy.

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>how he lash out at christian slave morality while being in favour of slavery
"And often have they been good servants and worthy of their hire. For thus saith virtue: “If thou must be a servant, seek him unto whom thy service is most useful!
The spirit and virtue of thy master shall advance by thou being his servant: thus wilt thou thyself advance with his spirit and virtue!”
And verily, ye famous wise ones, ye servants of the people! Ye yourselves have advanced with the people’s spirit and virtue—and the people by you! To your honour do I say it!
But the people ye remain for me, even with your virtues, the people with purblind eyes—the people who know not what *spirit* is!"

"Because, for man to be redeemed from revenge—that is for me the bridge to the highest hope, and a rainbow after long storms.
Otherwise, however, would the tarantulas have it. “Let it be very justice for the world to become full of the storms of our vengeance”—thus do they talk to one another.
“Vengeance will we use, and insult, against all who are not like us”—thus do the tarantula-hearts pledge themselves.
“And ‘Will to Equality’—that itself shall henceforth be the name of virtue; and against all that hath power will we raise an outcry!”
Ye preachers of equality, the tyrant-frenzy of impotence crieth thus in you for “equality”: your most secret tyrant-longings disguise themselves thus in virtue-words! "

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>He is the closest thing we have to a prophet in modern times.
"Thus did Zarathustra relate his dream, and then was silent: for as yet he knew not the interpretation thereof. But the disciple whom he loved most arose quickly, seized Zarathustra’s hand, and said:
“Thy life itself interpreteth unto us this dream, O Zarathustra!
Art thou not thyself the wind with shrill whistling, which bursteth open the gates of the fortress of Death?
Art thou not thyself the coffin full of many-hued malices and angel-caricatures of life?
Verily, like a thousand peals of children’s laughter cometh Zarathustra into all sepulchres, laughing at those nightwatchmen and grave-guardians, and whoever else rattleth with sinister keys.
With thy laughter wilt thou frighten and prostrate them: fainting and recovering will demonstrate thy power over them.
And when the long twilight cometh and the mortal weariness, even then wilt thou not disappear from our firmament, thou advocate of life!
New stars hast thou made us see, and new nocturnal glories: verily, laughter itself hast thou spread out over us like a many-hued canopy.
Now will children’s laughter ever from coffins flow; now will a strong wind ever come victoriously unto all mortal weariness: of this thou art thyself the pledge and the prophet!
Verily, they themselves didst thou dream, thine enemies: that was thy sorest dream.
But as thou awokest from them and camest to thyself, so shall they awaken from themselves—and come unto thee!” "

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I hate old english. The direct prolongation to that fetishism is the disney ceremony they have at bohemian grove. You have to speak english not to indugle in that level of cringe

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Nietsche announcing the coming of NPCs:

The indiscipline of the modern mind under all kinds of moral pretenses. The words of speech are: tolerance (for "inability to say yes and no"); breadth of sympathy (- a third of indifference, a third of curiosity, a third of unhealthy irritability); objectivity ( - lack of personality, lack of will, inability to "love"); "freedom" from the rule (Romanticism); "truth" in the face of lies and falsification (naturalism); the "scientific spirit" (the human document: that is, the serial novel and the addition - instead of composition); "passion", instead of disorder and intemperance; "depth", instead of chaos and the jumble of symbols.

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Read some online versions of the Dionysian myths if you can.
Read the nichomachean ethics.
Read at a minimum SEP pages on Heraclitus, Descartes, Kant, Hegel, Schopenhauer.
Kauffman's intro, Tanner's into and Lou Salome's "Nieztsche".
Read N in order to see how his thought develops - it's really obvious when people haven't done this as they start talking about "apollonian" or "the ubermensch" as though they weren't dropped.
After Virtue is a good follow up as a criticism (Heidegger's a decent follow up but his reading of N kind of misses the mark a little - panexperiential and panpsychic are not the same thing in terms of metaphysical assumptions).

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>I've decided to study Nietzsche
>Where do I start?
Gemes K., Richardson J. - The Oxford Handbook of Nietzsche (2013)
Meyer M. - Reading Nietzsche through the Ancients (2014)
Gori P. - Nietzsche´s Pragmatism. Essays on Perspectival Thought (2019)
Dries M. - Nietzsche on Consciousness and the Embodied Mind (2018)

Shapiro G. - Nietzsche’s Earth. Great Events, Great Politics (2016)
Drochon H. - Nietzsche’s Great Politics' (2016)
Knoll M., Stocker B. - Nietzsche As Political Philosopher (2014)
Young J. (eds.) - Individual and Community in Nietzsche's Philosophy (2014)

(article) Hussain N. - Nietzsche's Positivism (2004)
(article) Hage R. - Nietzsche and the Ethics of Honor and Shame (2017)
(article) Hatab L.J. - Laughter in Nietzsche’s Thought. A Philosophical Tragicomedy (1988)
(article) Ben-Menahem H. - Nietzsche's Thus Spoke Zarathustra and the Quran (2010)

Panaioti Antoine - Nietzsche and Buddhist Philosophy (2013)
van der Braak Andre - Nietzsche and Zen. Self-Overcoming without a Self (2011)

Nevin Th.R - Nietzsche's Protestant Fathers (2019)
Blue D. - The Making of Friedrich Nietzsche. The Quest for Identity, 1844-1869 (2016)

Stellino P. - Nietzsche and Dostoevsky. On the Verge of Nihilism (2015)
Brobjer Th.H. - Nietzsche's philosophical context. An intellectual biography (2008)
Brobjer Th.H. - Nietzsche’s 'Ecce Homo' and the Revaluation of All Values. Dionysian Versus Christian Values (2021)
More N.D. - Nietzsche's last laugh. Ecce Homo as satire (2014)

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He was a stupid selfish coward prick, writing his masturbation fantasies.

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>I hate old english.
Ond ic hatige þú, swisne gesið.

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>Brobjer Th.H. - Nietzsche’s 'Ecce Homo' and the Revaluation of All Values. Dionysian Versus Christian Values
£81 is steep - got a pdf / epub for this?

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Always forget lol. Thanks.

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Is he? Ene of the reasons N doesn't really get hammered as much as others is that he convieniently side-steps politics and economics.
How would a noble aristocracy that avoids getting entangled with slave morality look like in the modern world because all i'm seeing is free market capitalism on steroids ran by shareholders that pretensiously prattle on about art and poetry.

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>How would a noble aristocracy that avoids getting entangled with slave morality look like in the modern world
"On a thousand bridges and piers shall they throng to the future, and always shall there be more war and inequality among them: thus doth my great love make me speak!
Inventors of figures and phantoms shall they be in their hostilities; and with those figures and phantoms shall they yet fight with each other the supreme fight!
Good and evil, and rich and poor, and high and low, and all names of values: weapons shall they be, and sounding signs, that life must again and again surpass itself!
Aloft will it build itself with columns and stairs—life itself: into remote distances would it gaze, and out towards blissful beauties—therefore doth it require elevation!
And because it requireth elevation, therefore doth it require steps, and variance of steps and climbers! To rise striveth life, and in rising to surpass itself."

The answer: different.
It is not a noble aristocracy that Nietzsche wants, but the upkeep of the momentum of the everchanging meat-grinder.

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>How would a noble aristocracy that avoids getting entangled with slave morality look like in the modern world
"Sometimes the value of a thing is not what you get with it but what you pay for it, - what it *costs*. Here is an example. Liberal institutions stop being liberal as soon as they have been attained: after that, nothing damages freedom more terribly or more thoroughly than liberal institutions. Of course people know what these institutions do: they undermine the will to power, they set to work levelling mountains and valleys and call this morality, they make things small, cowardly, and enjoyable, - they represent the continual triumph of herd animals. Liberalism: *herd animalization*, in other words ... As long as they are still being fought for, these same institutions have entirely different effects and are actually powerful promoters of freedom. On closer inspection, it is the war that produces these effects, the war *for* liberal institutions which, being a war, keeps *illiberal* institutions in place. And the war is what teaches people to be free. Because, what is freedom anyway? Having the will to be responsible for yourself Maintaining the distance that divides us. Becoming indifferent to hardship, cruelty, deprivation, even to life. Being ready to sacrifice people for your cause, yourself included. Freedom means that the manly instincts which take pleasure in war and victory have gained control over the other instincts, over the instinct of 'happiness', for instance. People who have *become free* (not to mention *spirits* who have become free) wipe their shoes on the miserable type of well-being that grocers, Christians, cows, females, Englishmen, and other democrats dream about. A free human being is a *warrior*."

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I get that N didn't have the live through world war PTSD like those who came after him so his perspective is different but I just don't see how any of it really translates into actual, practical structures. You can call it a high-level guiding voice of course and I think he's really talking to those people anyway but in terms of how we get from A to B in a remotely practical sense I think N offers little in the way of advice to be called a prophet.
And if anything I think he'd despise the idea of having followers or being revered.
>Now I go alone, my disciples, You too, go now alone. Thus I want it. Go away from me and resist Zarathustra! And even better: be ashamed of him! Perhaps he deceived you… One pays a teacher badly if one always remains nothing but a pupil. And why do you not want to pluck at my wreath? You revere me; but what if your reverence tumbles one day? Beware lest a statue slay you. You say that you believe in Zarathustra? But what matters Zarathustra? You are my believers – but what matter all believers? You had not yet sought yourselves; and you found me. Thus do all believers; therefore all faith amounts to so little. Now I bid you to lose me and find yourselves; and only then when you have all denied me will I return to you… that I may celebrate the great noon with you.

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>I get that N didn't have the live through world war PTSD
"I see many soldiers; could I but see many warriors! “Uniform” one calleth what they wear; may it not be uniform what they therewith hide!"

>but in terms of how we get from A to B in a remotely practical sense
the answer has been given: as long as you physiologically maintain the behavior of risking and overcoming, you grow as a human being.

