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does anybody know where I can buy "I have no mouth and I must scream"? english is fine, but I rather get it in spanish.

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Reddit book

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internet maybe

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there's a whole story read by the author up on youtube

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If you want the book, good luck it's pricey.

If you just want the short story in print, Grave Predictions is quite cheap and has a bunch of other cool stories about the end of the world:


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One copy of "No tengo boca y debo gritar" for sale on AbeBooks.
Only $400 shipped!

I buy/resell a lot of vintage SF.
I've only seen that edition you posted in the wild once - I bought it for $2 from guys who do junk hauling.
Other short story collections with that story pop up rarely.

You're best bet if you want a hard copy is this:

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Has intentado otras alternativas a gritar?
Pegar a las paredes funciona

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But god-tier video game.

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its like 20 pages, just print it youself. I did my own edition for a friend

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Perhaps he wants the collection with other stories as well?