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who else infant core. On my baby arc

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>long times between sex like camel and water
>suddenly fucking a lot (found a lioness)

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goo goo ga ga

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Based Nietzschean baby

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Be filled with Te, Like a baby: Wasps, scorpions and vipers Do not sting it. Fierce tigers do not stalk it. Birds of prey do not attack it. Bones weak, muscles soft, But its grasp is tight.
It does not yet know Union of male and female, But its sex is formed, Its vital essence complete.
It can scream all day and not get hoarse, Its harmony is complete. Knowing harmony is called endurance. Knowing endurance is called illumination.
Increasing life is called fortune. Mind controlling energy is called power.
When beings prosper and grow old, Call them not-Tao. Not-Tao soon ends

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Nietzsche was a bootlicker of Jews, satanic and charlatan. Furthermore, according to Wagner, he was also a wimp, a whiner, and a coomer.

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