"What is done out of love always happens beyond good and evil."
"Love brings to light the high and the hidden characteristics of the person who loves—what is rare and exceptional about him: to that extent it easily misleads us about what is normal in him."

"Thou lonesome one, thou goest the way of the loving one: thou lovest thyself, and on that account despisest thou thyself, as only the loving ones despise.
To create, desireth the loving one, because he despiseth! What knoweth he of love who hath not been obliged to despise just what he loved!"

>>Now I bid you to lose me and find yourselves; and only then when you have all denied me will I return to you… that I may celebrate the great noon with you.
"A light hath dawned upon me: I need companions—living ones; not dead companions and corpses, which I carry with me where I will.
But I need living companions, who will follow me because they want to follow themselves—and to the place where I will."

"Resistance—that is the distinction of the slave. Let your distinction be obedience. Let your commanding itself be obeying!
To the good warrior soundeth “thou shalt” pleasanter than “I will.” And all that is dear unto you, ye shall first have it commanded unto you.
Let your love to life be love to your highest hope; and let your highest hope be the highest thought of life!
Your highest thought, however, ye shall have it commanded unto you by me—and it is this: man is something that is to be surpassed."

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I'm not responding to quotes.

>> No.22511364

Because you've been refuted by direct quotations of the source material.

>> No.22511414

No. form your own opinion and talk in prose, I've read N - i'm not having a conversation with goodreads.

>> No.22511454

>form your own opinion
"are we to deny those that come after the right to animate the older works with their soul? No, for these works can only survive through our giving them our soul, and our blood alone enables them to speak to us. The real “historic” discourse would talk ghostly speech to ghosts. We honour the great artists less by that barren timidity that allows every word, every note to remain intact than by energetic endeavours to aid them continually to a new life.—True, if Beethoven were suddenly to come to life and hear one of his works performed with that modern animation and nervous refinement that bring glory to our masters of execution, he would probably be silent for a long while, uncertain whether he should raise his hand to curse or to bless, but perhaps say at last: “Well, well! That is neither I nor not-I, but a third thing" "

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Have you read "On the genealogy of morals"? That should clarify everything

>> No.22511770

Science has quite literally no “understanding” consciousness at all. Consciousness is impossible to observe or measure using the scientific method.

>> No.22511778

If you take the notion of evil in its proper context, the only context that makes sense, the Christian context, then you can’t disagree. Evil is actually just a turning away from God’s will. Anything that goes “beyond good and evil” would be not-good by definition, and thus not God’s will, and thus, just evil. In regard to the will, there’s what’s Godly, and then everything else is evil. There is what’s evil, then there is God’s will. If it’s God’s will, it’s not evil and if it’s evil, it can’t be God’s will. It’s a total binary and completely inescapable.

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>shut in manlet larps about superpowers
Wow, profound.

>> No.22512242

>Christians despise the strong
they don't because they were the strong historically. Nietzchean kvetching is what a weak resentful cuck does when he has been so dominated, he has to reconstruct past societies in wishful fantasies to cope.

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you just conceded retard.
Nietzschefags are drooling drones kek.

>> No.22512296

>they were the strong historically.
"The Germans have robbed Europe of the last great cultural harvest that it still could have brought home, - the Renaissance. Do people finally understand, do they want to understand what the Renaissance was? The revaluation of all Christian values, an attempt using all means, all instincts, all genius, to allow the opposite values, noble values to triumph ... <...> Attacking at the decisive spot, at the seat of Christianity itself, putting noble values on the throne, I mean into the instincts, inside the most basic needs and desires of the people sitting there <...> I see a spectacle so ingenious and at the same time so wonderfully paradoxical that it would have given all the Olympic gods cause for immortal laughter - *Cesare Borgia as Pope* ... Do you understand me? ... Well then, *that* would have been the victory that I am the only one demanding these days -: with this, Christianity was *abolished*! - What happened? A German monk, Luther, came to Rome. This monk, whose body had all the vindictive instincts of a wounded priest, flew into a rage in Rome *against* the Renaissance ... Instead of feeling the most profound gratitude at the scale of what had taken place, the fact that Christianity had been overcome at its *source* -, his hatred only saw how it could feed itself on this spectacle. Religious people only think about themselves. - Luther saw the *corruption* of the papacy when precisely the opposite was palpable: the old corruption, the peccatum originale [original sin]. Christianity, was not sitting on the papal seat any more! But rather, life! Rather, the triumph of life! The great yes to all high, beautiful, daring things! ... And Luther re-established the church: he attacked it ... The Renaissance - a meaningless event, a great *In Vain*! -"

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ok cuck bot

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John "Enoch" Powell, the Prophet.

>> No.22512542

> runs away cowardly to faggot land instead of being with his people at hardest times

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Real chad

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Dickens, Wagner, Doestoesvky, Tolstoy, Morris, Freud, Yeats, and Oe are the modern prophets.

>> No.22512847

dickens how?

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Christians were never the strong historically and have always survived off of stronger people like parasites (first polytheistic people, then atheistic people), and it's evident in how they think. The sins are not sins but signs of strong temperament, yet the Christian calls them sins because he despises individuals of strong temperament and wants them to feel guilty for being themselves.

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shit on industrial society

>> No.22513273

I'd rather be a smart Christian and a strong pagan who's stupid enough to be manipulated by one. Regardless, everything you said was completely untrue.

>> No.22513279

You can point this out now as proof that Christians aren't smart and have a laugh.

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All small fry compared to NEETZSCHE

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>everything except the man himself

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I am greek
Did you say and i hate you, swine shit?

>> No.22513590

greeks are fags anyways, didn't your empire crumble you homo butt fucking faggot?

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>failed to predict that going beyond good and evil turns you into a troon

>> No.22513785

>the brit tells the greek that their empire does not exist anymore.

>> No.22514585

>Christians were never the strong historically
lmao what is this pagancuck cope?
chrisitans conquered entire world while pagans died out like good cuck they were.
> stronger people like parasites
is that why pagans losts wars and got genocided of europe you little faggot?
>then atheistic people
who the fuck are you talking about troon?
>The sins are not sins
thanks for admitting that pagans are homosexual hedodists only good to lick abrahamic boots faggot.

>> No.22514629

>chrisitans conquered entire world
Romans did that. Christians caused a Dark Age.

>is that why pagans lost
No, it's because of neoplatonism. Whose methodological apparatus christcucks stole.

>>The sins are not sins
>thanks for admitting that pagans are homosexual hedodists
"'Only when you repent does God have mercy on you' - to a Greek, that is an object of ridicule and an annoyance; he would say, 'Maybe slaves feel that way.' What is here being presupposed is a being who is powerful, supremely powerful and yet enjoys revenge: his power is so great that no harm whatsoever can be done unto him except in matters of honour. Every sin is an injury of respect, a *crimen laesae majestatis divinae* - and nothing further! Feeling spiritually crushed, degraded, wallowing in the dust - that is the first and last condition of his grace; in sum, restoration of his divine honour! Whether the sin has done any other harm; whether it has planted some deep, growing calamity that seizes and strangles one person after another like a disease; this honour-craving Oriental couldn't care less: sin is an assault on him, not on humanity! He gives those to whom he grants his grace also this same nonchalance about the natural consequences of sin. God and humanity are here conceived as so separate and opposite that there can basically be no sin against humanity - every deed is supposed to be considered only with respect to its supernatural consequences, not with respect to its natural consequences; that is what Jewish feeling, to which everything natural is indignity itself, demands."

"The Greeks, by contrast, were doser to the thought that even sacrilege can have dignity - even theft, as in the case of Prometheus; even the slaughter of cattle as the expression of an insane envy, as in the case of Ajax: in their need to incorporate into and devise some dignity for sacrilege, they invented tragedy - an art form and a pleasure that has remained utterly and profoundly foreign to the Jew, despite all his poetic talent and inclination towards the sublime."

>> No.22514642

why do retards like you even bother with the literature board? I don't get it, I can tell you are clearly dumb as dog shit like 5 words into this one post. Go post this inane bullshit on twitter or something

>> No.22514798

They're newfags who are really just scared of ideas and ways of thinking that are foreign to how they were brought up, they'll end up growing up if they stick around for a while and actually read.

>> No.22515056

Romans conquered retarded forest tribes and only conquered mediterian retard.
>Christians caused a Dark Age
only plebbit troons believe that.
> it's because of neoplatonism
this does not even makes sense tranny.
Pagancucks lost because they are shit at war. Ask Constantine and saxons.
NIce word salad that confirmed that pagancucks like you worship faggotry and trannism.

>> No.22516504

If the masters are so noble, why did they get so easily perverted by slave morality? Why were they (the Romans, Germans, Greeks, Ethiopians) so eager to adopt this way of life that was seemingly incompatible with all their virtues? The slaves can't conquer the masters, so they must philosophize in order to persuade them; and persuade them they did! If this grave, august master changes his mind and abandons his entire morality because a saint or an apostle skillfully convinced him to live in a way that should be entirely alien and inadmissible to him, then the master is not as strong as one would think. If he's weaker than the slave's words, he's not strong at all.
I don't think the Greeks disliked Euripides or Plato; I think they were quite fond of these Apollonian sophists; in the same way the Barbarians were willing to convert to Christianity, so did the Greeks become an Apollonian race, much to the eternal seething of one German philologist.

>> No.22516597
File: 120 KB, 1618x340, quote-chesterton-anarchy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I notice that GKC scares te annihilationists all to hell...

>> No.22516601
File: 140 KB, 902x1024, chesterton-quote-freedom-fear.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.22516619

No matter how much you hate being a surplus male in an egalitarian society it will not make Christianity real.

>> No.22516627

Hitler was hardly influenced by him, actually. The "overman" is never mentioned by him

>> No.22517139

I don't understand his superman concept. Is this a specific individual he claims will rise up at some point in the future? Some sort of dictator or emperor? Is the superman a race or a nation? Is it the embodiment of a culture? Is this just personal advise to the reader?

>> No.22517248

Everything is evil and everything is bad until you die and then everyone goes to hell, even you, even if you think you are saved, you still go to hell for all eternity and human consciousness was just made to experience torment and that's ok. :)

>> No.22517271

Nietzsche is an atheist desperate to find a way to make atheism cool and not leading to boredom, depression and suicide after a few orgies. Nietzsche's idea is ie that atheism is not debased hedonism if atheists live in their own bubble disconnected from the world, ie they create their own fantasy land wherein they are the uberman for ''creating their own values affirming life, ie values advocating for hedonism but this time with a moral stamp on it''.
In other words, Nietzsche acknowledges that atheism is a mental illness leading to suicide, and the only cope he found is to sink further in mental illness by creating your own asylum wherein you are the hero.

>> No.22517365

superman is a worse translation than overman, because the "above" part is the most important in understanding the concept.
but to shorten it, the overman is just the next step in human evolution. in one Nietzsche writing even now the "biggest" and "smallest" person is way too similar to one another and that there has never been an overman yet

>> No.22517387
File: 91 KB, 736x685, nietzsche.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>"Freedom" is at root FEAR
BGE #201
"Certain strong and dangerous instincts, like a love of enterprise, daring, desire for revenge, shiftiness, rapacity, desire for mastery, which up to this point not only were honoured in a sense useful to the community, under different names, of course, from those just chosen here, but had to be enormously inculcated and cultivated (because people constantly needed them for the dangers to the totality, against the enemies of that totality)—these are now strongly experienced as doubly dangerous—now that there is a lack of diversionary channels for them—and they are gradually abandoned, branded as immoral and slanderous. Now the opposing impulses and inclinations acquire moral honour. The herd instinct draws its conclusions, step by step. How much or how little something is dangerous to the community, dangerous to equality, in an opinion, in a condition and emotion, in a will, in a talent, that is now the moral perspective. Here also fear is once again the mother of morality. When the highest and strongest drives break out passionately and impel the individual far above and beyond the average and low level of the herd’s conscience, the feeling of commonality in the community is destroyed; its belief in itself, its spine, as it were, breaks: as a result people brand these very drives and slander them most of all. The high independent spirituality, the will to stand alone, even powerful reasoning, are experienced as a danger. Everything which lifts the individual up over the herd and creates fear of one’s neighbour from now on is called *evil*. The proper, modest, conforming faith in equality, the *happy medium* in desires take on the names of morality and honour. Finally, under very peaceful conditions, there is an increasing lack of opportunity and need to educate the feelings in strength and hardness. Now every severity, even in justice, begins to disrupt the conscience. A high and hard nobility and self-responsibility are almost an insult and awaken mistrust; “the lamb” and even more “the sheep” acquire respect.<...>There is a point of morbid decay and decadence in the history of society when it itself takes sides on behalf of the person who harms it, the *criminal*, and does so, in fact, seriously and honestly. <...> “Is it not enough to make him *un-dangerous*? Why still punish? To punish is itself dreadful!”—with this question the morality of the herd, the morality of timidity, draws its final conclusion. Assuming people could, in general, do away with the danger, the basis of the fear, then people would have done away with this morality as well: it would no longer be necessary; it would no longer *consider itself necessary*! <...> the imperative of the timidity of the herd: “Our wish is that at some point or other there is nothing more to fear!” At some point or other—nowadays the will and the way to that place everywhere in Europe are called “progress.” "

>> No.22517558

i find it interesting that crazy people used to think they're jesus... now they think they're nietzsche
really says a lot about our society

>> No.22518493
File: 48 KB, 508x468, george lincoln rockwell.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.22518584

It's something that you shouldn't worry about and makes much more sense once you actually go through his work. That's the case with a lot of his more popular ideas, they make much more sense once you understand some of the finer points.

>> No.22518598

I truly think that the elites have gone mad with power and perversion. They created the thought that objective spirit had tamed their subjective will, then themselves pushed it to serve the satisfaction of their pleasures.

>> No.22518605

be careful around laundromats, little /pol/troon

>> No.22519043

Nietzsche was against beer lol.

>> No.22520046

Neetzch's lucas room
air solid
tight with unknowledge
in a presence of horses
you are

>> No.22520170
File: 6 KB, 200x287, Nicolás_Gómez_Dávila.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>If one does not believe in God, the only honest alternative is vulgar utilitarianism. The rest is rhetoric.
Nietzsche was an idiot.

>> No.22520334

>chrisitans conquered entire world
The world went to shit when they "took over" (read: pushed some old men down flights of stairs and thought they were tough for it) and only had a revival when it brought back Greco-Roman polytheistic values (i.e. the Renaissance), but continue to cope and think otherwise you uneducated faggot.

>> No.22520356

inb4 some sniveling retard posts the "restore Catholic America" map implying France, Portugal, Spain and England weren't murdering each other over sugar cane and tobacco but praying the rosary daily and making cathedrals everywhere in The Good Old Days

>> No.22520515

Restore Catholic America

>> No.22521176

>The world went to shit when they "took over"
no it didn't pagantranny.
>Greco-Roman polytheistic values
no such thing happened retard. Renessaince humanism was chiristian only some aesthetic aspects were taken and improved.
Even pagan style christian art is much better then anything greco-romans did.
>pushed some old men down flights of stairs
nice cope maxetius was not an old man but he was a pagancuck.
nice strawman as for killing each other why would you even bring that up when pagancucks were killing and sacrificing each other like a good sodomites they were?
Also gothic style mogs anything pagancucks ever did.

>> No.22521331

>t. thinks women and sex are demonic
Christianity is an incel religion. It arose from the incels of Rome and benefits no one but other incels.

>> No.22521343

>Christianity is an incel religion.
No way!

>> No.22521376

fat fuck

>> No.22521397

>incel religion
thanks for being mask off tranny.
Paganism is for trannies and sodomites.

>> No.22522005

My condolences for your life devoid of intimacy with women.

>> No.22522078

nice headcanon tranny. When do you want your throat slit?

>> No.22522088

>violent threat
Yeah, an incel alright.

>> No.22522092

you are tranny alright

>> No.22522172

>why would you even bring that up
because it's a dumb map that suggests a video game tier understanding of what maps mean
also the gothic style comes centuries after conversion to Christianity and is not an immediate result of it, the immediate results were iconoclasm and praying to bones in sewers beneath Rome, if anything the "gothic" is a reclamation of Roman monumentality given more organic form

>> No.22522190

>it's a dumb map that suggests a video game..
no it does not pagancuck.
> the immediate results were iconoclasm and praying to bones
no faggot immediate aftermath was surviving bunch of barbarians from around the world invading europe. The moment they got some breathe chrsitians surpassed pagancucks in everything.
>"gothic" is a reclamation of Roman monumentality given more organic form
most retarded shit I have read in a while.
Why are you pagancucks such subhumans and why do you love stealing other's achievements, why are pagancucks not only illiterate retards but also weasly weak cucks?

>> No.22522194

>why do you love stealing other's achievements
you didn't even invent your own religion (Judaism+) let alone architecture, plastic arts, iconography, etc.

>> No.22522206

lmao nice cope pagancuck.
Religion evolved from other that's how every religion works retard.
>architecture, plastic arts, iconography, etc.
gothic was christian invention tranny as for plastic arts neither did greco-romans retard.
Modern music theory and notation is also literal christian invention.
Keep worshipping fag civilization that peaked with boyfucking.

>> No.22522215

>Religion evolved from other that's how every religion works
ok so Christianity has become outdated and your new religion should be transitioning and giving yourself the new holy stigmata to gain access to power and prestige in our society, i mean if that's all religion is, just evolving progress to material cultural ends, then it is time for you to move on

>> No.22522219

>just evolving progress to material cultural ends
when did I that pagantranny?
Religion having parent religion is common for every single religion.
Your retarded argument that christianity somehow didn't invent itself can be argued agains greco-roman paganism as well retard.

>> No.22522235

You are treating religion as a video game buff (look at all these cool material attributes Christianity produces vs "paganism") but you are wrong about what it produces anyway, so even if we were using video game mechanics to pick a religion we'd not pick the one today predominately associated with the Sub-Sahara region but some sort of holy trannitarianism that lets you produce endless artillery and economic growth

>> No.22522249

also "pagans" mostly don't care who invented what doctrines or gods, e.g. interpretatio graeci, but this is a problem for Christianity which is why you have a bipolar relationship with Judaism as both the source of your scripture but also a "false" religion

>> No.22522250

>You are treating religion as a video game buff
no I don't retarded pagancuck.
What is this projection faggot?
My points were against someone who literally treats religion like a buff, who think it was because of chrisitnaity that dark ages happened.
Lack of self-awareness is also symptomatic to pagancucks like you.
Even if my point was your strawman you would still fail because I still don't sea any other civilization that has done more.
Slit your throat pagansissy.

>> No.22522255

pagancucks don't care because they will lose that argument your dishonest troonery is not an argument btw.

>> No.22522261

>I still don't sea any other civilization that has done more.
trannitarian theology has conquered the entire developed world while your religion is today for mostly third world people, so again, if all you care about are the material products, you should give yourself the wounds of the sacred androgyne and be blessed, however since you are an insincere culture warrior, if the sinai volcano demon does actually exist, he will know you were lying to him and punish you, as the lord will know his own

>> No.22522266

>trannitarian theology
kek it has conquered only some states in usa faggot.
Thanks for coming out as trans supporter sister. Trannism is logical conclusion of pagancuckery.

>> No.22522268

based and correct

>> No.22522274

>le tranny
Got any more incel memes to shit up the board with?

>> No.22522276

your kind already exposed yourself here troon

>> No.22522281

it is entirely rooted in the Christian denial of the lived body, everyone promoting the ideology has Christian parents or grandparents or has been converted by such persons while it is largely rejected or treated as a cultural anomaly in the Islamic, Hindu, Buddhist, Communist/ex-Communist worlds, in these places how you treat the sacred transformer is never seen as the ultimate measure of one's morality which has bearing upon one's participation in society—only Christianity has brought this innovation in nihilism

>> No.22522283

You don't know my kind, but I know yours since your religious text demonstrates it well. The Christian bible is the peak of incel ideology ever produced.

>> No.22522293

nice mental gymnastics.
Pagancucuck literlaly worship tranny gods of course they will immitate them.
Many christians outside of the west think it is sickness retard. Only places that are trying to embrace paganism turn into troons.
>muh nihilism
buddhism is literally nihilism incarnate yeat Nietzchcucks turn blind eye on it.
your subhuman kind is getting throat slit in majority of the world btw and I am responding to your kind right now.

>> No.22522294

Nietzsche isn't for white people, ironically. Whites have degenerated to the point where they are natural slaves and they killed off their aristocracy

>> No.22522295

yes it's for streetshitters or troons like faggots here >>22522281

>> No.22522314

Nietzsche was an idiot for hating utilitarianism? Interdasting.

Tbqh most "christians" don't actually follow it. Several priests do but terminally online zoomer incels just use it as a prestigious bedrock of their religious nationalist reactionary ideology.
If one of them got to rule, it wouldn't be as bad as the church itself... because the church actually applies christian morality, which is nihilistic whereas our friend here has a "chud" morality with christian aesthetics, which is technically superior.

>> No.22522319

He's somewhat right, the bible was literally written/composed by incels (absistence is a must the higher you go). His mistake is (I probably know who he is too kek) that he assumes you follow the same principles St. Incelonius in 450 CE did. Which you don't, your principles are actually better.

>> No.22522321

man you discord cucks really think you are welcome here kek.
Nietzche was a retard because he projected his insecurities and argued against a strawman.
Nietzche was a nihilist who disguised himself as a non-nihilist and cucks like you ate it up.

>> No.22522325

i know you haven't aren't and won't be reading Nietzsche, but for the benefit of lurkers, nihilism in for Nietzsche is to deny or negate life and lived reality, which is something incumbent upon christlarpers when they insist weakeness is strength, losing is winning, power is evil etc. and this culminates and believing that a made-up basis for evaluating what we believe and act upon, that of God, is responsible for ordering these things and will punish all the strong and successful people after they die but reward all the weak losers. This is guidance advice to give anybody but especially someone who has mastery over their body, mind emotions etc., as it is a crippling, world-denying form of morality. And what becomes even worse is if people stop believing in this god but aren't ready to give up all the stupid weepy nihilistic restraints they've saddled themselves with, so instead of believing in the reward, they now believe in nothing. And that's what you are doing, you who are well aware that this God is dead but chosing to go along with it anyway for culture war purposes, gnashing your teeth over the fact that trannitarians have the upper hand. But isn't that a bit ridiculous—that they have defeated you? Aren't you... better than that? And if not, why not? And if you can't do something about it, is pretending this god isn't dead going to do anything about it? No more (You)'s this is the final word christranny

>> No.22522326

your cuck post is disregarded

>> No.22522335

>nihilism in for Nietzsche is to deny or negate life and lived reality
so it agrees with my point?
You can't even read my post pagantroon lmao.
It also applies to buddhism the best.
>they insist weakeness is strength, losing is winning, power is evil
strawman of the troons who follow nietzchecuck.
>mastery over their body
tranny lingo
so logical conculsion of nietzche is being a troon.
Pagantrannism everyone.

>> No.22522342

Pretty funny to see your confused screeching once you realize that you're punching the air in a dark room but have no way to reach the light switch. Relax, nigger.
>Nietzche was a nihilist
How so?

>> No.22522344

Also, run pagancuck run. All good pagancucks lick abrahamic boots it's in their blood in their genes to cuck out to their betters.

>> No.22522351

Again, your mistake is to assume that our friend here accepts that weakness is strength, virility is a sin etc. He doesn't. Most online christians don't

>> No.22522352

there is nothing confusing about me, my posts are pretty consistent.
He denied morality which has it's logical conclusion in nihilism.
No art is not an answer
AI was final nail in the coffin to Nietzecucks.

>> No.22522354

most non-online christians also don't historically or fictionally.

>> No.22522357

>my viciously bad-faith advocacy and secular justifications for Christianity in order to aggrievate culture war opponents in New York and San Francisco are why Nietzsche is wrong about Christianity
keep coping nihilist

>> No.22522361

>He denied morality which has it's logical conclusion in nihilism.
So by this definition, everyone before christianity (or let's say tanakh before it) were "nihilists", as are about 6 billion people today who are not christian?

>> No.22522363

>3 complete sentences (poorly constructed)
>5 independent, non-contextual, mentions of trannies

>> No.22522364

>Nietzche was a retard
Do you even have a PhD?

>> No.22522365

can't ever respond kek
they do it themselves.
keep dilating Ncuck

>> No.22522370
File: 228 KB, 1600x1068, gelatin_b_thing_08[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>utterly against Christianity
>in favor of Jews
>day-dreaming abour roman caste system
>ignored by Wagner
>furry (talked to a horse)
>nazis le good (war in Ukraine)
He's the perfect redditor.

>> No.22522373

>everyone before christianity
they didn't deny morality.
>no argument
I don't but I also don't need mommy to take care of me unlike Friedrick lmao.

>> No.22522375

Their grandchildren will read the bible and become stupid, just as Christianity went down in Europe. Finally their children will reject it entirely. Nietzsche was the son of a Lutheran pastor and all Lutherans are descended from Catholics. So our friend here wants to go backwards without going forward afterward—confusing isn't it? Almost like he is denying reality...

>> No.22522380

yeah like I said, it comes from Christianity, Christianity is the mother of gender transubstantiation

>> No.22522381

What do you mean by "deny morality"? Because neetsche liked pre-christian morality very much. But all pre-christian peoples denied christian morality, as did when christianity appeared. As do 6 billion or so people today.

>> No.22522387

what is this smug affirmation of future sight. it was cringy when Nietzche did it you don't need to imitate your master.
He was rised by a single mother. His lutheran father would discipline his tanny ass. He also ended up in his church kek.

>> No.22522392

> mother of gender transubstantiation
that's zeus. he was a tranny god after all. Pagantrannism is disease.

>> No.22522395

liking something is not same as believeing in it.
He prefered their morality to christian one, does not mean he believed that something like morality existed.

>> No.22522406

christer god is three people a father and son at the same time, and also a spirit, so very creative why have one person be one person when you can be three-spirited or two-natured or one of the other 53 genders

>> No.22522411

yes that is three person in one none of them are woman pagantranny.
Now let's look at Zeus who was literally pregnant and gave birth lmao. Go worship your tranny gods, also ask them to grant you painless dilation.

>> No.22522414

You are obsessed with trannies and seeing them everywhere. I‘d hate to learn what filth is occupying your mind.

>> No.22522417

Their future is the Balkans. Christian aesthetics, religion being a part of cultural identity, "nationalist villager" morals.
Their children won't actually read Nietzsche. And if they do they won't do anything with it. Millions have read Nieztsche, do you see millions of nietzscheans around? Moreover do you see most contemporary nietzscheans living up to N's standards about how one should apply his thought?
Reading Nietzsche is largely inconsequential. Most simply forget him (I have his books as second hand from bazaars), and those who don't generally do so out of a self-aggrandizing desire to larp as le ubermensch operating outside of conventions, off the mark not unlike the common interpretation of
>le power is... le good!

>> No.22522419

it's hard to not mention them when one of them is shilling their superiority here fag.

>> No.22522424

you must have me mistaken for someone else, I don't care that the Gods Christianity merged into one God were ridiculous in different ways, yours is ridiculous in all of those ways at once and more

>> No.22522427

then you jumped in the discussion because we were discussion how trannism and paganism are brothers in spirit.

>> No.22522434

>Their future is the Balkans. Christian aesthetics, religion being a part of cultural identity, "nationalist villager" morals.
I can see that happening but it won't enable them to defeat anyone, just becomes pawns of other powers. So if that's all our friend wants, to be a Russian or Chinese client in order to spite the local elites in favor of distant ones, I guess that's his choice, but there's no need to be sanctimonious about it when there are perfectly servicable secular arguments to make. If he can't see that coming up with imaginary value systems removed from worldly reality are the root of what he opposes he is as fake and gay as anyone he dislikes

>> No.22522439

Dionysus was born of Semele and protected in Zeus‘ flesh for a time after birth. Calling this a womb, pregnancy, or transition only speaks to the bizarre loops you will jump through to satisfy your sick fixation.

>> No.22522440

But if he liked X, how could he say that X is not real when he recognizes it as both real and good?
His theory about how it is not fixed doesn't mean that he thought morality isn't a real thing.

>> No.22522444

they're not at all "brothers in spirit" and if you exclude all the wicca and new age women from contemporary paganism you are left with neo-nazis, while in the ancient world most people followed the two gender norm anyway, so this is entirely mental gymnastics on your part to defend a Christianity you don't actually believe in for the sake of culture war performance

>> No.22522446

only thing bizarre is god planting a fetus in his thigh and going pregnant and birthing a child, but we learned to expect such from pagantroons.

>> No.22522451

they are brothers in spirit and not only wiccas and neo-cuckis I am talking about OG pantheon. Greco roman literally had hermaphrodite in their pantheon. they also had caenis, enough of yoru excuses. If it was not for chrsitianity, pride parades would be happening in rome in 6AD.

>> No.22522453

god made eve out of adam that's pretty trans, you'd know that if you read the Bible you dump christlarper

>> No.22522458

he was not coherent, because he had very low IQ, his FAS face should be an indicator of his state.
>it is not fixed
then it's not real.

>> No.22522460

>why aren't humans rational especially when their self-perception is involved?
Why indeed
>just becomes pawns of other powers.
Strange(r) how several religiously intoxicated libtards bow and scrape before institutional authority if it tells them they're heckin valid innit?

>> No.22522462

"paganism" is enormous so naturally there were gay or otherwise lgbt versions of it just like how you have Christian priests who like little boys and that's what they are in the jesus business for

>> No.22522464

you are so retarded you don't even realize you live in post-ideological world.

>> No.22522467

>bow and scrape before institutional authority if it tells them they're heckin valid
try reading Nietzsche, I know it's hard to put down TikTok and think about things beyond immediate us-them culture war voting patterns but people have tried to teach you this and you are ignoring them for no good reason

>> No.22522468

I am mostly talking about greco-roman, after all they are the peak of entire paganism.
> like how you have Christian priests
difference is that christians have a book that will show a contradiction.
Pagan priest has no moral basis on condamning them.

>> No.22522472

that's not me. Your non-answer does not help niezche.

>> No.22522474

Height isn't fixed either but it's pretty much real. Neither are genes. All pre-christian people had a different moral system and 6 billion people do so today.
Morality not being fixed doesn't mean no such thing as morality exists or should exist; N literally advocates for a morality.

You can find moral disagreements even between christian sects, since before the bible was composed. Does this mean their morality is fake? Of course not.

>> No.22522478

>Pagan priest has no moral basis on condamning them.
having made up books won't help you anymore that's the entire thrust of Nietzsche, Christianity has failed to arrest the decline and is in fact today a cause of it

>> No.22522477

You would need mommy to take care of you if you had a brain tumor like he did though.

>> No.22522484

horrible analogy.
Height is fixed to one person, they can't identify differenet height. Flexible morals invites discord.
Those pagans had different morals doesn't mean it could be broken with a wish.

>> No.22522489

Christianity is no monolith either, but I wouldn't expect teenage neo nazi paradox game enthusiasts to know actual historical developments

>> No.22522490

I would not have a problem. His denied charity he deserved to be thrown out.
it didn't help nietzche, does not his projection was valid.

>> No.22522494

That's an allegory to what you said though. Do you think these people, with all their similarities to (you know who) have an issue being pawns and clients to foreign powers that will let them be more culturally free so that they can establish their morals?

>> No.22522497

it is a monolyth, as long as book exists.
Your gay as ad hominem is irrelvant.

>> No.22522506

>Flexible morals invites discord.
You're aware that literally all christians besides jesus himself were converts and had a different morality before, right?
Morality can very well be flexible and real at the same time. Again, Nietzsche literally tells people to have a morality. That's no different than non-christian people with a non-christian morality.

>> No.22522514

>were converts and had a different morality before, right?
so? did they reconvert? no
what if they did? that would be a sin.
>Nietzsche literally tells people to have a morality
no he does not. He asks to reevaluate morals to keep doing that. Pretty much in line with permanent revolution, proto trotskyte dysgenic subhuman that Nietzche.

>> No.22522519

the balkans are downstream of NATO and Russia they have no real sovereignty in world affairs so it is no wonder that sort of quaint cultural villager frozen in time (for now) nationalism is the norm where the religion is just another part of the national dress and not something deeply contemplated by most people, that's what I am getting at... but in any case, Christianity is still being used here to advance a secular issue and this debate could take place entirely outside a religious context if one wanted to... by relying on the religion you are sowing the seeds of future stupidity because there is no actual argument just a performance... do you see the problem or not? All you need is disbelief in Christianity to overturn the norm, and that disbelief is very easy. You need to be able to vivisect these things or you won't see how they work, what values they have.

>> No.22522521

Rastafarians read the bible and identify as christians, are they monolithic christians, and identical to yourself?

>> No.22522525
File: 37 KB, 399x400, 1668344498038579.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>permanent revolution, proto trotskyte dysgenic subhuman
sorry that's Christianity, try actually reading Beyond Good and Evil, or Genealogy of Morals instead of being mad that people disagree with your religious larping

>> No.22522527


>> No.22522528

you seem to not understand my point or are deliberately obtuse.
Being different flavor of christianity is not same as having different morals. It is dogmatic for a reason.

>> No.22522535

>no u
retarded frogposter.
christianity is set in storne. It does not need permanent revolution. It just needs one. Nietzchean should always reevaluate his morals. it is never going to end. Humanity is nothing but a foolish animal chasing after ubermensh doll on a rope dangling in front of him.

>> No.22522536

>did they reconvert?
No, they changed their morality once, not twice.
>what if they did? that would be a sin.
Of course, as is with the converts to islam from christianity. But their morality is a real thing, is it not?
>He asks to reevaluate morals to keep doing that.
And result in a new morality. Not an absence of morality which would occur if they rejected morality altogether.

>> No.22522544

> not twice.
yes that was my point retard.
>Of course, as is with the converts to islam from christianity.
thanks for demonstating abrahamic principles which I shill.
>And result in a new morality
which should be reevaluated next. Do you get where I am going?

>> No.22522552

nationalism is not a norm. Not anymore and as for disbelief that applies to everything. You like every nitzchecuck fails to provide alternative to amorlaity.

>> No.22522555

>that's what I am getting at
Good, because that's exactly what I said (or at least meant. Esl and all that)
These people are arguably spiritual balkanites already
>do you see the problem or not?
I don't see a problem for me but I see a problem from them if we're to use N's metric.
>All you need is disbelief in Christianity to overturn the norm, and that disbelief is very easy.
Ha, actually it is not because it becomes a kind of ethnic treason to do so. And most people are spiritual so when contemplating their belief in a god/gods they simply use the name for it that they have handy from their cultural tradition.
Do you think balkanites have most of what Nietzsche identified as christian morals?

>> No.22522567

you are responding to someone who thinks nationalism is not a belief system built on sand.
We live in post-ideological world and future has no motives, we somehow made a circle and now we are embracing instinctual life.

>> No.22522578

>dude weed is a part of christian morality
>dude rastafari diet is part of christian morality
These are part of rastafari morality. Islamic morality has many similarities to christian one but is not the same. Christian apostates to islam don't remain morally christian, of course. You're avoiding to admit that morality is indeed not fixed but very much real at the same time. Which is why Nietzsche didn't advocate to have no morals, just different morals. He also hated commies, who actually rejected morality and religion as a "bourgeois control tool".
Your beef with Nietzsche is that he called christianity degenerate, a product of the misshappen, not that he said morality isn't real.

>> No.22522583

>Nietzchean should always reevaluate his morals. it is never going to end.
That's not what Nietzsche says though kek

>> No.22522589

>Do you think balkanites have most of what Nietzsche identified as christian morals?
I would say they have more in common with Turkish Muslims than present-day European Christians

>> No.22522590

>thanks for demonstating abrahamic principles which I shill.
Are you saying islam, judaism and christianity are fundamentally the same morality and that the new testament is the same as the talmud and the quran?

>> No.22522592

>I would not have a problem
If you had a brain tumor you would be incapacitated like he was

>> No.22522598

>>dude weed is a part of christian morality
>dude rastafari diet is part of christian morality
tell me how they are against it.
> but is not the same.
your subhuman kind never elaborates beyond this because you can't.
> just different morals.
which ones.
>who actually rejected morality
they didn't.
My problem with him is that his mischaracterization and strawman of something he didn't understood is taken as a prove of something.

>> No.22522602

>you are responding to someone who thinks nationalism is not a belief system built on sand
very poor reading comprehension, although nationality has a degrees more reality to it than God it isn't exempt from inquiry into the various bases of moral evaluation

>> No.22522604

>It is dogmatic for a reason.
The anti-dogma train you're on was built by protestants. It rammed through multiple, priceless and ancient systems maintained by the ebil elites to deliver you here. Tremors from it have been undermining our understanding of history since.
Imagine ancient Egypt or Rome without dogma. They wouldn't be anything. Plebs have ruined everything and all we have left is a bit of momentum from productive times that are now long gone.

>> No.22522607

it is faggot.
Niezcheans argue like commies. I wonder why.
no but I say that they have same foundation and dogmatism is common.
that was not my point tranny.

>> No.22522612


>> No.22522613

no it does not. Nationalism is more abstract then imaginary numbers.
But that was irrelevant to my point.
>The anti-dogma train you're on was built by protestants.
I am pro-dogma. Are your retarded, can you even read? I know nietzchecucks follow low IQ retard but still.

>> No.22522617

Hold up, are we just gonna skip past the child saying jesus stopped the existence of pride parades in the time of Augustus when he was 6?

>> No.22522618

to you as well

>> No.22522620

is strawmanning only way pagancucks can save face after they get btfo?

>> No.22522624

though I wanted to say 600

>> No.22522628

Yet try and call someone from Serbian or ... not a real christian and see how quickly he threatens to rape your sister and cut your eyes out, while also saying that non-christians in serbia are atheists and not real serbians.
This is religion as cultural identity and is why our friend here can afford to be bloodthirsty and fully view himself christian at the same time. The "cucked" and degenerate christian morality that Nietzsche disliked does not exist in them but a belief in what the christian scriptures detail as god/YHWH does. See where I'm getting at?
This is the frozen in time nationalist villager.

Ofc this works in the balkans, I don't think americanos can pull it off. Their future probably lies in hispanic catholicism... which itself is a different flavor of what I mentioned but more beneficial to spics than balkan christianity is to balkanites.

What if aztecs were the true ubermensch?

>> No.22522633 [DELETED] 

The early Christian martyrs experienced more pain and suffering than anyone here ever had, yet their faith was strengthened for it. Am I to expect that any of you ever experienced the agony of being tortured? Please.

So what determines reality, the self or something else?

>There are no facts, only interpretations.

So why should anybody listen to Nietzsche? If we use language to signify reality, which we do (otherwise we couldn't lie or misrepresent) then there ought to be facts that can be discussed.

The mere fact of interpretation suggests this as well, because there could be no issue taken with interpretation taken if we were not certain what the interpretation was, as the interpretation is also a part of factual reality. If our faculties fail to such a great extent, then how are we having any conversation. If our senses are so unreliable, then why is anybody talking at all? Surely our eyes perceive the words on the screen, which are then responded to.

The mere fact of interpretation suggests this as well, because there could be no issue taken with interpretation taken if we were not certain what the interpretation was, as the interpretation is also a part of factual reality.

"There are no interpretations, only interpretations of interpretations!"

In other words, if Nietzsche is so skeptical of the senses, why doesn't he simply shut up?

>> No.22522640

the more I read nietzchens more I come to conclusion that they are petulant children who are just against christianity.
there is no other explanation why they would give credit to muslim for something that christians do. They pretty much do this with christianity. If they like something in there it's not really christian or exists despite christianity. Of course same scrutiny is ignored with everything else. In this and only this they are truly like their FAS prophet.

>> No.22522642

>Slavery, polygamy, war, execution are christian morals advocated by jesus himself on the cross
Ah yes at last I truly see, christianity and islam are literally the same!
>My problem with him is that his mischaracterization and strawman of something he didn't understood is taken as a prove of something.
So it's not about him being a nihilist, but just being anti-christian. Which is what I said your actual problem with him is, btw.

>> No.22522644

So beyond that you can‘t formulate a thought correctly and get mad at people reading what you said, you‘re postulating that if Greco-Roman Paganism had lasted for another 250 years beyond its existing 1500, it would have ended in pride parades. Not really a qualifiable statement by any metric. Meanwhile, christianity in that amount of time demonstrably has ended in pride parades.

>> No.22522646
File: 42 KB, 250x336, BatailleGeorges-1952-StudioHarcourt-MinisterioDeCultura-250.A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>What if aztecs were the true ubermensch?
haha yeah that would be really wild if they already knew the protestant work ethic of eternal accumulation without expenditure was doomed to explode without having ever heard of it, and went to war for seasonal divine fun and not because of totalitarianizing schizobabble

>> No.22522647

>Slavery, polygamy, war, execution
no they are not even morals. Islam and chrisitanity agree on those things except polygamy.
Which is not really that against christian morality.
>So it's not about him being a nihilist, but just being anti-christian.
so you repeated same retardation that I corrected. Is that because you are retarded and can't read or was it deliberate?

>> No.22522649

>it is
It isn't. Post where he said anything about permanent revaluation or you're lying (which is a sin).

>they have same foundation and dogmatism is common.
A belief in the abrahamic god, not the same morality. My point is that even abrahamic religions don't all have the same morality.

>> No.22522655

no more like 0 button on my keyboard stuck. Everyone else would have understood that post either meant 600 or 6 century.
>christianity in that amount of time demonstrably has ended in pride parades.
so there were pride parades in 600AD? Nice to know that you cucks rewrote history as well.

>> No.22522660

>christianity views execution, slavery and war (all sanctioned by the state) as good
Wanna point me to the bible verse where this is said?
>that I corrected
What did you correct?

>> No.22522663

I am not looking through books now faggot.
But nietzche's ubermensh would never be achivied he also agreed to that.
Same foundational morality retard. Even that was not my point. it was about dogmatism dipshit.

>> No.22522666

>something in there it's not really christian or exists despite christianity
Jesus doesn't call for holy war with the guy on the other side of the valley who pronounces your language with a lisp as form of national bloodsport, meanwhile that's something Islam licenses even if the other valley is Muslim, you can just make something up about them having the wrong caliph succession or heterodox worship practices, and Muslims conquered the Balkans for 600 years. Nietzsche is talking about the genealogical roots of Christianity, not all of its expressions per se, and many of these expressions are effectively alien to its roots, which is not unique to Christianity but hardly makes these innovations essential to it.

>> No.22522671

>same foundational morality
Well, buddhism has that too with compassion, charity etc. Is buddhist morality christian morality?
You're walking on thin rope, careful not to end up in an oven in hell with all that blaspheming.

>> No.22522672

that's not what I said retard. My point was that in islam and christianity they are not embraced. Christianity abrely talks about slavery at all.
>What did you correct?
your retardation.

>> No.22522674

>I am pro-dogma.
That's even more retarded than being anti-dogma.
>Being different flavor of christianity is not same as having different morals.
It doesn't have to be but it is, in the protestant tradition any nonsense you can think of can be justified. American evangelicals are not like any of the mainstream Christian trends in Europe. Not in their explicit teachings, behavior or morals.
When a tribe is "civilized" through Christianity they don't change their morals over night. They appease the missionaries for access to their trade and goodwill and learn how to serve the global trust based trade network. Moral infractions are tolerated unless they disrupt the decorum needed for trade, the abstract system has imperium and can execute you. This is a Roman model of expansion not the Biblical one which assumed a common cultural background and a level of education for any potential converts. In Nordic lore Rome is a dragon puppeteer, in Greek and Hebrew abstract systems like this are daemons, often symbolized as dragons.

>> No.22522680

A lot of his work is like that. Check out the Genealogy of Morals for something more cohesive and structured. The Will to Power is also a good resource for the main lines of Nietzsche's thought.

>> No.22522681

>compassion, charity etc
is that all morality is to you retarded disingenuous cuck?
>You're walking on thin rope
you can't even read what people are saying retard.

>> No.22522683

Fucking moron, all of these are permitted in islam. They are literally part of theocratic muslim states since their inception.
Do you think jesus said anything about collecting jizya tax from conquered kuffars too?

>> No.22522685

>Is buddhist morality christian morality?
Not according to Nietzsche, no. Buddhism he considers a form of nihilism, like Christianity, but unlike Christianity one beyond good and evil, and without ressentiment. It is worth keeping in mind however his purpose in discussing Buddhism is to attack Christianity (he does the same with his less lengthy treatment of Islam as well).

>> No.22522690

jesus does not say anything about holy wars.
Going in for holy wars does not contradict anything. Holy war existed before ottomasn reached balkans so your point not only is retaarded but also irrelevant.

>> No.22522695

So two moralities can have similar foundations but not be the same? Thanks for agreeing with me.
You already admitted that pre-christians had a morality btw. But was that morality christian, or even "foundationally abrahamic"? Were pagans?

>> No.22522696

>any form of Abrahamism in current year
This shit is un-fucking-believable

>> No.22522699

>That's even more retarded than being anti-dogma.
thanks for conceding retard.
>It doesn't have to be
so you conceded again retard.
> morals over night.
no one said they did.
everything you wrote is irrelevant babble.

>> No.22522701

And what—you can‘t proofread, then depend on people to accept your shifting claims stemming from retardation? Standard pilpul for a jew worshipper now asserting that christianity arose as a cultural power at the same time as Paganism.

>> No.22522702

shoe me where it says in quran that slavery is good thing retarded tranny.

>> No.22522705

but i never said those religions are same retard.
>You already admitted that pre-christians had a morality
that was never in contenstation faggot.
we were talking about set principles faggot.

>> No.22522711


>> No.22522714

You're a deranged idiot my friend. This is not a debate.
Christianity is not a dogmatic monolith and hasn't ever been. The closest is the Roman state and its corrupt successors.

>> No.22522722

>you can‘t proofread
why should I proofread posts on 4chan troon?
>christianity arose as a cultural power at the same time as Paganism.
that's not what I said, why are pagans worse then kikes?
> jew worshipper
why do you think that is an insult tranny worshipper, how do you feel about your cuck ancestors btw kek.

>> No.22522727

Transgenderism stems from Jewish medicine, which is a form of Abrahamism.

>> No.22522729

>Christianity is not a dogmatic
you lost here tranny.

>> No.22522736


>> No.22522738
File: 279 KB, 803x400, 138201.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.22522739

transgenderism comes form pagan tranny gods, which is pagantrannery. you tranny ancestors worshipped roman tranny emperors and their gay boyfriend lmao. Do you have a shrine for faggots?

>> No.22522741

turn the other cheek and render unto caesar are completely incompatible with the Christianity extant in the Balkans

>> No.22522746


>> No.22522750

>turn the other cheek
yes for the blind revenge, nothing there for holy wars.
>render unto caesar
separation of the church and state which exists there.
next retard.

>> No.22522751

Cope and seethe, Pedro.

>> No.22522754

You will never be white.

>> No.22522756

I swear there must be this one poster who has been buck brocken by spic and calls everyone pedro.
Are you same tranny?

>> No.22522762

here for you >>22522756
as well troon. I am whiter then you mutt that's for sure. Go worshipp tranny gods. Also don't forget to dilate on your god's altar.

>> No.22522768

Still seething at the conquest of Tenochtitlan by Cortez lmfao

>> No.22522771

>I am whiter then you
You aren't white at all.

>> No.22522773

why would I seethe about christian conquest of pagan subhumans?

>> No.22522778

can you roll the goalposts back on the field at least? putting them out in the parking lot is a little to egregious for me, and claiming that "the bible doesn't specifically address something therefore it is Christian to do" completely throws out two thousand years of church history starting all the way with Paul's letters

>> No.22522780

Lmfao then why do you make fun of Christians and call them brainless villagers you worthless subhuman lmfao dilate

>> No.22522781

English is brown language.

>> No.22522783

A tyrant is not Caesar and two swords are enough. Picking up the sword has power but also consequences that limit your potential, like any position including being Caesar.

>> No.22522787

I've done my homework on life denialism, I'm just curious about what our friend here thinks constitutes "same morality"
Sure lol
>33:50 - "Prophet, We have made lawful to you the wives to whom you have granted dowries and the slave girls whom God has given you as booty."
You can look up many hadiths as well (a kind of muslim NT). Glad you accepted execution and war as well as taxes in the meantime.
You said they have the same morality. Similar foundations doesn't mean anything, since pagans also believed in deities, or even a single god (a similar foundation to abrahamism). But did they have the same set principles? No. Did pagan converts to christianity retain the same set principles? No.

>> No.22522790

is a*
Again, you will never be white.

>> No.22522791

i literally answered your question one by one.
You don't know what words mean faggot.
>therefore it is Christian to do
no it means it does not contradict it retard.

>> No.22522795

I never did that retarded pagancuck
you will always be brown

>> No.22522803

Is being brown a bad thing? Most christians were and are black and brown.

>> No.22522809

> Yet try and call someone from Serbian or ... not a real christian and see how quickly he threatens to rape your sister and cut your eyes out, while also saying that non-christians in serbia are atheists and not real serbians.
> This is religion as cultural identity and is why our friend here can afford to be bloodthirsty and fully view himself christian at the same time.
Hahahaha nice way of outing yourself as a cocksucker of the Vatican

>> No.22522810

where does it say that slavery is good can you read retard?
>hadiths as well (a kind of muslim NT
you don't know what you are talking about moron.
>You said they have the same morality
I said they are based on same foundation morals retard

>> No.22522811

>it does not contradict it
oh well in that case why do half the churches in the west find a way to be pro-LGBT while you believe Christianity is the most effective tool against LGBTism? clearly there are issues of debate and interpretation around what is allowed or not as the world changes and new problems are brought up which did not receive explicit answers in Roman Judaea

>> No.22522819

because they are retards infiltrated by fags?
>Christianity is the most effective tool against LGBTism?
it is. Much better then pagancuckery.

>> No.22522820

Yeah it's an African religion at this point so unless he wants to do Serbian villager christian ethnic identitarianism he is just doing last millenia's "globohomo"... and Nietzsche chads are trying to warn you but now it's too late

>> No.22522823

when did I say that it was a bad thing?
and paganism is streetshitting religion, english is brown religion and latin is spic language, our alphabet is also brown.

>> No.22522825

Retarded fat christcuck

>> No.22522826

Have you ever been to Serbia, subhuman?

>> No.22522828

why are they so retarded and easily infiltrated if they are supposed to be based and redpilled... seems like pagans make better neo-nazis but you hate paganism, maybe you've been infiltrated too

>> No.22522830

that was not me retard. it must be pretty obious if you followed posts pagancuck.

>> No.22522833

not trying to dodge the draft since I live in a materially superior trannitarian society that won't force me to die for warm water ports so no I haven't been

>> No.22522834

I'm not brown, I'm a white European. You're not white at all though.

>> No.22522835

Lmao stop lying cocksucker

>> No.22522837

Are gifts from god not good? Interdasting
>same foundation morals
But different overall morality, no?

>> No.22522839

because religion declined in the west and they are felling the void?
Same problem does not affect non-western christians.
why do you assume i care what neo-nazis think?
>seems like pagans make better neo-nazis
only competent nazis were christian historically

>> No.22522843

seething pagancuck with tranny ancestors lmao

>> No.22522844

>why do you assume i care what neo-nazis think?
because you are larping as a christian to spite culture war opponents and were born in 2003 or later

>> No.22522845

Lol I know you haven't the Westerners hate the freedom in wich the Slavs live lmfao you tax cattle the only tax that here exists is tax on private property lol you pay taxes on wage you cattle HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA nothing but three roofed family houses with 30 acre of land for everyone this is the white way of life kys jew cattle

>> No.22522851

you are subhuman so it's irrelevant what color you are.
but you still are mutt for usa.
keep dilating
yes, next

>> No.22522853

I could move to your country and live like a medieval despot, you still live there like a medieval serf, maybe I will consider it just to flex on you

>> No.22522856

I have been as I live near it and also have a similar situation here with regards to christian identity. Unless you go the ethnonationalist route but with christian imagery then you will simply be assimilated by christian mexicans or nigerians.
This isn't necessarily a bad thing.

>> No.22522857

>because you are larping as a christian to spite culture war opponents and were born in 2003 or later
nice headcanon. is this best discord pagancucks can send?

>> No.22522858

You should proofread posts on 4chan if you want to make a coherent point. Not having a sticky keyboard between posts where every other word is some nonsensical reference to anal sex, trannies, or cuckolding would also work.

Naturally I assumed you couldn‘t do basic math, so I‘ll hand you an easy one: 1750 years before 600AD would be 1150BC, or the approximate time of the Trojan War. Now what would 1750 years after, let‘s say, 300AD as an easy starting point for Christianity taking off in the late Roman Empire be?

>> No.22522863

you are tranny bro, nothing you say will ever be relevant

>> No.22522864

Lmfao you work for a Jewish overlord maybe I have less of a HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA no I take it back I have everything car TV internet land I pay no taxes

>> No.22522866

Stop replying so belligerently, didnt your jew king told you to turn the other cheek?

>> No.22522869

why are anti-semites worshiping a dead rabbi as master of the universe?

>> No.22522870

it was coherent.
christianity started on 30AD. your retarded plebbit calculations missed the point.

>> No.22522871

Well then you agree with me retard. Even similar religions from the same root do not have the same morality yet their moralities are real despite not being fixed. Nietzsche saying the same thing (morality can change) is the same. You literally agree with Nietzsche here, since he didn't say morality isn't real and you agree with him that morality isn't fixed.

>> No.22522875

I can't be subhuman. I'm a white European atheist with an IQ over 135.

>> No.22522876

my jew king raped your cuck gods and made your cuck ancestros stop worshipping their tranny gods and start licking christian boots which they did. How do you feel being descendant of such cucks?

>> No.22522879

>Lmfao you work for a Jewish overlord
Christianity summed up

>> No.22522880

>Even similar religions from the same root do not have the same morality
never said they did retard.
>Nietzsche saying the same thing
no he didn't, otherwise christianity or islam would not exist.

>> No.22522883

Aren't you descendant of defeated pagans?

>> No.22522884

The rules don't change. The maps we use to navigate them change. What are the most relevant elements of the rules to what we're doing also changes. Sometimes our maps are wrong or clearly worse than others.

>> No.22522885

sorry you are subhuman bro.

>> No.22522886

Yes he did, there's no reason to cope about it. He never said morals don't exist. He just didn't like christian morals just like you don't like occult hitlerist morals, for example.

>> No.22522887

There is no sky daddy, my illiterate brown friend.

>> No.22522889

nope lmao.

>> No.22522890

sorry but you are subhuman my tranny frined.
no he didn't retard. Christian morality is same.

>> No.22522891

since your jew god is omnipotent he can change genders(tranny) or have no gender(queer), have fun with your new queer tranny jew god.

>> No.22522894

So you're a Lithuanian hillbilly?

>> No.22522896

kek your gods literally changed gender tranny worshipping pagancuck. Go dilate, don't anger your queer gods and ancestros.

>> No.22522899

Abrahamicists are subhuman for being low IQ illiterate mongrels like yourself.

>> No.22522900
File: 28 KB, 554x554, images (23).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So if that happened why is the earthly representative of your jew so obsessed with licking nigger feet all the time?
Cant remember this being part of greco-roman religion

>> No.22522903

What were your ancestors doing in 20 bc anon? Besides human sacrifices, that is

>> No.22522904

nope. but how is that relevant.

>> No.22522907

>Christian morality is same.
The same to what? Evidently not pagan morality or buddhist or even islamic morality

>> No.22522911

atheistcucks are subhuman troons who are getting their throat slit as we speak.
>same picture
lmao. Earthly representative of pagancuck gods wed a troon and another made his boyfriend a god. go worship troons like your cuck ancestors did cuck-spawn.

>> No.22522912

those are the only unconverted Europeans

>> No.22522915

your jew god is literally a queer tranny, is he cut or uncut? if cut why did he make men uncut? if he isn't cut then why make men to cut themselves and not make everyone cut by default? did your tranny queer god make a mistake? guess it's just made up nonsense that make low IQ spiritual semites waste their short life on, go to church LARPing newfag

>> No.22522916

try again
they converted too.

>> No.22522924

>they converted too
then for all intents and purposes you are descended from the cucked and buckbroken—and this an exact problem Nietzsche raised, that Christianity had bred a slavish defeated herd mentality into Europe

>> No.22522926

>no u
is this best you can do?
my jew god burn faggots. your tranny gods are them.
How does it feel to have a cuck blood in your veins? Did your tranny god faint during dilation.

>> No.22522928

You have ancestors from 900000 bc to 2000 ad, what were they doing for 99% of that time? Were they pagan or christian?

>> No.22522932

kek my ancestors were never conquered and they were never converted by force that was my point.
You have hard time following posts retard.

>> No.22522937

Ahh, he calls himself a Germanic. So what's your surname, Mexicson?

>> No.22522940

>who are getting their throat slit as we speak
Meds, mongrel.

>> No.22522941

Why are you so opposed to LGBT when most of vatican curia and communist pope are passivly or actively homosexual?
If you would actually dislike both "troons and cucks" you couldnt possibly be catholic today

>> No.22522942

my ancestors were not worshipping greco-troon gods and they converted on their own. No foreign king forced it on them.
I am not germanic either. Saxons got buck broken.
Also I know your whore mother fucks spics but you don't have to be this obsessed about them

>> No.22522945

>my ancestors were never conquered
But their pagan temples were desecrated and destroyed?

>> No.22522947
File: 39 KB, 438x701, images (24).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Also have another pic of christian niggerworshiping

>> No.22522948

that's what they hear whne they get their throat slit subhuman.

>> No.22522949

ah no wonder you got so invested in defending Serbia

>> No.22522951

Lol, worthless subhuman pleb cattle.

>> No.22522953

you just proved why homosexuality is bad. I am not catholic but even if I were it would be irrelevant.

>> No.22522955

Isn't dogmenia getting buckbroken by muslims? Looks like jesus hates armenians

>> No.22522958

so? I have entire books of your cuck ancestors and their tranny worship
nope wrong again.
seething cuck subhuman

>> No.22522961

You're fat

>> No.22522965

what nationality are you that you think no compulsion was involved at all whatsoever?

>> No.22522968

you would have a point if I was an armenian.
I don't know and if they were they were by their won hands.

>> No.22522969

Buckbroken Celt, try again

>> No.22522971

Protestans are even worse. You have thousands of videos of prots literally worshipping troons in their churches.

>> No.22522972

nice try troon
why should I tell you? if you guess I will be honest. Tell me your too.

>> No.22522974

not protestestant but if I was it would be still irrelevant.
not celt either.

>> No.22522981

Not Celt, not Slav, not Germanic, not a European

>> No.22522984


>> No.22522988

Nice one, Mr Mexicson/Turkson/Bsshdjstein

>> No.22522994

nigger you are throwing random guesses around now.

>> No.22522996

there's no situation where an entire nationality converted without a hitch all the way down from king to farmer without any holdouts without any enforcement or compulsion, etc. that's just mythology at that point

>> No.22523001

well mine did actually.

>> No.22523002

Greekrats don't count, Illyrians are muslim.

>> No.22523008

illyrians are mixed with slavs and albanians are part catholic.

>> No.22523014


>> No.22523016

nothing I corrected wrong historiography.

>> No.22523017
File: 597 KB, 1080x1718, Screenshot_2023-09-23-19-38-19-746_com.android.chrome-edit.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ok, so whats left? Orthodox?
Also explain to me how its not relevant if 95% of christians start worshipping gays, niggers, feminist, troons, open borders, while you and your "based" commune of 20 people have a little cult of supposedly true christianity

>> No.22523021

If you knew anything about Albanian it's heavily Latinized, not Slavisized

>> No.22523024

>95% of christians
nice numbers from ass

>> No.22523025

if you're not going to say which then no one cares

>> No.22523028

illyrians were not just albans. entire yugoslavia region was from illyrians.

>> No.22523030

if you don't then why guess.

>> No.22523035

>entire yugoslavia region was from illyrians.
Too bad they got replaced with brown christianized turks

>> No.22523042

Ehh, the Romans had a habit of calling everything in the North Balkans Illyrians, doesn't mean it's true.

>> No.22523044

half of them was under austro hungarians, other half had barely nay turkish garrisons.

>> No.22523046

because if its a secret then it doesn't refute all European Christians being partially descended from forced converts aka "cucks"

>> No.22523049

true. But adriatic definitely was illyrian.

>> No.22523053

Lol nice cope. Ottomans mass imported turks in yugoslavia and they mixed with the natives, often completely replacing them. Yugoslavs are extinct, all that's left is turkish rapebaby shitholes

>> No.22523054

Ehh, it is mote likely that Dacians were a branch of Getes

>> No.22523055

never said that all europeans descend from forced converts.
Franks were not forced, I would say Iberians were not either. Russians were not forced either partly though.

>> No.22523065

>often completely replacing them.
> Yugoslavs are extinct
why are you so happy about your fellow euros getting raped by turks are you Mehmed or just self-hating eurocuck which is it?

>> No.22523070

dacians were in the east.

>> No.22523073

Who descends from forced converts? The pagan tribes that didn't want to convert were literally genocided throughout the first and second millennium CE

>> No.22523076


>> No.22523078

germania, especially saxony. Scandinavia. Many russian tribes and other slavs. Greeks partly. Italians partly. Baltics entirely. Finns entirely.

>> No.22523080

Kek yugoslaves were never euros so nothing of value was lost
nice cope ahmetovic

>> No.22523085

not adriatic
>Kek yugoslaves were never euros
you didn't answer my question.

>> No.22523087

He doesn't even know about the Christian Franks genociding the shit out of the pagan Franks
Also Icelanders converted voluntarily
By whom could they have been forced? It can only be the question of other Germanics and therefore Scandinavians
Rome had become a Germanic colony by that time

>> No.22523092

Within any population there would have been persons (1) actively in favor of conversion (2) passively in favor of conversion (3) actively against conversion (4) passively against conversion. Group 3 were often killed or persecuted to cow 4 into submission. So over time the resultant population is descended from 1, 2 and 4. So all European Christians essentially have this ancestry if not on a lineage level than on a national identity level

>> No.22523093

The only Adriatics left who can claim descendance from the Illyrians are the Albanians

>> No.22523094

>Christian Franks genociding the shit out of the pagan Franks
which ones?
>Also Icelanders converted voluntarily

>> No.22523099

ok Murad

>> No.22523100

Pure bullshit taken out of your ass. Up until the 18th perhaps even early 19th Century there was actual pagans in Europe, although closeted as Christians

>> No.22523102

Icelanders are literally descended from Irish slave women and Viking men

>> No.22523107

>Up until the 18th perhaps even early 19th Century there was actual pagans in Europe
nice delusion

>> No.22523109

Lmfao as if Belohrvatians can claim descendance from the Illyrians, literally immigrated from the Balts

>> No.22523110

>until the 18th perhaps even early 19th Century there was actual pagans in Europe
As I said, Lithuanian hillbillies, yes

>> No.22523113


>> No.22523117

yes they have illyrian blood too

>> No.22523119

so that's one converted population being abducted by another whose descendants then convert

>> No.22523122

> which ones?
Come back after reading a basic introduction to European history.
> and?
You said Sweons were forced to convert.
Ehh, texts from the 19th Century explain how the Celt still believes in a 'secret religion' next to Christianity that the priest has to actively take out of him

>> No.22523126

they didn't convert because they abducted irish. They converted because norwegian king would come and put knee on their necks.

>> No.22523131

They have Illyrian blood just as Americans have Native American blood too lmfao kys

>> No.22523138

>Come back after reading a basic introduction to European history.
you didn't answer my question.
>secret religion
could be anything really. Most likely some folk tradition that priest thought was unchristian.

>> No.22523146

american barely have native american blood. But if you mean mexicans and like then yes.

>> No.22523150

> you didn't answer my question
Because every basic European history book has the entry of how there was warring pagan Frankish tribes who tried to fuck with the Christian Frankish tribes. Then the Christian Franks led by Balabdjskaheuirkevix genocided the shit out of the pagan Franks and that was the end of paganism among the Franks.

>> No.22523152

>the Celt still believes in a 'secret religion' next to Christianity
so that's syncretic like Voudou or Santeria it's not an unalloyed survival of paganism free of compulsory religious interference from outside authorities
you seem to agree with me anyway that they are descended from forced converts, but for the Icelanders it is two forced convert groups!

>> No.22523157

I am not saying you are wrong but I want at least one example of that happening among franks.

>> No.22523161

Lmfao the Belohrvatians are nevertheless Slavs not Illyrians lmao
> survival of paganism free of compulsory religious interference from outside authorities
Citation needed

>> No.22523166

>but for the Icelanders it is two forced convert groups!
I see

>> No.22523169

I won't give it to you. I throw my books away after reading them so I don't have it anyways.

>> No.22523174

still descendants

>> No.22523181

>I won't give it to you

>> No.22523185

Descendants as much as the Hungarians are descendants of the Sulebians, a Slavic tribe that formerly inhabitated the Pannonian plains. Just plain bullshit, it's not like the Hungarians have preserved anything of the Sulebian culture for having raised a few sons from the women that they raped.

>> No.22523189


>> No.22523195

>mothers have no influence on children
>you stop being descended from someone because it is culturally forgotten
wrong on both counts

>> No.22523203

Yet they stopped speaking Albanian.

>> No.22523208

so none

>> No.22523211

Just open up any cheap history book about Wurope you can find, it is there

>> No.22523213

i am not invested in that argument, my point is all Christians have "cucked" pagans among their ancestors so there is nothing really to brag about

>> No.22523214

the what is illyrian about albania

>> No.22523220

Uhh, literally the fact itself that the only people who cam claim descendance from the Illyrians in the Balkans are the Albanians?

>> No.22523221

so you don't remember one tribe so I can search afterwards?

>> No.22523228

are their language even illyrian do we have prove of this? I am genuinely asking btw.

>> No.22523229

Can you read?

>> No.22523232

yes? but I want to know if you just don't remember what you read.

>> No.22523234

Not much is preserved of the Illyrian language, not even a single entire sentence. Just names, locations, a few grave inscriptions, specifically the names being preserved among modern Albanians.

>> No.22523237

The Christian Franks genocided the non-Christian Franks. What is so hard to understand about this?

>> No.22523239

so if I understand it right historians have no idea what illyrians language was like right?

>> No.22523248

i got that. What i want to know is that if there was some frankish pagan noble who fought against christian pagan noble over relgion and after losing made to convert. If yes then do you remember name of such noble or tribe.

>> No.22523254

The Albanians still use the classical Illyrian names on their children while all the other Balkanian people do not. My point is not that the Albanians are the pure descendants of the Illyrians, merely, they are the only ones who can legitimately claim descendance from the Illyrians.

>> No.22523260

>pure descendants

>> No.22523261

Uhh, the Franks were a Germanic tribe

>> No.22523263

ok thanks. my question was more like let's say we can reconstruct and speak ancient latin, same for ancient greeks, can this be done with illyrian.

>> No.22523264

Stfu worthless subhuman probably an Avarian still seething at the end of the Migration Period and the fall of the great Khan

>> No.22523268

yes? what we know is that Clovis was surronded by Arian germans and catholic burgundians and unlike his neighbors converted to catholicism. I know nothing beyond that in their religious dynamism.

>> No.22523281

Germanics didn't destroy Roman culture, they preserved the little rest of it still around in the 5th Century CE

>> No.22523286

never said they did.

>> No.22523292

I had the chance of meeting a farmer in the Alps. He kept saying "Holy dude, holy dude!" every fifteen minutes of the day.

>> No.22523326
File: 359 KB, 4001x5076, proto Indo-European.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

nah dogmenians in particular worshipped greco-troon poorsian gods.

>> No.22523875

Correct, but if we're going back as far as Whitman, then add Emerson. Much of Jung and Nietzsche was already in Emerson